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Dark Secret Magic Chocolate

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Dark Secret Magic Chocolate
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Product Description for Dark Secret Magic Chocolate

Dark Secret Magic Chocolate




Please do not hesitate contact with us : 016-9988 330 

如果有什么关于产品不明白的,欢迎与我们联系:016-9988 330


谁说懒女人跟美扯不上关系?DARK SECRET MAGIC CHOCOLATE,就算懒,身材依然完美无缺!!
DARK SECRET MAGIC CHOCOLATE独家采用美国高科技CLA天然成分,针对腹部脂肪快速溶解,我们关心不只是体重下降,还是你曲线救星!为您的肥胖身材画上句点。


谁说懒女人跟美扯不上关系?DARK SECRET MAGIC CHOCOLATE,就算懒,身材依然完美无缺!!
DARK SECRET MAGIC CHOCOLATE独家采用美国高科技CLA天然成分,针对腹部脂肪快速溶解,我们关心不只是体重下降,还是你曲线救星!为您的肥胖身材画上句点。





✦✦7个在Dark Secret Magic Chocolate里の魔术✦✦

✦绿茶提取物 ---> 促进产热
✦瓜拉纳提取物 ---> 抑制饥饿感
✦匙羹藤 ---> 抑制葡萄糖的吸收
✦黑胡椒提取物 ---> 分解脂肪细胞
✦卵磷脂 ---> 提高脂肪代谢
✦赖氨酸 ---> 助于肌肉组织的建立
✦维生素B6 ---> 减少食欲


可恨!! 今天就甩掉藏在你身上那可恨的后备胎!!!!

【见证】相信很多身材非常好的MM跟这位Ms Lin 一样最懊恼的一件事就是怎样都甩不掉身上多余的后备胎~~!! Ms Lin 表示在他产后噩梦就开始出现了,无轮怎样运动,怎样节食,还是被那可恶的后备胎缠绕着,但是,在他巧遇 Dark Secret Magic Chocolate 之后,他只服用了仅仅的30天~!! 就轻易的把他的后备胎狠狠的甩掉~!! 转身立变小蛮腰~!!! 而且服用方式就是那么的简单方便,最让他意想不到的是吃他最爱的黑巧克力都会瘦~!!!!!!
Dark Secret Magic Chocolate 独家采用美国高科技CLA天然成分,针对腹部脂肪快速溶解,我们关心不只是体重下降,还是你曲线救星!为您的肥胖身材和可恶的后备胎无所遁形并且画上句点~!!!

注意!! 注意!! 别再叫我黄脸婆!!!!!

之前都有尝试过服用营养代餐,可是服用了5个月体重只下降那么一点,效果完全不理想,结果我灰心了,也没有再服用代餐。直到我的朋友说让我试一个全新的产品Dark Secret Magic Chocolate,并向我解说这家公司之前他们的明星产品“ De Secret Tiramisu "已经有好多的见证,最重要是有马来西亚KKM卫生局认证,我老公才愿意给我尝试。我选择了Dark Secret Magic Chocolate 因为它是我最爱的黑巧克力口味, 而最重要的是服用方法超简单!!! 三个星期后和朋友聚会,朋友说我变瘦了,回到家量体重才发觉我瘦了5kg,效果真的让我很惊讶,我真的难以相信它的神奇效力。还有一点要提及的是,我服用了Dark Secret Magic Chocolate,没有感觉到任何不适,那么我就可以继续服用,直到我瘦到我要的体重为止~ 我从未想过我只是服用了两个月就轻易的甩掉了整整13KG!!! 我真的没想过要瘦下就是那么简单!! --
还有一点就是我的皮肤,我也是因为服用了Dark Secret Magic Chocolate对 Cell Story 这家公司的产品有了足够的信心,所以也在期间有喝他们家的Snowy C+ 胶原蛋白,果然效果超出我想象,我现在不单只是瘦了!! 皮肤也变得更嫩滑细嫩,还有一件令人兴奋的事还有许多人还看不出我已经是孩子的妈妈呢O(∩_∩)O~


【见证1】 我本身以前就很肥胖了,也是因为家族遗传的关系导致肥胖问题,曾经服用过很多瘦身产品但是最终还是放弃因为对于我的体质感应不适合,这一次再次为新产品挑战,吃Dark Secret Magic Chocolate后运动特别爱出汗,但完全没有感觉身体不适应的问题, 我只服用了40天,就已经瘦了整整8KG!!!大大4个月的肚楠也扁去了,真的太高兴了!!!谢谢Dark Secret Magic Chocolate让我选择了“它”~!!

WHY CHOOSE US ?? 为何选择我们??

♚ Dark Secret Magic Chocolate马来西亚卫生局合格准证

* Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM)

* Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

* Vegitarian ( 素食者可使用)
* 100% Natural ( 100% 天然)
* US Formula (美国科技研发)
* ISO9001是ISO9000族标准所包括的一组质量管理体系核心标准之一。






✦✦✦Dark Secret Magic Chocolate✦✦✦

----->> Fat loss in a magical way

● 100% Natural
● Fast and visible result
● No strict diet involved
● No side effect
● No rebound

Don’t be surprised when you’ve been told that dark chocolate was a weight loss trick. Thus, Dark Secret Magic Chocolate, a fat burner, which integrated with 100% natural and thermogenic active ingredients to assists weight loss, has been specially formulated. Its efficacy is achieved by suppressing the appetite, inhibiting fat absorption and also accelerating the body’s metabolism. Meanwhile, its main active ingredients - conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), is designed to let you enjoy the dark chocolate along the path of reducing your belly fat!

Additionally, Dark Secret Magic Chocolate is formulated for safe, gentle and regular use in order to make your weight loss program even more convenient, easy and efficient! It can help you confront the irresistible chocolate temptation by including chocolate in your daily diet without compromising weight loss. Thereby, Dark Secret Magic Chocolate helps you achieve the health, beauty and confidence you deserve.

What causes overweight ??

* Bad eating habits

* Metabolism

* A lack of exercise

* Age

* Smoking

* Pregnancy

* Lack of sleep

* Emotional factors

* Environment factors

* Diseases & drugs

How ageing decelerate your metabolism rate?

✦In your 20s

* Naturally have more lean muscle and less fat, thus metabolic rate is high.

* By mid 20s, muscle mass starts to decline due to not exercising regularly.

* While the muscle fibres deactivate, the basal metabolic rate slows down and the body's fat stores increase.

✦In your 30s

* Naturally lose lean muscle and gain fat.

* Extra weight tends to head for the

hips on women.

✦In your 40s

* BMR and digestive system start to slow down.

* Hormone fluctuation aroused, particularly in the mid to late forties with the onset of menopause.

* Thyroid problems are more likely to arise during this decade. This is because when thyroid gland is not functioning properly, weight, energy levels, muscle strength, skin, hair and periods are affected.

✦In your 50s

* During the menopause the body produces less oestrogen, which can cause the rapid loss of bone density and trigger weight gain.

* The metabolic rate will continue to slow with age unless it's speeded up by regular exercise.

✦In your 60s and beyond

* Weight generally returns to normal.

* This is also a time when cholesterol levels need monitoring to protect the health of your heart.

✦✦The importance of weight loss✦✦

In addition to helping you have a better and slimming body figure, reaching a healthier body weight is good for your overall health and well being. If you are overweight or obese, you have a greater risk of developing many diseases such as:

* High blood cholesterol or dyslipidemia

* Insulin resistance or glucose intolerance

* Congestive heart failure

* Gout

* Osteoarthritis

* Certain types of cancer

* Poor female reproductive health

* Bladder control problems

* Psychological disorders

✦✦✦The 3 COMPATIBLE reasons you choose Dark Secret Magic Chocolate✦✦✦

* Convenience

It’s orally administered method are formulated as a matter of convenience for the consumers. It provides an accurately measured dosage of the ingredients in a convenient portable package, thus, do not forget to drop a sachet of Dark Secret Magic Chocolate in your bag every day.

* Palatable

Dark Secret Magic Chocolate has a mouth-watering chocolate-enriched taste that can keep your spirits high throughout the day. It is an excellent choice who is a chocolate lover but desire to lose weight.

* Effective

Dark Secret Magic Chocolate has created a simple and rapid weight loss way in order to let you lose excess pounds and become slimmer in as early as 7 days. It is a purely natural, healthy and safe slimming supplement. Now, you can enjoy the great tasting dark chocolate along the path of achieving your fitness goals!

✦✦✦The Benefits of Dark Secret Magic Chocolate✦✦✦

* Promote weight loss

* Suppress appetite

* Increase satiety

* Inhibit carbohydrate and fat absorption

* Increase body metabolism

* Burn calories

* Improve digestion and intestinal health

* Reduce total cholesterol levels

✦✦The powerful active ingredient in Dark Secret Magic Chocolate✦✦

Safflower seed extract (CLA) - Reduce belly fat

The conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which derived from safflower seed, is a healthy fat that helps speed metabolism without being stored as fat. Hence, it does not accumulate as body fat or get stored in the abdominal area. In contrast, it has been shown to fight belly fat by decreasing fat cells, reducing stored fat and boosting the body's ability to burn fat. Furthermore, CLA also offers for weight loss by helping reduce body fat and balance blood sugar level. It has the ability to enhance immunity, support healthy inflammation response, as well as provide antioxidant protection.

✦✦✦Another 7 Mysterious Ingredients in Dark Secret Magic Chocolate✦✦✦

Green Tea Extract - Promote thermogenesis

Promotes fat oxidation, Enhance metabolic rate, Suppress appetite, Quench harmful free radicals

Guarana Extract - Suppress hunger

Promote lipolysis, Encourage bowel movement

Gymnema Sylvestre – Inhibits glucose absorption

Reduction in fat store, Increase energy expenditure, Reduce triglycerides and LDLs level in bloodstream, Prevent oedema

Black Pepper Extract - Breakdown fat cells

Inhibit body fat accumulate, Increase metabolic rate, Improve digestion, Prevent bloating, Eliminate the bacteria in stomach

Lecithin - Increase fat metabolism

Reduce lipid and triglyceride level, Prevent fats and bad cholesterol accumulate

Lysine - Build lean muscle tissue

Regulate fat oxidation, Reduce the storage of stubborn fats

Vitamin B6 - Alleviates food cravings

Promote rapidly digest food

The Miraculous Effects

Day 7

* Oedema alleviated

* Better digestion

Day 14

* Body weight reduced

* Blood lipid and glucose getting balanced

Day 21

* Belly fat reduced

* Stronger immunity

Day 28

* Flat tummy

* Slim body figure


Dark Chocolate Powder, Organic Soy Powder, Skim Milk Powder, Black Pepper Extract, Green Tea Extract, Guarana Extract, Gymnema Sylvestre, Safflower seed extract (CLA), Lecithin, Lysine, Vitamin B6


Pour the content of a sachet into mouth directly. Consume before breakfast or first meal of the day. Consumers are advised to drink 200-300 cc of water after consumption.


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight.




红花籽油提取物(CLA) - 消灭顽固腹部脂肪.


✦✦让您爱不释手Dark Secret Magic Chocolate的原因✦✦





✦证实有效成分CLA Extract针对性腹部溶脂
















✦✦Dark Secret Magic Chocolate的好处✦✦

✦ 促进减肥

✦ 抑制食欲

✦ 增加饱腹感

✦ 抑制碳水化合物和脂肪的吸收

✦ 提高身体的新陈代谢

✦ 燃烧卡路里

✦ 改善消化及肠道健康

✦ 降低总胆固醇水平





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