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Whistler DE-1733 Radar Detector
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Brand: Whitsler
Model: DE-1733
Manufacture: US Whistler Group
Condition: New Product & 100% working

New item !!! Still in the box !!!
Whistler brand (Whistler Group since 1971) is the best low cost radar detector if you compare to others brand (Cobra, PNI).
Minimum false alarm and good detector for Ka/Laser gun.

The DE-1733 radar detector is one of Whistler's low-end models. It is a detector with a lot of extra features. The icon display of the Whistler 1733 is a step up from an LED display, common in other manufacturer's low end models.

The Whistler DE-1733 responds to all types of radar currently in use by police, and provides 360 degree detection of all types of laser guns laser. The Whistler DE-1733 is immune to the VG-2 detector, and provides alerts when VG-2 is in use. Basic support is included for SWS alerts as well. A signal strength indicator is also provided for radar bands.

Whistler DE-1733 Features :

360° Protection against all types of Laser
Unlike all of the other bands, which are wide bands, radar guns using laser technology shoot a narrow, focused beam of light to determine vehicle speed. There are several types of laser guns currently in use by police. A few of these are listed below:
- Pro Laser™ I, II and III
- LTI 20-20
- Ultra Lyte
- Stalker LZ-1
- Laser Atlanta L-1

X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
X, K, and Ka Superwide are the radar bands that are used by police radar guns. X band was the first band used for by radar guns, but is now the least used. All radar detectors that we carry detect all 3 of these bands.

Safety Warning System (SWS™) Alert
The Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) is an alert band that is emitted by many highway crews and emergency vehicles. Having a radar detector that monitors for this band could alert you to potential road or driving hazards. Some models with voice alerts or alpha-numeric displays have the ability to speak or display a description of the specific SWS™ warning for which you are being alerted. For example, if the alert was "Road work ahead" you would hear that message spoken if your unit supports voice alerts, and you would see that message if your unit has an alpha-numeric display.

VG-2 Undetectable
VG-2 is a technology that police use to detect radar detectors. This is primarily used in states where radar detectors are illegal. Radar detectors that have the VG-2 Stealth feature can make themselves invisible to this detection.

VG-2 Alert
VG-2 is a technology that police use to detect radar detectors. This is primarily used in states where radar detectors are illegal. Radar detectors that have the VG-2 Stealth feature can make themselves invisible to this detection.

Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
Most radar guns are constantly transmitting a signal that can be detected by a radar detector. Some radar guns have an "Instant-On" or "Pulse" feature. These radar guns will not transmit a signal that can be detected until the police officer releases the radar, which he usually will only do when his target is within range.

Icon Display
LED displays use lights to indicate alerts. Typically, there will be a light or combination of lights to represent each band. It is marked on the display which lights refer to which band. A more advanced form of the LED display uses icons in front of lights. This usually makes it easier to understand the alert at a glance.

Auto and Manual Muting
Auto muting allows you to tell the radar detector to automatically mute or lower the volume after the first few seconds of beeping. Manual muting usually means that there is a Mute or a Quiet button on the unit that will silence the current alert when pressed.

Signal Strength Indicator
"Signal Strength" refers to how close the radar is to the radar detector. Most models have a way of indicating the signal strength. Basic units with only LED displays indicate the signal strength by how rapidly the LED flashes. Some models display a number between 1 and 9. Others have icons on the display to indicate the strength. On models with alpha-numeric displays, signal strength is generally represented by an on-screen bar graph.

City and Highway Modes
City mode will reduce the number of false alarms that you will receive. There are some differences in the ways that each manufacturer implements City mode. In some cases, city mode will filter out all X band signals detected. Other units will still beep when a signal is detected, but will automatically enter Quiet mode after one or two beeps if the signal is weak. Highway mode does not filter out any band, or automatically silence weak signals.

Volume Control
Adjusts the loudness of the audio alerts on the unit.

Vehicle Battery Saver
This feature will automatically turn off the radar detector after a set period of time. This prevents your radar detector from draining your battery if you forget to turn it off. In the case of cordless radar detectors, it prevents draining of it's own batteries.

Self Test
During a self test, a unit will typically cycle through the beep for each band, and activate each light or icon on the display. For alpha numeric models, the most common messages are usually flashed on the display during the self test.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty
This is the length of the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Included with the Whistler DE-1733 :

- Windshield Bracket
- Power Cord
- Owners Manual


Give Yourself a Driving Cushion With The Whistler 1733
Nov 06 '03 (Updated Mar 29 '04)
Author's Product Rating : 4 out 5 star

Effectiveness : 4 out 5 star
Ease of Use : 5 out 5 star
Durability : 4 out 5 star

Pros : Inexpensive, picks up most radar bands and laser bands, can be put into "stealth" mode
Cons : None if it gets you out of a ticket

Full Review
I always laughed at radar detectors and the people that had them. I would say, “I don’t need one.” Even though I’ve gotten some pretty shaky tickets (let's see, speeding on a Vermont road in a blizzard comes to mind), I never had the desire to pick up a detector. But times change (and so do attitudes I guess), especially now that I live in Massachusetts, the land where tickets are used to fill budget gaps. Plus it turns out, that I didn’t have to pay for it – so that made my Whistler 1733 even better.
I’ve been a member of the Online Harris Poll forever and each time you complete a survey, they give you points in this account where you can redeem them for different items. I had oodles of points and I wanted something, so I found radar detector and ordered it. Didn’t even cost me shipping and handling.

The Details
Let us start with a little radar detector information and some myth-busting. According to Whistler’s information radar detectors are legal in every state when used in vehicles that are less than 10,000 pounds (your average cars and small trucks are under that). The only exceptions are Virginia and Washington DC, which have regulations pertaining to the use of detectors in any vehicle. Personally, I always thought that they were illegal in many states, especially in the Northeast, but it turns out not to be true. So unless you’re in Virginia or DC, don’t worry about the legality of the detector.
The 1733 offers detection of X-Band, K-Band, Ka-Band, VG-2 Signals, and Laser signals. This basically covers anything that the police would be using to check your speed. The only other methods include pacing (where the police car follows you to get your speed) and airborne measurements (where they measure the time it takes your car to get from point A to point B).
Whenever a signal from a band is obtained, the 1733, gives off both an audible warning (different for each band) and a visual signal (again, different for each band). There is a volume control to change the volume of the audible alerts and there is also a quiet mode for the 1733, where there are only visual alerts provided.
The 1733 also offers a “stealth/quiet” mode where the signal that the radar detector gives off (which can be detected by some police equipment) is off. The 1733 will only be able to detect the VG-2, which is a “radar detector detector.” But if you know there’s a police officer out there with a VG-2, then you can assume he also has a regular detector and thus you should slow down.
You also have the option of having a “highway” or a “city” mode on the 1733. In city mode, many of the triggers for the detector (such as electric doors, alarm systems, etc.) are ignored. Therefore you have fewer false alerts.
The 1733 comes with a suction cup mountain bracket for your windshield. The suction cup bracket fits anywhere on the windshield, but I would suggest mounting it in the middle, towards the bottom of the windshield. The radar guns are shooting for your license plate or any other reflective material on your car, so the lower in your windshield, the better the detection. The suction cups are quite good and in 3 months of driving, haven’t fallen off yet.
The range of the 1733 is about a mile to two miles, depending on the line of site between you and the radar gun. The more open it is and the fewer obstructions (other cars, ground, trees, etc), the better the detection from a distance.
Power to the 1733 is provided through the included cigarette lighter adapter. In my vehicle, I have two separate adapters (one for a cigarette lighter, and another open one), so I have no trouble plugging in the 1733, even if I am already charging my cell phone or using some other electric device.

Does It Work?
Not that I am a speed demon, but I guess that do tend to drive fast (or at least that’s what I’m told). Here in Massachusetts most of the speed limits on the highways are 65 and I’m probably somewhere between 70 and 75 miles per hour, so I guess that I am pushing it, but I personally don’t think that’s really all that fast.
The 1st time that I used the detector in a long drive was along the MassPike, and it actually saved me several times. I often follow a series of fast cars and with the 1733, I was able to tell when there was an officer up ahead and I could slow down and drop into the right lane. The same goes since then, on or off the highway. I do not find myself driving faster, but I am definitely more aware of what is going on around me.

Should I Get One?
I don’t think a radar detector should be purchased so that you can speed – but if you are a conscientious driver who wants to make sure that they stay out of tickets, a radar detector, and specifically the Whistler 1733 is a worthwhile purchase. It gives you a bigger picture look at the road you are on and it will hopefully save you a buck or two should you find yourself going a bit faster than you are supposed to.



Junk, all the way around
by radarguyus,Jan 16 '04

Pros: Cheap, lets you know when burger king is near
Cons: Does not differentiate between K and Ka bands, poor Ka sensitivity

I ran into this unit in a Wal- Mart on closeout. I am somewhat of a radar detector guru, and decided to give this a run against my Whistler. (I also have an Escort 8500 which puts both of these units to shame, but the Cobra vs Escort would be an unfair comparison). What a piece of crap. This unit (Cobra) does not differentiate between K and Ka band, so my Whistler was used for this task. The Cobra picked up K band from about half a mile away, but did not respond on Ka band until I was about 800 feet from the offending radar gun. The Whistler got about .7 mile on K and Ka bands, at the very same trap that the Cobra got 800 feet on. As mentioned earlier, the Escort 8500 smashed both of these units, and Whistler killed Cobra. If you are a serious speeder, go with the Escort. If you want to know when your neighbor is using a microwave, get the Cobra.

Bel (high end radar detector, price range from RM 1000 – RM 6000)
Escort (high end radar detector, price range from RM 1000 – RM 2500)
Whister (low cost radar detector, price range from RM 400 – RM 900)
Cobra (low cost radar detector, price range from RM400 – RM 900)

Payment methods

Q&A (3)
zenith8668 ask: (2015/10/28 14:21)  
Hi how is the payment process like?
elmyda reply: (2015/10/31 09:36)  
place order through lelong or email, bank transfer the payment to maybank a/c.
Blackpanter ask: (2014/1/13 16:16)  
How do I install this radar detector in my car
elmyda reply: (2014/1/13 16:28)  
using 9/12v cigarette adaptor. manual included in the package. attach the device in front of your vehicle windscreen.
msaed ask: (2009/11/22 19:43)  
What is the best price you can offer? all models feature are almost the same I'm blurr?. sms to me Din 0133022523
elmyda reply: (2009/11/22 22:02)  
please email me elmyda@hotmail.com for more info
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