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  • Brand : WHISTLER
    Model / SKU : SRT-35R
    Conditions : New

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    Whistler SRT-35R Radar Detector
    Hurry !!! Do not miss this oportunity once in your life time !!!
    Free delivery by POSLAJU anywhere in Malaysia !!!
    No way to get at locals !!!

    Brand: Whitsler
    Model: SRT-35R
    Manufacture: US Whistler Group
    Condition: New Product & 100% working

    New item !!! Still in the box !!!
    Whistler brand (Whistler Group since 1971) is the best low cost radar detector if you compare to others brand (Cobra, PNI).
    Minimum false alarm and good detector for Ka/Laser gun.

    The Whistler SRT-35R is a no frills radar detector that just gets the job done. It includes a numeric signal strength indicator, which displays a number which increases as the signal gets stronger. The SRT-35R also offers 3 city modes, which allows you to control your threshold for false alarms. It also features both auto and manual muting and offers a vehicle battery saver.

    The Whistler SRT-35R responds to all types of radar currently in use by police, and provides 360 degree detection of all types of laser guns laser. The Whistler SRT35R is immune to the VG-2 detector, and provides alerts when VG-2 is in use. Basic support is included for SWS alerts as well. A signal strength indicator is also provided for radar bands.

    Whistler SRT-35R Features :

    360° Protection against all types of Laser
    Unlike all of the other bands, which are wide bands, radar guns using laser technology shoot a narrow, focused beam of light to determine vehicle speed. There are several types of laser guns currently in use by police. A few of these are listed below:
    - Pro Laser™ I, II and III
    - LTI 20-20
    - Ultra Lyte
    - Stalker LZ-1
    - Laser Atlanta L-1

    X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
    X, K, and Ka Superwide are the radar bands that are used by police radar guns. X band was the first band used for by radar guns, but is now the least used. All radar detectors that we carry detect all 3 of these bands.

    Safety Warning System (SWS™) Alert
    The Safety Warning System™ (SWS™) is an alert band that is emitted by many highway crews and emergency vehicles. Having a radar detector that monitors for this band could alert you to potential road or driving hazards. Some models with voice alerts or alpha-numeric displays have the ability to speak or display a description of the specific SWS™ warning for which you are being alerted. For example, if the alert was "Road work ahead" you would hear that message spoken if your unit supports voice alerts, and you would see that message if your unit has an alpha-numeric display.

    VG-2 Undetectable
    VG-2 is a technology that police use to detect radar detectors. This is primarily used in states where radar detectors are illegal. Radar detectors that have the VG-2 Stealth feature can make themselves invisible to this detection.

    VG-2 Alert
    VG-2 is a technology that police use to detect radar detectors. This is primarily used in states where radar detectors are illegal. Radar detectors that have the VG-2 Stealth feature can make themselves invisible to this detection.

    Instant-On (Pulse) Detection
    Most radar guns are constantly transmitting a signal that can be detected by a radar detector. Some radar guns have an "Instant-On" or "Pulse" feature. These radar guns will not transmit a signal that can be detected until the police officer releases the radar, which he usually will only do when his target is within range.

    LED Display
    LED displays use lights to indicate alerts. Typically, there will be a light or combination of lights to represent each band. It is marked on the display which lights refer to which band. A more advanced form of the LED display uses icons in front of lights. This usually makes it easier to understand the alert at a glance.

    Auto and Manual Muting
    Auto muting allows you to tell the radar detector to automatically mute or lower the volume after the first few seconds of beeping. Manual muting usually means that there is a Mute or a Quiet button on the unit that will silence the current alert when pressed.

    Signal Strength Indicator for Radar Bands
    "Signal Strength" refers to how close the radar is to the radar detector. Most models have a way of indicating the signal strength. Basic units with only LED displays indicate the signal strength by how rapidly the LED flashes. Some models display a number between 1 and 9. Others have icons on the display to indicate the strength. On models with alpha-numeric displays, signal strength is generally represented by an on-screen bar graph.

    City and Highway Modes
    City mode will reduce the number of false alarms that you will receive. There are some differences in the ways that each manufacturer implements City mode. In some cases, city mode will filter out all X band signals detected. Other units will still beep when a signal is detected, but will automatically enter Quiet mode after one or two beeps if the signal is weak. Highway mode does not filter out any band, or automatically silence weak signals.

    Volume Control
    Adjusts the loudness of the audio alerts on the unit.

    Vehicle Battery Saver
    This feature will automatically turn off the radar detector after a set period of time. This prevents your radar detector from draining your battery if you forget to turn it off. In the case of cordless radar detectors, it prevents draining of it's own batteries.

    Self Test
    During a self test, a unit will typically cycle through the beep for each band, and activate each light or icon on the display. For alpha numeric models, the most common messages are usually flashed on the display during the self test.

    One Year Manufacturer Warranty
    This is the length of the warranty provided by the manufacturer.

    Included with the Whistler SRT-35R :

    - Windshield Bracket
    - Owners Manual
    - Straight Power Cord


    4 out of 5 stars great solid performer, July 7, 2002
    Reviewer: An electronics fan
    As a fan of the whistler products, I bought the 1740 as a birthday present to myself. I've had BEL's and Passport's and even a Uniden detector, and for the money you cannot find a more solid detector than a whistler. On the highway detection is fantastic and around town in the city mode, the unit works near flawlessly. This machine is a big bang for the buck!!!

    3 out of 5 stars No False Signals, June 17, 2002
    Reviewer: An electronics fan
    Good and easy setup, No false signals in downtown or near stores Good performance on highway

    5 out of 5 stars Excellent buy in $$$ and features, December 27, 2003
    Reviewer: Digital Biz (Orlando, FL)
    This is a good buy for the price and features. Look at the features. Can detect laser, K, Ka, X with the 360 degree protection. It gives timely audible alerts and more.

    4 out of 5 stars Best Value in Radar Detector!, October 31, 2003
    Reviewer: "chrischarlotte1957" (Davenport, IA)
    Audible alerts with separate tones for each band of radar plus laser, visual alerts with separate LED lights for each band plus laser, simple on off volume control, city modes that mutes all signals to 2 quick beeps but continues with all visual alerts unless the signal becomes very strong, auto-mute mode that silences all alerts after 5 beeps but keeps the visuals (also with a 20 second reset so if you're driving in a heavy false signal area where the same false signal pops you intermittently or several are very close together the unit stays silent until you're well away from the falsing without it constantly resetting itself, a nice idea), VG-2 protection if you need it...most don't, Safety Radar (for emergency vehicles) detection if you need it...most don't, Pulse Protection to detect pulsed radar if you need it...most don't, auto power off feature turns the unit off if you forget, overall compact and very easy to use and understand. The only drawbacks are it could be a tinge louder and the LED's a tinge brighter, but these are minor negatives...the alerts overall are quite sufficient. In actual use you'll find this unit picks up radar very well for the casual speeder, maybe even a little better than that. Tip: Using the City mode together with the automute works very well in very urban environments

    5 out of 5 stars Absolutely fantastic detector for the $$, August 8, 2003
    Reviewer: An electronics fan (Atlanta, Georgia USA)
    Contrary to the other reviewers' experiences, I have nothing but compliments for this radar detector. I've used and abused costly [brand name] detectors over the years and I ended up buying the Whistler in mid-2002. I paid significantly less than what other detectors were selling for and I figured, "If its cheap, I'll just return it". Well, a year later I still have it and its kept me from getting speeding tickets on numerous occasions. I've used it on expressways, highways, local roads, you name it. I have only been caught speeding ONCE with this detector, and it was by a motorcycle cop hidden under a 10 lane freeway over-pass, who didn't flip his radar on until I was right in his invisible lair. That was not the detector's fault, that was the work of a skilled police man and the ever-present vulnerability of radar detectors to instant-on radar or close range radar. Beware! Summary: I highly recommend this detector - it is an effective, to other expensive & very similar detector models. My Whistler has gotten the job done.

    I am using the same model last week and it’s work fantastic !!! It can detect police traffic car if they open their channel. Minimun false alarm in 'city mode' if you’re in town. Also have a 'cloaking' mode and invisible to police radar detector detector. Sound and pivoting display work great too. I never scare of speed trap again...


    Junk, all the way around
    by radarguyus,Jan 16 '04

    Pros: Cheap, lets you know when burger king is near
    Cons: Does not differentiate between K and Ka bands, poor Ka sensitivity

    I ran into this unit in a Wal- Mart on closeout. I am somewhat of a radar detector guru, and decided to give this a run against my Whistler. (I also have an Escort 8500 which puts both of these units to shame, but the Cobra vs Escort would be an unfair comparison). What a piece of crap. This unit (Cobra) does not differentiate between K and Ka band, so my Whistler was used for this task. The Cobra picked up K band from about half a mile away, but did not respond on Ka band until I was about 800 feet from the offending radar gun. The Whistler got about .7 mile on K and Ka bands, at the very same trap that the Cobra got 800 feet on. As mentioned earlier, the Escort 8500 smashed both of these units, and Whistler killed Cobra. If you are a serious speeder, go with the Escort. If you want to know when your neighbor is using a microwave, get the Cobra.

    Bel (high end radar detector, price range from RM 1000 – RM 6000)
    Escort (high end radar detector, price range from RM 1000 – RM 2500)
    Whister (low cost radar detector, price range from RM 400 – RM 900)
    Cobra (low cost radar detector, price range from RM400 – RM 900)

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