Antrodia Camphorata /维护健康的牛&

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Antrodia Camphorata /维护健康的牛&
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Antrodia Camphorata /维护健康的牛&

Antrodia Camphorata /维护健康的牛&
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Antrodia Camphorata /维护健康的牛&
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Antrodia Camphorata /维护健康的牛&
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Antrodia Camphorata is a Special mushroom in Taiwan


Origin of Use


Antrodia Camphorata, found only in Taiwan and discovered by native Taiwanese, The native Taiwanese would maintain healthy by cooking up a soup recipe of Antrodia C. that had been passed down for generations


Antrodia camphorata Growth


In the wild, Antrodia C. grows solely on the tree Cinnamomum kanehirae in the mountains of Taiwan at altitudes of between 1,476 and 6,562 ft. Because the fruiting body only develops once the host tree is dead, many trees were felled to meet the demand. Also highly sought after as a furniture source for manufactures, the C. kanehirae supplies diminished and demand increased for this unique and extremely lucrative mushroom (wild Antordia C. fetches up $3,000/pound) The tree is now protected by the Taiwanese government.


Why Use Antrodia


Antrodia C. contains: triterpenoids, superoxide dismutase, glandlucosides, polysaccharides, B-D-glucan, proteins (including immune proteins), vitamins (suchas vitamin B, nicotinic acid, lysergic alcohols), trace elements (such as calcium, phosphorus, germanium), nucleic acids, the lectin, amino acids, steroids, lignin. The numerous compounds in Antrodia C. is found to be more effective than Ganoderma Lucidum. Biotech companies have invested heavily in the studies and development of Antrodia C. as it has shown promise and growth.


Antrodia Benefits for the Liver 


The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Despite current advances in medicine, there is no way to fully compensate for the functions of the liver over the long term. The only treatment option for complete liver failure is liver transplantation. It is estimated that the liver performs around 500 different functions. The liver plays a crucial role in detoxification, metabolism, and digestion within the body.

Alcohol consumption may lead to serious liver diseases like alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver, and cirrhosis. Those who do not consume alcohol are still at risk of severe liver damage. Acetaminophen, used in over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and Nyquil, is the foremost cause of acute liver failure in the western world. In fact, in 2011, the FDA mandated that manufacturers of prescription drugs with acetaminophen must have a warning label informing the consumer of this. In today’s society, there is a dire problem of overconsumption and overmedication of substances that are taxing on the liver. Many people are now looking for natural solutions to combat this problem.

Antrodia Camphorata is a fungus that exclusively grows inside the Cinnamomum Kanehirae tree, which can only be found in Taiwan. More recently, it has been the subject of many scientific studies, which showed that antrodia has great health benefits especially for liver health.


10 Benefits of Antrodia Camphorata Concentrated Essence

-Improve the immunity

-Attack harmful substances towards the body

-Inhibite the growth of harmful substances

-Against the harmful substances

-Reduce weakness

-Enhance and restore the spirit

-Maintain a healthy heart

-Ease side effects of treatment

-Slow down aging



認識牛樟芝 - 台灣森林中特有的真菌








牛樟芝又名牛樟菇是台灣特有的珍貴真菌,它是多孔菌的一種,唯一寄宿主是台灣特有的牛樟樹,其樹形粗壯堅實,通常生長在台灣山區,海拔450至 2000公尺處,主要分佈在桃園復興鄉、角板山,苗栗南莊、三灣鄉,南投竹山鎮、水裡鄉,高雄六龜鄉…等地,因牛樟樹數量稀少,已被列為台灣特有保育類樹種;樟芝是貼生於牛樟樹幹腐朽之心材內壁,或枯死倒伏之牛樟木材陰暗潮濕之表面,為多年生,產生有性孢子的多孔狀子實層面,典型者為橘色或橘黃色。






















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Antrodia Camphorata /维护健康的牛&
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