01029 Japan Germanium Taping abdomen/Posture/slimming underwear

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01029 Japan Germanium Taping abdomen/Posture/slimming underwear
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01029 Japan Germanium Taping abdomen/Posture/slimming underwear




Japan DOYEN spiral shaping Slim pressure underwear / Breast / abdomen / Posture / slimming underwear

Just saw this body Yiyi, feel good, like an upper body wear, really nothing like the feeling of the Body clothing, can T-shirt to wear, in the long, super was thin (of course Body clothing is a waist corset drag the chest), wild super models, with a small harness on the outside, very beautiful and stylish Oh!

绝好的美体T噢,中长款,超漂亮耶!!穿着本T恤,步行1小时,立即消耗-361kcal,神奇噢!!! Perfect Body T Oh, and long sections, super nice yeah!! Wearing this T-shirt, walking one hour, immediate consumption-361kcal, magic Oh!!

添加的锗、钛、银会缓慢加热脂肪,循环瘦身,白金粒子抗氧化。 Heated slowly to added germanium, titanium, silver, fat, circular thin, platinum particles antioxidant. 钛、锗本身还有调节身体的电流舒缓疲惫以及腰酸背疼助眠放松的效果的,也是这款作为塑身裤就比较强调瘦身的那个特点了! Titanium, germanium itself, but also regulate the current of the body to relieve fatigue and relaxing effect Yaosuanbeiteng Zhumian more emphasis on this is also as shaping pants that feature of the thin

本产品特点: This product features:

★日本最新款~超舒适的美體商品,健康理念税后售价1980日币 ★ Japan's newest - ultra-comfortable body products, the concept of health after-tax price of 1980 yen

★鈦、鍺、銀三大夢幻美體成分配合日常穿着缓慢加热脂肪,循环瘦身。 ★ titanium, germanium, silver three dream body composition with the daily wear slowly heating the fat cycle thin. 运动时穿着轻松消耗更多卡路里 Sports wear easily consume more calories

★根據按摩師理念最新开发出来的健康美体系列~ ★ According to the masseur concept developed by the Healthy Body series ~~

★锁骨肩部后背腰部2侧都有特殊的凹凸编织,动作之间模范按摩师淋巴排毒的手法帮助身体排除毒素,恢复疲劳 ★ clavicle shoulder back waist, two side have special bump weaving movements between model masseur lymphatic drainage techniques to help the body rid itself of toxins, restore fatigue

★加强鍺分子的效果,促进血液循环避免滞留引起的水肿~缓解肩部僵硬 ★ enhance the effect of germanium molecules, promote blood circulation to avoid stranded due to edema ~ relieve shoulder stiffness

★一体式立体剪裁托胸收腹符合人体工学设计,柔软的弹力面料舒适度极佳 ★ one-dimensional cut to prop the chest and abdomen ergonomic design, soft stretch fabric excellent comfort

M(适合胸围:79-87CM/腰围:64-77CM) M (Bust :79-87CM / Waist :64-77CM)

L(适合胸围:87-101CM/腰围:69-85CM) L (Bust :87-101CM / Waist :69-85CM)

■颜色:黑色 ■ Color: Black

■注意事项 ■ Note
1有皮肤不适感觉请停止穿着 1, skin discomfort, please stop wearing
2请不要用指甲刮划面料过度拉伸有损坏的可能,穿脱时要注意 2 Please do not use nails scratching may fabric overstretching damage, wear off, pay attention to
3由于商品构造,商品内侧会有特殊强压编织的线头,但不会散开 Commodity structure, commodity the inside of a special extreme pressure braided thread, but does not spread
4清洗本品时请将本品反面朝外机洗时最好放入网袋后机洗 4 cleaning this product, please negative outward machine washable, this product is best to put the network bag machine washable
5过紧或需要长时间穿着的时候可适度反复穿脱 5 too tight or take a long time wearing a modest repeated wear off

【洗涤方式】:请中性洗涤剂反面朝外手洗, 水温40 ℃以下。 Washing method: negative outwards Hand wash with neutral detergent, below the temperature of 40 ℃. 不要使用漂白剂。 Do not use bleach. 阴凉处晾干。 The shade to dry. 使用熨斗的时候请使用低温。 Use the iron when the use of low temperature.
以上为实物拍摄,请放心购物噢! The above is taken in kind, please rest assured that shopping Oh!

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01029 Japan Germanium Taping abdomen/Posture/slimming underwear
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