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Breast Enlargement MILKY G (3 Boxes+RM10 Voucher)-KKM & Halal Aprroved

flat chest, incomplete pubertal development

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Breast Enlargement MILKY G (3 Boxes+RM10 Voucher)-KKM & Halal Aprroved
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Product Description for Breast Enlargement MILKY G (3 Boxes+RM10 Voucher)-KKM & Halal Aprroved

Breast Enlargement MILKY G (3 Boxes+RM10 Voucher)-KKM & Halal Aprroved
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Q: After nursing my baby, my breasts have lost much of its fullness and elasticity. How will the Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea be able to relieve me of this issue? Which course and what duration is advised for consumption?
A: Hello, 1. The size of the female breasts is highly dependent on estrogen secretion levels.
It is important to understand our ovaries are the “sole manufacturer” of estrogens and progesterone. If its ability to produce hormones is affected, estrogens and progesterone secretion levels are affected as well. For that reason, our ovaries and estrogen secretion levels plays a major part in breast growth. Women experience raised estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy, which plays a vital role for breast enhancement, while placental lactogen and other hormones prepare it for lactation.
Women will later experience a fall in estrogen and progesterone levels immediately after childbirth and nursing, allowing the pituitary gland to produce other hormones such as prolactin for milk production, suppressing the usual function of our ovaries, inhibiting menstruation and fertility.
Nonetheless, the ovary resumes to its normal function after nursing, where menstruation and the usual production and secretion of estrogens and progesterone will finally take place once again.
Women with prolonged nursing, poor ovary function, slow ovarian recovery rate, will encounter little or slower estrogen secretion levels, hence the phenomenon of saggy breasts or atrophy.
2. Our product contains high level of naturally occurring bird nest collagen, combining with other breast enhancement ingredients such as green papaya and pueraria. These amazing ingredients do not only promote breast growth, it also helps post pregnant women to regain their feminine figure and complexion.
3. The standard course would be a total of 3 boxes, taking only one pack a day. It will last you for more than a month as it excludes the days of your menstrual period. This course is able to improve and restore the female endocrine system which holds the key to breasts restoration. As we do not have a reference to fully understand your situation, the length for a course may vary depending on your personal needs, as it would to any other individual.
Q: After reaching successful results, will there be any rebound when consumption is discontinued?
A: Hello, protein is the essential nutrient for the breasts, where our products contain zinc, iron and calcium for better fat accumulation within the breast tissues to gain a fuller enhancement effect. Therefore, a rebound is very unlikely to occur. All is required of you is maintain some breast firming exercises to sustain your figure.
Q: I’m guessing my small breasts might be due to hereditary reasons as I have tried breast enhancement pills and did breast massages in the past, however, the results were not evident. Will this product be helpful for my case?
A: Hello, it is undeniable hereditary may contribute to smaller breasted women, however, the good news is, this can be changed due to certain factors. Consuming only one pack a day of bird’s nest renews and restores the female endocrine system, improving its use and function to enable breast enhancement. Our product contains collagen as well, which works as an excellent breast enhancer providing sufficient nutrition for greater results.
Q: As much as I want to enhance my breasts, I am as afraid whether there might be any adverse side effects. Does this product have any health guarantee?
A: Hello there, Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea is the byproduct of joint venture companies around Asia, accompanied by important certificates and claims. The produce is made of natural bird nest, green papaya, Thai pueraria and so forth, free from adverse ingredients. Therefore its consumption is definitely safe and secure with zero side effects.
Q: Can I use this product during my menstrual period?
A: Hello, it is not advisable to consume any food and drinks unassociated with staple food during your menstruation period. This process is also a time for cleansing and renewal of cells where nutritional absorption is at its lowest point. It is more worthwhile to consume the product only after your menstrual period.
Q: Are hyperplastics allowed for consumption?
A: Hello, any consumption of our product aids and restores the female endocrine system with 0% side effects. Nonetheless, we are responsible for the well being of our customers and would put all health matters into consideration. As a woman myself, your concern is truly understandable, my best advice for you is meet up with a specialist and obtain the required treatment. Wishing you all the best with speedy recovery!
Q: What is the flavor of this product?
A: Hello, similar to its given name, there is a hint of aromatic milk tea, with papaya as its main flavor. Enjoy and discover traces of bird’s nest as well!
Q: Is this an imported product?
A: Hello, the ingredients for this product derive from selected countries for its fine quality which includes; Indonesia Golden Bird’s Nest, Thailand Pueraria, Green Papaya, and French Rousselot Marine Collagen. This product has acquired the production rights for korea manufacturing under strict supervision by the Korea Vessly Perfect Body Committee.
Q: Is the Product Halal?
A: Yes
Testimoni Pelanggan 

Brenda / 26tahun / Office lady

Pakej: 3kotak Milky G (30hari)
Saiz sebelum guna: 36B
Saiz selepas guna:36C

Sebab penggunaan:
Menambah saiz payudara yang kecil

Sebelum ini saya telah lama mencuba banyak produk yang berkaitan dengan pembesaran mahupun yang bersangkut-paut dengan payudara,tetapi ternyata kesemuanya hanya sia-sia belaka.Sehinggalah saya diperkenalkan oleh seorang kawan saya tentang keajaiban Milky G.

Pada permulaannya saya mengambil produk Milky G,tiada apa-apa yang berlaku,sehinggalah pada hari-16,saya mendapati rasa denyutan di sekitar payudara.Pada mulanya saya agak bimbang akan seberang kesan sampingan,tetapi selepas mengetahui Milky G adalah produk yang sudah dapat sijil Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia,dan rasa denyutan ini hanya adalah salah satu simpton daripada proses pembesaran payudara,barulah saya rasa lega.

Pada hari-25,saya dapati payudara saya tidak selesa dan merasa agak sempit di dalam coli,sayamengangarkan bahawa kemungkinan saya sudah gemuk,tetapi selepas saya sudah timbang berat,ternyata berat badan saya tetap sama.Jadi saya cuba untuk mengukur payudara saya,alangkah terkejutnya,saya dapati payudara saya telah naik 3cm lebih,agaknya 1cup lebih ! Selain itu,saya dapati kulit saya jadi lebih tegang,licin dan berseri selepas guna Milky G !

Terima kasih Milky G !

Testimoni Pelanggan
Idah/ 25tahun/Suri rumah tangga
Pakej: 3kotak Milky G (30hari)
Saiz sebelum guna: 38C 
Saiz selepas guna:38D

Sebab penggunaan:
Untuk memberi ketegangan payudara selepas penyusuan.

Pada mulanya saya agak khuatir untuk mencuba produk ini,Ini kerana telah banyak produk sebegini di pasaran.Akan tetapi gerak hati memujuk untuk mencuba selepas melihat testimoni-testimoni yang telah berjaya walaupun agak runsing dan was-was,saya bertekad untuk mencuba bagi melihat hasilnya sendiri.

Semesa pengambilan kotak yang pertama,saya dapati tiada sebarang perubahan pada sekitar payudara baik dari segi rasa mahupun perkembangan. Perasaan kecewa menyelubungi diri,tetapi saya teruskan juga dan membuat keputusan untuk meneliti hasil pada akhir tempoh rawatan.Tetapi dalam pada masa yang sama,saya dapati kulit di sekitar payudara agak anjal dan bersinar.

Semasa pada hari ke-15,saya mendapati denyutan di sekitar payudara sekiranya diusik.Pada mulanya saya khuatir akan keadaan payudara.Tetapi setelah beberapa hari itu beransur pulih dan saya terasa payudara saya terasa kembang dan kadang-kala seperti rimas memakai coli.

Pengambilan kotak terakhir saya amat memberi kepuasan,ini kerana saya dapati payudara saya mengalami penambahan saiz 3.5cm selepas saya ukur! Selain itu, payudara saya agak tegang serta anjal di sekitar payudara. 

Keseluruhannya saya amat puas hati dengan hasilnya,sebab sampai hari ini saya sudah henti guna Milky G 2bulan,tapi payudara saya tetap tegang dan cantik sekarang!


KKM Malaysia

Halal IFRC Asia Eksport

Halal IFRC Asia Tempatan
Bill of Lading (Korea Import)
Ujian Makmal Am

Ujian Makmal Plasticizer

Ujian Makmal Estrogen

Ujian Makmal Pork Free

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Q&A (2)
RiderDecade ask: (Posted: 2013/3/18 07:37)  
Is this original product? And how can we identify that? Coz I saw milky g official website claim that we sould purchase from them due to they are selling orig products. Thanks.
yap623 reply: (Posted: 2013/3/18 10:21)  
i am 1 of the dealer for milkyg official website.

yap under melaka area.
ktar ask: (Posted: 2013/3/17 23:19)  
Hi. May I know when is the best time to drink it? Tq.
yap623 reply: (Posted: 2013/3/18 07:21)  
night, b4 bedtime. thx

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