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  • Brand : Jason design
    Model / SKU : chelsea 1-4
    Conditions : New

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    *We are register and certifited seller by NETPAY.


    *We accept cash deposit and online banking.you can pay to our bank account as below:

    RHB bank : A/C No : 11410100284126 Name : PANG YING KHONG

    l In order for us to facilitate the order process,once you made the transfer, pls kindly must provide us the below details via lelong PM or Email us at pangyingkhong@qq.com or Wechat/Whatsapp/SMS£¨contact no : 601138589227£©later Update us on <>.

    l 1. Whick BANK and ACCOUNT number you Transfer/Cash Deposit

    l 2. Amount transferred

    l 3. Date of transferred

    l 4. Order ID

    l Order product method :

    l STEP 1 : Click BUY NOW.

    l STEP 2 : Before your order your can check up our compatibility phone model list in product description.

    l STEP 3 : Email/Wechat/Whatsapp or SMS to us and write product model SKU and your phone model.(E mail : pangyingkhong@qq.com/ phone no : 01138589227)

    l *Example you can see product picture below side <> is model SKU.if your phone model is iphone 5s << Adidas 1 iphone 5s >> is your confirm order.

    l STEP 4 : We will inform and confirm your order. 


     Compatibility phone model list 



    iphone 3 3g 4 4s 5 5s 6 6plus



    ipad  ipad2  ipad3  ipadmini  ipadmini2  ipadair  ipadair2


    LENOVO : 

    A288t A300t A318t A358t A360t A366t A380t A385e A388t A390t A399 A500 A516 A520 A560 A5800 A586 A590 A60 A606 A616 A628t A630t A65 A656 A658t A660 a668t A670t A678t A680 A688t A688 A690 A690e A706 A708 A708t A750 A750e A760 A765e A768t A780e A785e A788t A789 A790e A798t A8-A808t A820 A820te A828t A830 A850 A850plus A858t A860 A860e A880-A889 A890e A916 A938t-note8 I60 I61 K860i K860 K900 K910 MA388 Ophone P50 P650wg P70 P700i P70t P770 P780 S2td s2 s560 s630 s650 s660 s680 s686 s720 s720i s750 s810t s820 s850 s856-s860e S858t S870e S880 S890 S898t-s8 S899t S920 S930 S939 S960-Vibe X S968t Vibe X Td30t Td80t 

    Vibe x2 Vibe z2 pro-K920 Vibe z2 Y1011 Phone a1mini K50-t5-K3note K30t-K3 S60t S90



    Note(n7000) Note2(n7100) Note3(n9006) Note3neo/lite(n7506v) Note4(N9100) NoteEdge(n9150) S6(g9200) S6Edge(g9250) S5(g9009d) S4(I9500) S4zoom Camera(ek-gc100)  S4mini(I9190) S3(I9300) S3mini(I8190) S2(I9100) S(I9000) Sadvance(I9070) Grand5.0(I9082) quottro/win(i8552) Winpro(g3812)  Grandneo(i9060) Grandnoe plus(i9168) Grand2(g7106) Grand3/Max(g7200) Grandprime(g5360w) coreprime(G3606) J1 A3 A5 E7 Alpha(g8508s) Cemera(ek-gc100) Infinite(i759) Trendduos(s7562) Trendduos2(s7572) Trendduos3(g3508 Trend2(s7898i) Core(i8262d) Core2(g3556d) Corelite(G3588) Core4G(g3518) Coremax(g5180) Coreadvance(i8580) Mega6.3(i9200) Mega5.8(i9158) Mega5.8plus(i9152) Mega2(g7508q) Infinite(i759) Nexus(i9250) Beam(i8530) Beam2(g3858) W(i8150) Ace(s5830) Aceplus(s7500) Ace2(i8160) Ace3(s7272c) Ace4(g3139d) Y(s5360) Yduos(s6102) Corby2(s3850) mini(s5570) mini2(s6500)



    Tab/7.0(p1000) Tab/7.0plus(p6200)Tab/10.1(p7500) Tab2/7.0”(p3100) Tab2/10.1”(p5100) Tab3/7.0”(t210) Tab3/7.0”(t211) Tab3lite/7.0”(t211) Tab3kid/7.0”(t2150) Tab3/8.0”(t310) Tab3/8.0”-3g(t311) Note8/8.0(n5100) Note8/8.0(n5110) Note10.1/10.1”(n8000) Tab4/7.0(t230) Tab4/8.0(t330) TabA/8.0(t355c) TabA/9.7(t555c)Tabpro/8.4”(t320)Tabpro/10.1”(t520) TabS/8.4”(t700) TabS/10.5”(t800) TabS4G/10.5”(t805c)


    Xiao mi : M1 M1s M2 M2a M3 M4 M4i Minote      


    ASUS : 

    Zenfone4(A400cg) Zenfone5(A500cg) Zenfone6(A600cg) Zenfone2(Ze551ml)


    COOLPAD : 



    HUAWEI  : 

    honor3(hn3-u01) honor3c(h30-t10) honor3c-play honor3c-dual(h30-u10) honor3x(g750-t00) honor4c honor4x honor4x-play honor6 honor6-plus honorx1-7 honorx1 Ascend-p6 Ascend-p7 Ascend-p8lite/mini Ascend-d2 Ascend-g7 Ascend-gx1 Ascend-g710(a199) B199 C8600 C8650 Ascend-c8812 C8813 C8816 C8817 Ascend-c8825/u8825d/g330 C8826 Ascend-g300/u8818 Ascend-g305t-t8828 Ascend-g520 Ascend-g525 Ascend-g521 Ascend-g6 Ascend-g606-t00 Ascend-g610 Ascend-g616 Ascend-g620(c8817l) Ascend-g628 Ascend-g629 Ascend-g630u Ascend-g660 Ascend-g700t Ascend-g716 Ascend-g730(u00) Ascend-g730l(g730-l075) Mate Mate2 Mate7 T8951-u8951-g510 U8860 U9508 W1 Y300c(u8833) Y310 Y325 Y500 Y511 Y516 Y518 Y535d(c00) Y600(u00) Y610 Y618(t00) Y635 







    XiaoMI(Phone) :

    M1 M1s M2 M2a M3 M4 M4I MInote Redmi Redmi2 Redminote

    XiaoMI (Tablet) :



    LG : 

    AKA(h778) Bl20e Bl40e D802(g2) E405f  E510 E730 E960 F160 F240K G-Flex2(vu) G-flex(D958-f340l-f340s) G2mini(d410-d620) G3mini/G3/BEAT/B2mini(d722-d725-d728-d729) G3-Stylus G3(d830-d850-d851-d855-vs985) G4/H818/H819/VS999/f500(s-k-l) Gc900 Gc900e Gd310 Gd330 Gd350 Gd510 Gd550 Gd580 Gd880 Gd900e Gm210 Gs100 Gs101 Gs290 Gs500v Gt505e Gt540 Gu230 Gw880 Gx500 Kc780 Kc910e Kc998 Kf305 Kf350 Kf690 Km330 Km380 Km900e Kp502 Ks360 Ks660 Nexus5 Opimus-Gpro2(f350) Opimus-L3dual Opimus-L7-2dual Opimus-L9(p760-p765-p769) Opimus-NEXUS P503 P690 P705 P880 P920 P990-P993 Series3(l70) Series3-L90-Dual Spirit T300 T310 T500 T500 Tb200.


    LG tab : G-pad8.3”(v500)


    MEIZU : 

    M9 Mx Mx2 Mx3 Mx4pro Mx4 K52/M1(m456m-m456a) NoteA NoteB NoteBB 


    MEITU : 

    2 M4


    OPPO : 

    A133 A201 A203 A209 A31t A520 A613 A617 F15 Mx003u N1mini(n5117) N1 N1-4g N3(N5207) P51 R1(r829t) R1c(8207) R1s(R8007) R2017 R3(r7005-r7007) R3007 R5(r8107) Find7mini(r6007) R7 R801 R803-R805 Real(r807) R809T R811 R813t-R823t R815t R817 R819t R821t R827t R831s-R1105 R831t R833t T15 T29 T703 U3(6607) U521 U525 U529 U539 U701 U705t U707t+ U707t Find7(x9007-x9077) X903 X905 X907 X909





    SONY :

    xperia-Z(l36h) xperia-ZL(l35h) xperia-Z1(l39h) xperia-Z1mini(m51w) xperia-Z14g(l39u) xperia-Z2(L50t/L50w) xperia-Z3compact/mini(m55w) xperia-Z3(l55t) xperia-ZR(m36h) xperia-Zultra(xl39h) xperia ARC(lt15i) xperia ARC-S(lt18i) xperia-P(lt22i) xperia-VC(lt25c) xperia-S(lt26i) xperia-ION(lt28h) xperia-TX(lt29i) xperia-T(lt30p) xperia-SP(m35c) xperia-T3(m50w) xperia-PRO(mk16i) xperia-NEOV(mt11i) xperia-NEOL(mt25i) xperia-SOLA(mt27i) xperia-L(s36h) xperia-C(s39h) xperia-C3(s55t) xperia-M2(s50h) xperia-ray(st18i) xperia-Tipo(st21i) xperia-U(st25i) xperia-J(st26i) xperia-GO(st27i) xperia-X10(x10i) xperia-E3 xperia-E4Dual X10minipro(u20i) x10mini(e10i) x8(e15i) F305 W580c(f700) Hazel(j20) K818-K810 P1c-P1i S302c xperia-minipro(sk17i) T658c T707 T715 Satio(u1i) Yari(u100i) Vavaz(u5i) Vavazpro(u8) W105i Zylo(w20) W302c W350c W380c W595c W715C W760 W908c W995 X2i


    PS3 PS4 PSPGO PSP2000 PSP3000 PSV1000 PSV2000


    HTC : 

    Desire5060 Desire600-606w Desire608t Disire609d Disire6160 A310e Wildfire3360 Wildfire3380 WildfireS(A510e-g13) Chacha(A810e) DesireHD(A9191-G10) ButterflyS(9060-901e-909d-9088) Radar(C110e) Salsa(G15-C510e) 8X(C620d-C625e) Desire7060 Desire7080 Desire310(D310w) Desire316(D316d) Desire500-5008 Desire610t Desire616(D616w) Desire709d Desire800(816w-a5) Desire800mini DesireD516d DesireD626w DesireD820(u-q) DesireD826w DesireEYE(M910x) Smart(F3188) IncredibleS(G11-s710) DesireS(G12-S510) Sensation(G14-G18-Z710) Evo3D(G17) Raider4G(G19-X710e) MagicG2 Rhyme(G20-S510b) SensationXL(G21-X315e) OneX(G23-S720t-S720e) Hero(G3) DesireG7 Hd2(leo) OneM8 OneE8(M8st OneE9+(A55-E9pw) OneE9(E9t-A53) OneM9+(M9pt) OneM9(M9w) OneMAX(8060-8088-809d-T6) Onemini(601e) OneS(Z560e) OneSC(T528d) OneST(T528t OneSU(T528w) OneV(T320) OneXC One(802d-M7) Pharos(P3470) TouchDiamond(S900c-P3702) Touch(S505) TouchDiamond(S900) Dopod(Jade100-T3238) T327d T327t T327w T328d T328t-329t T328w T329w Touch2(T3333 TouchCruise(T4288) TouchDiamond2(T5388) Mozart(T8698) T9188 Touch3G Titan(X310e) Butterfly(X920e) Z510d Z520e Z710e 



    A1210 A1260 A1600 A3100 A3300c Ex128 Ex201 Ex210 Ex223 MotoG2(Xt1603-Xt1068) MotoG(Xt937c-) Me501 Me511 Me525 Me600 Me722 Me811 Me860 ME863 Me865 Mt710 Mt716 Mt720 Mt788 Mt810 Mt870 Mt887 Mt917 Xoom(Mz600) Nexus6(Xt1100-Xt1103) RazrV3 V9 Ve66 MotoX(Xt1097) MotorXt(Xt1055-Xt1053) Xt300 Xt310 Xt316 Xt317 Xt319 Xt320 Xt390 Xt502 Xt531 Xt532 Xt535 Xt550 Xt615 Xt681 Xt685 Xt701 Xt702 Xt720 Xt760 Xt788 Xt800 Xt806 Droid3(Xt862-Xt883) Xt882 RazrV(Xt885) RazrV(Xt889) RazrMaxx(XT910) Razr(Xt928) 







    LUMIA 530,LUMIA 610,LUMIA800,LUMIA830,LUMINA929,LUMIA535,LUNA8600,N638,





    S1,S11T,S12,S7,S9,V1,X1,X1ST,X3,X3L,X3V,X5 MAX(L),X5 PRO,X510L,X5MAX S,

    X5 MAX L,XPLAY 3S-X520L,XPLAY-X5-X510(T-W),XSHOT,Y1,Y11,Y13,Y15,Y17T,Y18(L),

    Y19T,Y20T,Y22,Y23L,Y27(L)[4G]-X3 MINI,Y28(L-V-F),Y29L,Y927T,

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    1.For Ready Stock ship from Malaysia

    Local Courier : POS LAJU 1-3 working days

    Delivery cut off time

    Monday to Friday : 12pm

    Saturday : 9am

    Excluding Sunday and Public Holidays

    Any payment made before cut off time we will courier your item out on that working day.otherwise will be sent out the next working day.

    Estimated Arrival Date

    Peninsular Malaysia : Next 1 to 3 business days from delivery date

    East Malaysia : Next 3 to 4 business days from delivery date

    Please contact us if your item not received after 3 working days by email us at pangyingkhong@qq.com or call our office support 011-38589227 wechat whatsapp.please mention your Lelong Order ID and your full name.

    (2) For Ready stock ship from oversea(china)

    Product will be shipped directly from China to Malaysia and forward to you by Local Courier: Pos Laju thus it will take 7-10 working days for a complete shipping cycle.

    Tracking Number

    We will email the tracking number to customer after 6pm and before 9pm on delivery date.

    Please take note that most courier system is not update online instantly,we advise you to check after 24 hours receiving the tracking number

    Stock Availability

    In the event of non-stock availability for a specific order,seller would contact buyer for decision to be placed on backorder or to proceed with a full-refund thus not wasting any time for both parties.

    Risk of Loss

    All items purchased are made pursuant to a shipment contact.This means that the risk of loss and title for such items are passed to you upon our delivery to the courier service.

    You are abide to the below terms and conditions when you order this item.

    >All sales are FINAL unless the item is defective upon receipt.

    >Customer satisfaction/service is always our priority and please contact us first if you encouter any problems with your order before you leave negative feedback.We will try our best to resolve your issue with best solutions.

    >Colour : Due to the setting/resolution of the monitor,the colour of the physical item might be slightly different with the picture.

    >Specifications : please check carefully with the specification provided.

    >Please kindly make payment within 3 days after confirmed an order.Buyer who has dishonoured payment for 3 times will be blacklisted and reported to Lelong.

    >Please allow 1 to 3 working days to prepare the product delivery after payment.A confirmation emali with the tracking number will be sent out once item has been posted out.

    >If item is out stock,we will contact you and you may choose for a refund or replace with other item or wait for the new stock arrives.

    >We will check and ensure all items are good condition before sent out.

    >If there is any inquiry,feel free to email us at pangyingkhong@qq.com and we will reply within 24 hours.

    >Prices,specifications,information and availability of products are subject to change withour prior notice.

    >Please note that warranty does not cover :

    Damages to item done deliberately or improper handling of it.

    Damages to products caused by either impact,liquid,sand or insect,

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