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1 x Germanium Ions Shower head - water filter ionizer healthy shower

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1 x Germanium Ions Shower head - water filter ionizer healthy shower
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Product Description for 1 x Germanium Ions Shower head - water filter ionizer healthy shower

1 x Germanium Ions Shower head - water filter ionizer healthy shower




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Quantum Science Nano Energy Germanium Shower Head - It contains 13 minerals including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Mainfansh

Width Size 75mmx 250mm diameter


1 x Germanium Nano Energy Soap bar



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1 x Free Germanium Nano Soap Bar


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You can easily remove the minerals to have it clean manually




If you buy 2 QTY, we will add 1 free Portable Water Ionizer - Hydrogen Water Stick. Every stick can last up to 6 months on usage of 1 litre water on daily basis








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About Nano Germanium Shower Head

Germanium shower is a great healthy natural product with delightful qualities. It brings about a sense of mental and physical stretch to your body with a clean state of mind, relaxed body and skin as smooth as silk.

 Spa water treatment is quite effective but costly but thanks to Germanium Shower Head, it is now affordable and within you reach.


This product comes with 8 different shower modes



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Germanium Shower Head Features


Negative Ions spa capabilities

There are ceramic balls of Tourmaline in the handle that releases negative ions which is assured to be “longevity process” after using. It also conditions the body and the nervous system improving ventilation for lung, enhancing metabolism and at the same time fully charging and triggering water and antibacterial.


Germanium induction

It has the ability to release negative electrons to counterbalance the excrescent dirty positive electron when the temperature goes up to 32’ C. Germanium also helps in removing chlorine from tap water which prevents aging  and shrinking of pores, making you feel more lively and healthier.


Help you save water

The shower head comes with 128 tiny cone-shaped water holes with adjustable closure system and holes with a diameter of 0.35mm, which helps you, conserve water. It has been noted that you can effectively save 30 to 35 percent of water flow.




Step 1- Set up a hand shower and hose.  A Circular nut shall be interlocked to the handle of the hand shower, with the hexagon nut socked tightly to the water hose or tap.


Step 2-The direction or the motion in which you have to revolve while installing is clockwise.


Step 3-Need to place a washer between hand shower and the hose. If there is a leakage please ensure if the hose is placed in the hose connector.


Step 4-When demounting, the hand shower shall be rotated to the left. If the handle slips, use rubber around the anti-skid tools as gloves etc. as it could create an effect of skid resistance. When unhorsing please make sure to hold the handle tightly.


Step 5-Once the installation is complete the Germanium Hand Shower is ready to be used. If the shower head is VC, please make sure to put the eyelet or loop on top side of the VC duct making its way to the steel cylinder within the screw thread of the hand shower, making sure that VC duct is revolve easily.


See the experiment Video showing the Nano Germanium Shower Head demo



This is a wonderful product which we have tried and tested extensively and we hope that you would give it a try soon.









  • Will improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism and immunity function

  • It will act as anti-oxidant

  • To enhance blood circulation

  • To destroy viruses and bacteria

  • To enhance the cellular nutrition and detoxification

  • Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels and eliminate the dysporia

  • Neutralizes our body's acidic substances and keep balance

  • To retard the ageing process

  • The filter will release mineral elements such as Ca, Mg, K, Ca which are benefitial for our health

  • To focus and concentrate better.

  • To reduce inflammation













Tourmaline Stone

This stone is also known as Electronic stone and comes in different colors and this stone is responsible for generating negative Ions after interacting with water and it will electrolyse the water and it will ionize the water molecules due to negative Ions effect thus reducing the water clusters

  Zeolite Stone

This stone is usually found in the areas where volcanic rocks and ash reacts with alkaline ground water. This mineral is negatively charged and we also call them micro sponges as they easily absorb free radicals and viral particles. Thus they act as a very unique antioxidant. Zeolite also traps and nullfiies nitrosamines in the digestive tract to avoid any type II diabetes. Due to it's negative charge, it naturally attracts heavy toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other positively charged toxins and carry them safely and harmlessly out of the body through normal digestion

  Maifanshi Stone

This stone is usually found in valley streams and is commonly used as a general health medicine in asia and used for bath. It helps absorbing toxins and supply many trace minerals. It helps cleaning and ionizing the water

  Muyu Jade Stone

This is a precious stone found in China in the marine deposits. This stones consist of 26 types of minerals. On soaking this stone in water for few hours, the water will reach standards of high quality mineral water. Nutritionists believe that Muyu stone is ideal high grade material for manufacturing of drinking sets due to it's combination of 26 minerals and great health benefits.

  Nano Silver Powder

Nano Silver powder has a powerful impact on many pathogenic micro-oganisms such as neisseria, chlamydia and coliform etc and it helps promoting repair of damaged epithelial cells and acts as a great anti-bacterial agent when exposed to water thus improving water quality


We all know, how important clay is for human beings. Many variations of clay such as bentonite, montomorillonite and pascalite etc being used from centuries. Clay is a natural absorbent and gentle on our body system and it treats various skin problems and also neutralize poisons in the intestinal tract. It also eliminates food allergies. In fact clay can cure any kind of digestive problem that we may have. Clay also absorbs the radiation that we may be exposed to and treats open wounds.












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1 x GERMANIUM NANO SOAP BAR (Random color)

 A great Energy nano soap for facial wash to keep your skin smooth and soft



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Q&A (2)
myvivavilla ask: (Posted: 2012/7/8 22:43)  
Does the filter need to be replace after cerntain period of time?
genuine-pendant reply: (Posted: 2012/7/9 14:53)  
Usually it would easily last 6 months to 12 months depending on the daily usage.
noryb ask: (Posted: 2012/5/27 22:28)  
research found that nano silver released into sewage will destroy the ecosystem. a lot of marine life will die and superbugs will be created from resistance. can it be excluded from the media? thanks.
genuine-pendant reply: (Posted: 2012/5/28 15:27)  
Currently there is lot of research going on related to nano technology and its related product. To be honest we are not into research or development and cannot give you an accurate answer to your query, but we do know for sure that Nano silver technology can be applied to range of products such as dressings for burns, scald, skin donor and recipient sites; acne and cavity wounds;

I wish we could help you further, but we are in no position to offer you a concrete and favorable response.

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