★Korea Genuine ★ Lady up mate Three-Heads Facial Cleaning ..

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★Korea Genuine ★ Lady up mate Three-Heads Facial Cleaning ..
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★Korea Genuine ★ Lady up mate Three-Heads Facial Cleaning ..

韩国Ladyup mate三头洁面仪 100%韩国原装正品


Directly air flight from Korea~ At the moment we only have Gold Color.

HARU公司最新研发上市的Lady up品牌洁面仪深层洁面高效洁仪, 三头多角度洁面,每个刷头纤细软,毛儿的直径只有0.065左右, 是头发丝的1/2,每个刷头都由150.000根刷毛组成的,3D声波震动技术对毛孔进行每分钟2万2千次的清洗,去除毛孔中的污物和 化妆残留物,使肌肤变得洁白细腻!

HARU company latest development listed brand Lady up effective in deep cleaning device, with the three-heads design it gives you more angle to target and easier to clean, each brush head slender soft, brush hair diameter only around 0.065, is 1/2 of the head hair, each brush head made by 150.000 root brush hair, 3D sonic vibrations technology on pores for each minutes 22,000 times of cleaning, removal dirt in the pores and makeup, makes skin became white delicate!


Innovativedesignofthethree-leafclovershape,enjoy the3Dcleansingmoreconvenientandmorecomprehensive,brushexquisite,thinnerthanthepore3cm!Noneedtoworry aboutporesenlargement,cleanespeciallyCosmeticnose,cheeks,mouthpartsofresiduesandovernightskin care products!

这款韩国进口洁面刷,刷头超级超级柔软,接触到皮肤特别舒服。仪器是全自动的 而且整机是做了防水技术的 不用的时候直接把仪器放到配套的座上就行。刷头一个建议使用2-3个月,更换洁面仪是专为我们亚洲人皮肤而设计的,可以完全深沉清洁到每一个细小毛孔,长期使用可以改善"草莓鼻头" 有效解决T区 黑头 毛孔粗大 卸妆问题。

ThisKoreaimportedcleansingbrush,brushheadis fine andsofthence your skin can feel the comfortable when ittouchestheskin. Deviceisfully automaticandwaterproof. When not using just put back the device on thesupporting desk. TheBrushheadsarerecommendedto use for 2-3 months,replacethecleansingapparatusisspeciallydesignedforAsians,deepcleaningeverylittlepore,long-termusecanimprovethe"Strawberrynose"effectivelysolvethet-zonelargeporesblackheadsRemoverproblem.

1:将毛刷沾水打湿 2:在刷头上放置适量的洗面奶 3:启动开关,在脸部采用重复打圈画圆的方式清洁面部 4:洗脸完毕后,用清水冲洗面部 5:清洗完毕后,擦拭面部感受效果.

Direction of use:

1: Wetthebrush2:Put some cleanser on the brush. 3: Switchonthe device, Repeating circle circular technique clean the face4:Completed cleaning,rinsewith water. 5:Aftercleaning,wipethefaceandfeeltheeffects.

脸部打湿、将洗面奶在脸部涂抹均匀, 然后用洗脸器代替用手揉搓面部; 或者先把刷头沾湿, 用手稍微把刷头拧干将洗面奶直接涂在洗脸器刷头上, 以打圈的方式,按摩全脸。 时间自己控制,
使用洗脸器1-2分钟即可, 想振动就要按开关,不按就不会振动。

Use the device for 1-2 minutes, for the vibration effect just press the on/off button, no press no vibrate.

冲洗面部,清洁完毕。为了延长刷头使用寿命与便于刷头清洁, 浓妆时还是建议提前使用下卸妆产品。 使用时长:干性中性皮肤1-2分钟即可。 混合及油性皮肤2-3分钟即可,时间不需要过长,一样能洗干净; 建议每周使用3-4次。

For extention the lifespand of the brush head, advice to use make up removal as 1st step follow by the device. Recommended to use the device 3-4 times a week.





长期使用可以改善"草莓鼻头",有效解决T区 黑头 毛孔粗大 卸妆问题


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★Korea Genuine ★ Lady up mate Three-Heads Facial Cleaning ..
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