Armor8 Anti-Bacteria Nano Spray (Non-Toxic) 150ml

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Armor8 Anti-Bacteria Nano Spray (Non-Toxic) 150ml
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Armor8 Anti-Bacteria Nano Spray (Non-Toxic) 150ml

ARMOR8 is driven by design thinking and a deep commitment to preserving the human touch. It is on a relentless mission to design, manufacture and market a diverse range of products, services and solutions for the hygiene conscious.
Germs can last more than 2 hours on any surface. Viruses have been found up to 24 hours after contact.

ARMOR8 is a unique formulation that deodorises, sanitises and eliminates germs, bacterias and viruses.


ARMOR8 is long lasting up to 30 days and is non-toxic as well as environmentally friendly.
People-oriented design thinking is the idea behind ARMOR8. The focus is on creating the best consumer experience and confidence.

Inspired by the human body, ARMOR8 strives to find the perfect balance between simplicity and innovation, creating products that are uncompromisingly simple yet effective.

Why use ARMOR8

ARMOR8 is easy to use in 3 simple steps. A very fine layer of caring will be applied to all surfaces. This one time application will last up to 30 days.

ARMOR8 when applied, utilises a process called Photocatalyst,. It has an oxidative ability when exposed to light that will eliminate odours in the air, kill bacteria and decompose organic matter.

Armor8 spray is our ultimate in germ busting technology. Armor 8 eliminates germs such as:
1. E Coli
2. Human Pappiloma Virus (HPV)
3. Streptcocca Bacteria
4. Klebsiella
5. Staphylococcus Aureus

Bacteria are living things that have only one cell.
Under a microscope, they look like balls, rods, or spirals. They are so small that a line of 1,000 could fit across a pencil eraser.

While bathrooms get a bad rap when it comes to germs, it’s the kitchen that actually harbors more bacteria than any other room in the home.
Daily exposure to pathogenic bacteria causes food poisoning, gastritis, ulcers, boils, pneumonia, meningitis, ear infections and strep throat.
Armor8 eliminates such bacteria for up to 30 days with just one spray.
“The phones contained more skin bacteria than the any other object; this could be due to the fact that this type of bacteria increases in high temperatures and our phones are perfect for breeding these germs as they’re kept warm and cozy in our pockets, handbags and brief cases. These bacteria are toxic to humans, and can cause infections if they have the opportunity to enter the body.”
Joanne Verran, Professor of Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University
We know our pets & furry friends make a house a home, but pet odours can affect the freshness of your home.
Armor8 will help you eliminate any unwanted pet odours from your home leaving it smelling naturally fresh and clean.
We used to take pride in our cars, and who doesn’t love one that is all spick-and-span ? But don’t let that squeaky clean look deceive you. Hitching on for a ride can be all sorts of bacteria and mold.
One of the most unsuspecting homes for bacteria in the car is the dashboard. This is a place many people put their food when they are on the run. They generally do this without realising that they are exposing their food to all sorts of germs that breed on there.
Armor8 can be used for any hard surface area you wish to sterilise & disinfect.
For example, your baby’s cot, shoes, mobile phones, keyboards, wallets, bags, cameras, tablets, office equipment, gym equipment, tables, chairs, library books, door handles, escalator bars and many more.

Over 96 percent of shoes come into frequent contact with germs like E. coli which can easily survive long enough to be tracked into your house, where they can cause illnesses and infections.

Turns out that the inside of a shoe is much like a petri dish. It harbors bacteria/mold because it’s a dark, warm, moist environment which allows several different species of bacteria to thrive.

A study of office workers found that women’s purses were one of top three dirtiest things they touched throughout the day, in particular E. Coli, which can cause severe abdominal cramps, bloody diarrhea and vomiting.

“The hot, humid air trapped in your ear canal while wearing earbuds is a great environment for bacteria to thrive.”
Lisa Sturm, director of Infection Control and Epidemiology at the University of Michigan Health System.
It may surprise many you that a copier could be a germy place. But just think of how often this machine gets used and how many people share it.

Over 96 percent of shoes come into frequent contact with germs like E. coli which can easily survive long enough to be tracked into your house, where they can cause illnesses and infections.

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Armor8 Anti-Bacteria Nano Spray (Non-Toxic) 150ml
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