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1. Water Purifier: Add a stick to a carafe of water and you have an instant filter. It also has the health benefit of releasing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron into the water. Before you use the charcoal for the first time, you must rinse it, then place in boiling water for 10 minutes and allow to cool before adding to a carafe. The charcoal stays hard without discoloring the water and its highly porous surface makes it an effective purifier, removing chemicals and toxins from water. One stick will last for around three months if you boil it on a weekly basis.

2. Rice Additive: Inserting a piece of binchotan into a pot of rice during the cooking process will absorb impurities in the water and help retain the taste of the rice. (Note: The binchotan should be washed in the same way as mentioned above.) 

3. Toxin Remover: We tend to obsess about the impurities in the water we drink, but seem to forget that we bathe in the same water. Adding a stick of binchotan to the bath will remove impurities. Place in the tub as is or put in a muslin bag and add to bath. The far infrared rays in the charcoal will also enhance blood circulation, proponents say.

4. Air Purifier: Binchotan is believed to contain negative ions, which it releases into the atmosphere. Place a couple of sticks in a jar by your bed for a deeper night’s sleep.

5. Damp Defier. Place a piece of binchotan in a cupboard or a drawer to absorb dampness. Be sure to dry out and air the stick in sunlight every few weeks. One stick should last three years if cared for properly. If you would rather have your charcoal packaged, the Container Store sells the bamboo charcoal bags shown above.

6. Dental Hygiene Defender: Toothbrushes made with binchotan charcoal blended into each bristle give off negative ions and are helpful for removing plaque and preventing bad breath.

7. Electromagnetic Wave Absorber: Worried about electromagnetic waves from computers, microwaves, and mobile phones? Placing a piece of binchotan nearby will absorb these waves in a room, according to Sort of Coal, which says, “Binchotan works as a balancing factor for body and mind through the flood of negative ions it emits, which turns nearby metals magnetic.”  

8. Odor Neutralizer: Place charcoal, such as the Chikuno Cube shown above, in a refrigerator to absorb unwanted odors. 

9. Termite Repeller: Termites thrive on heat and humidity. Since binchotan charcoal absorbs both heat and humidity, it also serves to repel the termites from wood. 

10. Soil Booster: Binchotan is the ultimate composter. When you have finished with the charcoal sticks, grind them up and add them to your soil as an enricher.



1.備長炭本身便會永久持續產生波長約為4—14微米間的遠紅外線,讓備長炭曬太陽乾燥,只要在3~6個月清洗後再晒一次太陽即可(半天~一天) ,並不太需要靠頻繁曝曬來吸收更多遠紅外線。清洗備長炭時,絕對不能使用任何洗潔精。備長炭善加保養可永久使用。


2.備長炭用於淨化水質、煮食等用途:第一次使用前,用刷子及水清洗(PS : 不可用任何清潔劑), 再煮沸十分鐘,放在通風處陰乾(約一天)。用來淨水時,約一個月重覆一次;用來煮飯,約兩週重覆一次,照此方法處理約可使用三個月。一般開飲機或熱水瓶,煮沸是加強消毒的功能,建議不要長時間放置於重覆加熱煮沸的開飲機中,若每一次皆是將備長炭放入水中一起煮沸,可能會讓備長炭本身的礦物質在高溫中










5.備長炭因具有多孔質之特性用於環境置炭 : 調濕、除臭、淨化等 ,可過濾空氣,釋放負離子,可使用於冰箱、水族箱、鞋櫃、衣櫃、汽車、浴室、房間、冷氣房、辦公室、密閉空調大樓等。









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