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    Apa itu CANDY B+ COMPLEX?

    Diekstrak di USA dengan menggunakan NanoCellTech® Processing Technology dengan gabungan ramuan dari Dunia Timur dan Barat. 

    +Ramuan herba yang terpilih Citrus Ekstrak, Soy Lecithin, Maca, Tribulus dan Goji.

    +Mengekalkan kesihatan dan merangsang keghairahan lelaki untuk lebih perkasa dan bertahan lebih lama dan hebat!!! -


    CANDY B+ COMPLEX ni  dpt membantu ramai untuk ORANG RUMAH yg ada masalah macam ni sebenarnya:



    • Merangsang tubuh badan agar lebih ketahanan dan bertenaga
    • Menyeimbangkan hormon
    • Mengawal paras kolestrol
    • Menggalakkan system immune
    • Menstabil dan menyeimbangkan hormon
    • Mengawal kandungan gula dalam darah (diabetes)
    • Mengawal tekanan darah.
    • Menguatkan dinding arteri
    • Melambatkan kekurangan hormone testosterone akibat penuaan.
    • Mengawal atau mengurangkan penyakit radang seperti Alzheimer, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis dan lain-lain.
    • Meningkatkan kesuburan dan penghasilan sperma yang sihat.
    • Mengaktifkan kadar metabolisma
    • Menggalakkan pengedaran darah
    • Mencegah penyakit kardiovaskular
    • Membantu atasi kelesuan dan tekanan
    • Menguatkan otot jantung
    • Menguatkan fungsi buah pinggang
    • Mencegah jangkitan paru-paru
    • Mengelakan saluran darah menjadi kenyal
    • Mengembalikan keremajaan
    • Meningkatkan daya ingatan --


    • Hanya dihisap/kemam seperti gula-gula

    • Ambil 1 biji dan amalkan 3-4 hari sekali untuk mengembalikan keremajaan anda yang luar biasa.
    • Selepas 3-4 hari boleh ambil lagi 1 biji.
    • Ambil 2 jam sebelum bersama
    • Untuk Kesihatan ambil 1biji untuk 4-5 hari  
    • Untuk satu tin Candy B+ yang mengandungi 12 biji boleh bertahan sehingga 1 bulan ke 2 bulan penggunaan.








    [What is Candy B + Complex is ? ] 
    Imports from the United States, California Candy B + Complex is the use of male impotence health products made from natural herbs. Its main raw material is orange essence, Maca and thistles and other herbs, use of advanced extraction technology, perfect with a variety of ingredients to achieve better tonic effect. Candy B + Complex is set in one of the health and male impotence health products, advanced technology and traditional recipes of crystallization can be said for men tailored best aphrodisiac.
    Cdy B + Complex so that all men can feel the passion, the use of traditional herbal conditioning way to achieve security and aphrodisiac effect potent. Blood pressure by promoting circulation and conditioning the male hormone, to activate cavernosum penis and testosterone hormone activity, so that the penis harder, longer and more coarse; while increasing sensitivity and control nerve center, so that men have a lasting endurance, prolong exciting period , you can enjoy a longer delay ejaculation and orgasm!

    Scientific research shows that male genitalia in 20 stops growing old, 25 -year-old began to decline until 30 years later sexuality even less than the 20 half years of age. Candy B + Complex unique effect allows the male reproductive system recovery 20 years old peak state, even fifties and sixties, men can also be as energetic as youth, insisted on not vent! The average woman in thrusting sex takes about 15 minutes to usher in the first wave, from the second climax is on average 10 minutes to reach, so men must be maintained about 60 minutes thrusting action to make women enjoy 4 to 5 times climax. Candy B + Complex in addition to men have better control, but also so that men have a strong physical strength, an hour or so men thrusted enjoy full orgasm with your partner! 
    Activated by way of conditioning renal function, restore sexual Jing Sheng, and clear the blood vessels and nerves, needed to supplement the male essence and blood, after taking full of energy, combat multiplier! Happy married life, sex time controlled by you. Candy B + Complex because of its excellent quality, efficacy outstanding, so much like the majority of men.

    [ Candy B + Complex Product Information] 
    Ingredients: orange essence, Maca, Tribulus, Chinese wolfberry, soy lecithin 
    Main features: impotence, Yang Shen, fill in essence, promote blood circulation, improve physical strength and immunity 
    Package Content: Each box contains 2000mg X- 12 package (tablet form) 
    Dosage: 50 years of age every 4 to take day one ; 50 years of age every 3 take days 1 Ke 
    1 ) After dinner 1 hour before taking 
    2 ) tablets in the mouth, his mouth for about 3 minutes to dissolve 
    3 ) Before taking and after taking 2 hours should not drink tea or coffee 
    4 ) take 3-4 days for the entry into force of 
    5 ) During the effective date must drink plenty of water (per day about drinking 3000ml ) 
    Effective Date: take 2 hours post effective, the effect is to maintain 3 - 4 days (due to personal physical vary) 
    Production: United States 
    Production Company: California Pure LTD.. 
    Production Address: 1680 South Eliseo Drive, Suite 320 Greenbrae, the CA 94 904, USA.
    [A "give" little more male health products] 
    Candy B + Complex to achieve "a health care products a variety of effects" concept, so that customers aphrodisiac while also conditioning the body and health, just take a health products can meet your various needs. Such a high efficiency, economical and convenient approach to health care, this is the era of the first men really need. In addition to the main aphrodisiac effect, Candy + B Complex is also help improve the problem of three high (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol), can prevent Alzheimer's disease and arthritis.
    Most cardiovascular diseases are caused by vascular obstruction, while Candy B + Complex helps promote blood circulation, after the service can help clear the blood vessels and nerves, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. In addition, the product contained in the Tribulus also specializes in the prevention of prostate symptoms, overcoming weak urinary flow, nocturia, urinary frequency, urinary lack of control and so on. Set in one of impotence and health Candy B + Complex is , to raise the overall men's health and sexuality, can be described as a "give" many men get essential health care products!
    Main Product Features: 
    1. Increase Penis Hardness 
    2. penis enlargement growth 
    3. The delay ejaculation, so the excitement of more durable 
    4. The conditioning of the male hormone, to enhance the masculinity of men 
    5. Promote blood circulation 
    6. improve blood pressure problems 
    7. lower cholesterol 
    8. prevention of diabetes 
    9. Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease 
    10. Prevention of rheumatism and arthritis 
    11. promote metabolism 
    12. improve fertility 
    13. regulate liver, kidney, lung function 
    14. The regulation of cardiac function 
    15. boost the immune system 
    16. improve memory 
    17. relieve stress, replenish the spirit . 
    18. Anti-aging
    [Perfect precious raw material mix] 
    Candy B + Complex to MIT research and development of advanced Nanocellnano-cell technology, refining and extraction of various carefully selectedprecious herbs,higher absorption rate brings better results. Raw material extraction and natural herbs as a standard, to learn the concept of TCM, focus on the nutritional value of natural herbs, stress and operations with various herbs between themix of various materials and components to achieve the most perfect proportions. Both traditional and advanced excellent recipe is Candy B + Complex became the recipe for success modern men savior! 
    Candy B + Complex main ingredients include: citrus essence, Maca, Tribulus, Chinese wolfberry, soy lecithin.
    Ingredient One: orange essence] 
    Citrus including oranges, grapefruit, lemons, oranges, tangerine and other fruits rich in fructose, fruit acids and vitamins. Citrus has Shun Qi, cough, stomach, phlegm, a variety of effects swelling, pain, liver and qi in Chinese medicine is quite practical medicine. Commonly used to treat the clinical scurvy, night blindness, skin keratosis, vomiting, stomach, chest tightness, hypochondriac pain, intercostal neuralgia, colic, milk barrier, testicular swelling and pain and other symptoms.
    Citrus can enhance the resilience of capillaries, lowering blood pressure, coronary heart expansion, so the orange prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis food, studies confirm that consumption of citrus can reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries, helping to improve the prevention and various cardiovascular diseases. More valuable is that citrus has an anticancer highly active substances "Economides spirit", have a good anti-cancer effect. It enables carcinogenic chemicals break down, inhibit and block the growth of cancer cells, enabling the body detoxification enzyme activity doubled, prevent carcinogens nuclear damage. 
    Citrus is rich in vitamin B group, Candy B + Complex is advanced NanoCell nanotechnology from natural citrus extracts the 8 categories of vitamin B group, vitamin B group universally recognized total 9 categories, including vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 , vitamin B6 , vitamin B12 , niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, etc., are all water-soluble vitamins. Vitamin B group in vivo retention time of only a few hours, must be replenished daily, human tissue is essential nutrients.
    Ingredient II: MACA] 
    Maca is native to the Peruvian Andes in South America, elevation 3500 feet altitude plants. It is nutritious, edible, is a pure natural food. It has been found to enhance the role of physical strength and resistance to fatigue, but also can enhance sexual performance and male fertility, the "South American Ginseng" reputation. Maca for endocrine regulation, anti-aging also has a unique role. Maca contains a variety of alkaloids, helps regulate various endocrine glands and organs of the human adrenal gland function, thyroid, pancreas, ovaries, testes, so as to balance the body's hormone levels, improve the hypothalamus and pituitary function in menopause.
    Since Maca rich in iron, alkaloids, amino acids, minerals zinc, taurine and other nutrients, has a lot of medicinal value, the main effect include: aphrodisiac, relieve fatigue, improve physical function, improve concentration, and enhance immunity improve sleep quality, endocrine regulation, improve symptoms of anemia.
    Ingredient Three: Tribulus] 
    Tribulus is an annual or perennial herb, whole plant densely white pubescent. Tribulus traditionally addition to Liver stagnation, blood expelling wind, eyesight, itching, diuretic ,, urologists have long been used to improve male sexual dysfunction. This precious herbs can effectively promote blood flow within the penis blood cavity, to achieve a firm erection force. According to a research report NUS Medical School noted that Tribulus more rapid increase in testosterone levels in the body and improve erectile function.

    Chinese medicine has long been found terrestris have aphrodisiac effect, with its medicine to treat impotence and incorporate prescription aphrodisiac. Tribulus is also used as a hemostatic treatment of urolithiasis, diuretics, treatment of inflammation and arthritis. In recent years, studies have found that Tribulus can stimulate the pituitary secretion of luteinizing hormone, which in turn promotes the secretion of testosterone and raise the standard of the blood-testis, increasing muscle strength, promote physical recovery. Tribulus can increase sperm count and improve sperm motility, enhance libido and sexual performance, erection hardness and frequency also increased, to accelerate recovery after sexual life, improve the reproductive capacity of men.

    Foreign research of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of sexual dysfunction new discovery: Tribulus contains a variety of alkaloids, it helps lower blood pressure, diuretic, prevent and improve prostate, penis, urethra and other diseases. Comprehensive variety of studies, that other efficacy terrestris include: to improve and regulate menopausal syndrome; emotional stability; reduce high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure; improve immune function; increase in red blood cells and white blood cell count; antibacterial anti-inflammatory; relieve osteoarthritis pain; improve myocardial contractility; prevention and treatment of urinary tract stones; antioxidant; prevention of aging and the like.
    Ingredient Four: wolfberry] 
    Wolfberry sweet nature, can not only liver and kidney, but also has the beauty eyesight. Wolfberry as the "fruit sector Viagra", contains carotene, betaine, vitamin the A , vitamin B1 , vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., in addition to the main aphrodisiac and eyesight, also have an increased white blood cell activity, promote liver cells newborn pharmacological effects, but also lower blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids.
    "Compendium of Materia Medica," said: "Jiufu strong bones, light not old, resistant to cold and heat." It is commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat liver and kidney yin deficiency, weak knees, dizziness, forgetfulness, dizziness, head faint more tears, diabetes, nocturnal emission and other illnesses. Modern pharmacological studies confirmed medlar can regulate immune function, can effectively inhibit tumor growth and cell mutation, has anti-aging, anti-fatty liver, regulate blood lipids and blood sugar, promote hematopoietic function and other aspects, and clinical application.
    Ingredient five: soy lecithin] 
    Soybean lecithin Lecithin is also known, from plant cells and natural enzymes derived from refining is the main component of the cell surface envelope. In the United States, soy lecithin is a very common nutritional supplement agent for brain and heart health effects, but also to promote the excretion of excess cholesterol, decrease blood cholesterol, and promote fat burning, and improve sleep.
    Soy lecithin can assist in the cellular uptake of oxygen and nutrients, prevent cells from being oxidized and eliminate toxins. Soy lecithin and other valuable efficacy include: activation of brain cells and promote brain enhance memory and prevent Alzheimer's disease, strengthen the liver function, remove bad cholesterol, improve hair, promote hair growth, etc. In the prevention of cardiovascular disease, soy lecithin can effectively remove fouling vessels, the blood vessel wall flexible, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease and the like.

    Last Updated @ 2/14/2017 3:47:12 PM

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