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A13 Allwinners Tablet PC at very low price vs ainol

Capacitive Tablet PC at budget price, 3G + WIFI + Full HD

Condition : New         Item at : Penang

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A13 Allwinners Tablet PC at very low price vs ainol
Sale Price : RM 198.00
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Peninsular :RM50Sarawak:RM60
Sabah, Labuan:RM60
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Ship To : Within Malaysia  
Shipping Weight : (kg or dimension) : 1
Shipping Method : Courier Services, POS Laju, Self Collect
Payment Method : Internet Banking, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash on Collection (COC), SafeTrade
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Product Description for A13 Allwinners Tablet PC at very low price vs ainol

A13 Allwinners Tablet PC at very low price vs ainol

A13 Allwinners Tablet PC at very low price vs ainol
Hosted @ Lelong Picture Services

A13 Allwinners Tablet PC at very low price vs ainol
Hosted @ Lelong Picture Services


If you are looking for  Budget  Tablet PC , please read this advertisement 


A lot of  sellers are selling this model , but , yet to provide you indepth comparison of this model.

We feel that , you as a buyer , you need to know and have right to know and compare before you buy .



Advantage of this model :-

  • Cheap & Reasonable Good 

What you need to understand & consider 

  • It is a G+P capacitive touch panel , less senstive as G+G capacitive screen. 
  • It is A13 , the speed is 1GHZ ( overclock 1.2 GHZ) , other sellers claimed it has 1.8 GHZ ( real crazy )
  • It is TFT Screen , other sellers claimed it as like iPad IPS screen ( very misleading )
  • A10 speed is higher than A13 , A lot of people have been misleaded and think that A13 is better than A10 


You see similar PHOTOs / Pictures for this model , but , but , be careful about DIFFERENCE Quality  


Ours : 3 hours and above for video watching or surfing internet  

                          Good WIFI 

                             Grade AAA  G+P Touch Screen 

Others : 2 hours or less for video watching or surfing internet

                                         Poor WIFI 

                                        Poor Grade  G+P  Touch Screen 



If you can pay additional RM38 for extra Powerful WIFI 

click this link and click BUY NOW on that link :-



If you have RM350 and looking for REAL , REAL GOOD QUALITY Tablet PC , please take below unit !!!   

  • IT is A10 ( 1.5 GHZ )
  • IT has 1GB RAM ( wow !!! )
  • IT has 8GB Flash 
  • IT is using G+G Touch Screen 

If you can pay total RM350 (including postage) for Higher Speed + 1GB/8GB +Good Battery + Strong WIFI + Bright LCD .. It is 1GB RAM , it is 8GB Flash . it is genuine A10 1.2/1.5Ghz 

click this link and click BUY NOW on that link :-


  This is a  A13 Tablet PC  , Speed = 1Ghz ( overclock 1.2Ghz)


  • Other sellers said this is SAMSUNG CPU ( real joke !! ) .. No !!  It is Allwinner A13 ( official speed - 1.0Ghz , over clock 1.2Ghz)
  • Other sellers said this is IPS screen ( real cute ).. No !! . It is TFT Screen ( 800 X 480 ) please use " Android System Info " app to check  
  • Other sellers said this 1.8Ghz overclock (this world is crazy ) ... No !! It is 1.0Ghz , over clock to 1.2Ghz
  • Buy from reliable supplier who tell you the truth and the truth  


  • Support  3G broadband & WIFI
  • Support  USB , words/excel/power point /PDF        
  • CPU -A13 - 1.0Ghz ( overclock 1.2Ghz ) 
  • Never support HDMI if you do not need to connect to LCD TV . Take this model
  • Powerful WIFI + Long Lasting Battery Usage 
  • It is FULL HD 


A lot of  sellers are cheating by saying A13 speed is 1.2Ghz and overclock to 1.5Ghz 

A13 speed is 1.0Ghz and overclock to 1.2Ghz . We feel that we need to tell you the truth .

Some cute sellers even say what 1.8 MAX ?????


What are the difference between Allwinner A10 and Allwinner A13 ?


A10 has higher speed than A13

  • A10- Speed = 1.2Ghz ( overclock 1.5Ghz)
  • A13-Speed = 1.0Ghz (overclock 1.2Ghz)


A10 can support HDMI but A13 cannot support HDMI

  • A10 Tablet PC come with HDMI port , but A13 Tablet do not has HDMI port 
  • A10 has 2160 Full HD , but , A13 has 1080 HD 
  1. Overall performance , A10 has better performance than A13 .
  2. A10 product cost is much higher than A13 


But if you are looking for BUDGET Tablet PC & not fussy on quality . Buy this A13 Tablet PC now.


Why  Tablet PC with same A13 or A10 CPU but in difference price ?

The COST & QUALITY of Tablet PC is not just depend on CPU .

It depend on the following :-


Motherboard & WIFI Module.

Cheaper Tablet PC can come with poor WIFI receiver. When you move away from Wireless Router your WIFI signal only left 1-2 bar or very weak . If you have patient and don’t mind to access slow and not stable internet, then buy the cheap one.


Battery Life for Usage

Cheaper Tablet PC come with low capacity battery that only can last for 1 to 1.5 hours for watching video or surfing internet. Good quality Tablet PC can go for 3 hours and above for non-stop watching video and surfing internet.

If you don’t mind use poor quality battery , then buy the cheap one .   


LCD Brightness

Between TFT LCD ( 800X480) , there are difference grade of LCD . Very bright one ,or,  bright only  or dull & hard to read words. If you don’t mind to use dull and don’t  mind it cause you feel  uncomfortable, then buy the cheap one


Touch Panel Quality

There are 2 type of touch panel – G+G (expensive )& G+P (cheap) .  Among G+P , there are also have difference grades.  Poorer quality Touch Panel make the touch feeling totally difference .



Just to save one meal (fast food) money , you can buy a good quality tablet PC from reliable supplier. You use this Tablet PC months and years and enjoy it  and feel proud  for  it . Just a 10 minutes , you finish your fast food , but you use this tablet PC for months & years . What say you ??

Internet Specifications

Never believe internet specifications , a lot of factories & sellers amplify it . They dare to say everything , because they are “virtual “ .  You cannot see them and meet them . They can promise and tell everything . Even worst , some sellers even like to copy other sellers advertisements , ethical sellers ?? You justify it .


QUESTIONS  &  ANSWERS (updated on 1-July-2012)


Question :  Why some internet sellers sell cheap price for capacitive Tablet PC ?

Answer :    LOW QUALITY - (1) WIFI - very weak  (2) LCD very dull (3) Touch Screen use G+P ( have to slightly press to work ) (4) Battery only last 1 hour or 1.5 hour

Question :  Why I see some sellers are selling Tablet PC with "samsung chipset " , IPS , high speed up to 1.8 Ghz , 2Ghz at good price .

Answer : Chipset is NOT a CPU . It is referring to RAM . Most of the Tablet PC are using Korea / Samsung DDR3 , there is a samsung chipset in most of the tablet pc . For IPS and High Speed claims , use the following method to check. If it is SAMSUNG CPU , use " Android System Info " program/application to check , you should see  Hardware : S5pv210  

Question : Is there any tablet pc you sell has made in Taiwan / Germany / Italy /Holland / Spain ?

Answer : No such thing . Samsung Tablet PC made in Korea , the rest including iPAD are made in China . Use the internet search , see whether has Tablet PC made in those countries ???

Question : How do I know my tablet PC Real Speed and whether it is TFT or IPS Screen ?

Answer    : Go to "Android Market" and download "Android System Info ". Click  "Android System Info" > System >CPU> you can see the speed now

Question : What are the difference between ARMv6 and ARMv7 ?

Answer    : ARMv7 has higher speed than ARMv6 . ARM is a cpu architecture

Question : What are the difference between TFT LCD and IPS LCD ?

Answer    : TFT resolution is 800 X 480 or 800 X 444 and IPS resolution is 1024 X 600 or 1024 X 800. IPS has wider angle view. You can watch video from side.

Question : How do i know is it IPS or TFT ?

Answer    : Click " Android System Info" > System > Screen >  if you see 800X480 or 800X444  then it is TFT and not IPS screen

Question : Any difference grade between TFT LCDs and IPS LCDs

Answer    : Same TFT LCD ( 800 X 480) can come with difference quality .  The brighter , the better.  A lot of  seller sell lower price  because their LCD quality 

Question   : How do i know my battery capacity ?

Answer   :  All the specs quoted in Internet are confused and cannot be trusted . Check it how long it can last for watching video & surfing internet

Question :   How do I know my Tablet PC 's battery is using good quality Battery 

Answer :      Normal Tablet PC can continue watching video for 3 hours or above is considered reasonable good battery . Some sellers sell cheap because their battery only can use for 1.5 hours or less

Question : Do all the Tablet PCs in internet sales have warranty ?

Answer :  Ask sellers , whether it has HARDWARE warranty , if no hardware warranty , that's about no warranty. Make sure they won't disappear . You can reach them

Question :  What are the difference between Allwinners A10 & Allwinners A13 

Answer : A10 has standard speed at 1.2Ghz  and support HDMI output ( can overclock to 1.5Ghz) ; A13 speed is 1.0Ghz ( may overclock to 1.2Ghz) ( No HDMI support)



1 Year HARDWARE + OS (T&C)



Account Name       : EMICRO TECHNOLOGY

Bank Acc Number :   Maybank account : 507406503143   ;   CIMB Bank :07180003901053 



  • Our Shop Open 7 days a week :-  12:30pm to 9:30pm 
  • Established since 25 years ago
  • Our shop is at the same location for more than 15 years
  • Buy from reliable supplier


  • Quantity  Discount 
  • Dropship and wholesales are welcome 



Optional Purchase:

  • Quality Casing-RM23
  • Normal Leather Casing – RM20
  • Quality Casing with Keyboard - RM35
  • Screen protector-RM10
  • 4GB micro sd card RM23
  • 8GB micro sd RM35
  • 16GB micro sd -RM55
  • Capacitive Stylus Pen - RM9



How to justify the established and good sellers , can we justify it through "Buying Rating"

Buying Rating carry original good intention . Unfortunately , today a lot of sellers frabicate "buy & sell records " as well as "Buying Rating". They can use difference names to buy it and sell it to themselves and put the good remarks to push up the good rating . Don't you see a lot of  buyers comments are same in the buying rating session , they even use exactly the same words and phrases on the comments .Because they just copy and paste .

You even can see some sellers copied few sellers advertisements etc.

Buy from the "real sellers" that you can reach them , never buy from "virtual sellers" that talk a lot in internet  but give no hardware warranty and you cannot meet them .  


Technical Supports :

If you have any Tablet PC that cannot get repair or service from other sellers , please do not hesitate to contact us .


CALL US :  013-4845799

Email :


Specifications :-


CPU : Allwinners A13 

Speed : 1.0GHz (overclock 1.2ghz)

OS : Android 4.0

Memory : DDR3- 512MB

Nandflash : standard configuration: 4GB

Extended : TF card ; U disk

LCD Display : 7”  Grade A TFT Screen , 800 * 480

Internet : support WIFI

3G : support external 3G module

Camera : Built-in 1.3 front mega pixel camera 

I/O ports : DC in, Earphone,TF, 1*USB 2.0 Host port,1*USB OTG port, Mini HDMI output

Touch Screen : 5 points capacitive touch screen

Audio : Built in stereo speakers 1w*2, Built-in mono recorder

LED indicators : Power; charging

Key-press : NO

Other features : G-sensor, support video chat online etc.

Power adapter Battery : 3500mAh LiPo battery , WIFI ON: 4 hours

Dimension : 196*122*9.9, 260g

Audio format :MP3 playing, WAV playing,WMA playing, AAC, AAC+ playing, WAV, WMA recording

Video : 1080P MPEG4/2/1 DIVX & XVID:1080P REAL: RMVB & RM 720P .Full HD video

Image : JPEG image GIF image

Games : 3D Gaming , High Speed Gaming etc.

Languages : Support multi-language

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Can COD?
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Can . Please call me 013-4845799
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We never receive your payment . Please call me 013-4845799 or email to
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rm 198 tablet sahaja??
vision1 reply: (Posted: 2012/7/12 18:17)  

RM198 + RM50 ( posting) = Complete set = ChargerX1 +OTG cable X1 + USB Cable X1 + Tablet PC + Manual + 1 year Hardware Warranty + 1year OS Warranty .

We never play hidden cost games like others.
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Hi....may I know your details...I wnt to sell for all this Andriod....means want to dealer..plz email me asap..tq
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Please give us your email , we shall send you a details
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Yes . You can come to our shop . we open 7 days . Call me 013-4845799 to get the address .

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