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FusionExcel Hope for Children Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant (1pcs) Fre..
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Product Description for FusionExcel Hope for Children Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant (1pcs) Fre..

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Product Description:

FusionExcel Hope for Children Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant (1pcs) Free Express Shipping

  • Condition: 100% brand new
  • Size: Diameter of 40mm
  • Length of string: 260 - 350mm (Adjustable)
  • Set includes:
  • 1 X FusionExcel Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant (Hope for Children version)
  • 1 X Authenticity Card (printed with unique serial number for online registration)
  • 1 X gift box
  • Rating of negative ion content: 2000-3100 pps/cc

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any rating of higher than 3100pps/cc is harmful to human body under long exposure. Pendant with such a high rating are main for demonstration purpose.

Market Price: RM595

Bid Now: RM99

Quick Grab Price: RM129

(Saving of 78%)

About Hope for Children About FusionExcel

"Hope For Children" is a Social Entrepreneurship program mooted by two visionaries, Mr Paul Ting (CEO & Founder of FusionExcel) and Mr KS Lee (Founder Director of FusionExcel) who were touched and moved by the plights of the less fortunate and the under-privileged children when they were invited to visit the Payatas (also known as "Smokey Mountain" in the Philippines). They decided to do something about it there and then, and hence, established the charity program "Hope for Children".


"Hope For Children" aims to raise US$ 10,000,000 starting from 08th August 2009 to 08th August 2014 to help poor and needy children of this world through its global network of Social Entrepreneurs. To date, the "Hope For Children" charity program has touched, changed and improved the lives of many thousands of less fortunate and under-privileged children in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, and India.


We sincerely invite you to be part of this meaningful project. For every pruchase of FE "Hope for Children" Qunatum Scalar Energy Pendant, part of the proceed will be donated to the needies. Thanks for your kindness in advance.


From a humble beginning in 2005, FusionExcel International is now a multi-million ringgit world class entity having established itself as the world's largest seller of Scalar Energy products with its presence in more then 160 countries, having 50 country licenses and 1.5 million members distributing its Quantum Science products.


FusionExcel has more than 30 sports champions ans celebrities worldwide as its spokesmen and spokeswomen. It's technology partners include the world renowned scientists and author of the best selling book, "Message from Water" Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Its' goal is to put a Quantum Pendant on every neck, a Quantum Flask in every hand and a Quantum Shield on every mobile phone in the World!

What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar Energy has the capacity to carry information, and does not decay with the passing of time or distance. When two similar frequencies coming from opposite directions meet, they cancel each other out. This results in a stationary energy form - Scalar Energy.

The traditional understanding of energy is that it flows out in the form of waves. However, Scalar Energy does not radiate as waves but expands outward in circles of energy. Occupying space, this spatial mass is not a vacuum but comprises a field of energy systems that is alive.


This vibrant and dynamic energy field radiates a network of harmoniously balanced energies.


How Scalar Energy Helps to Improve Health? Health Benefits of Scalar Energy:


Our nervous system is extremely sensitive to electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) from the environment.


Most electrical equipment (television, computers, mobile phone, microwave) radiate 60 HZ frequencies and is able to interfere with the proper function of our nervous system. High voltage cables also emit EMF that have a negative effect on the human body.


There is growing evidence in the medical field that links diseases like cancer and Alzheimers with these man-made EMF.


Medical investigations and studies are also pointing out that symptoms such as headaches, lack of concentration, depression, hyperactivity in children, sleep disturbances and others could be the result of EMF.


Scalar Energy's expansive and circular movement offers a field of protective shield around the body. This protective shield removes and cancels the effects of man-made frequencies (60 HZ) on the human body. This is achieved by enhancing the body's natural defences against the damaging radiations coming from the various household and industrial appliances that surround us.



a) Reduces inflammation


b) Promotes unclumping of cells


c) Enhances circulation


d) Enhances immune and endocrine systems


e) Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria


f) Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification


g) Enhances cellular permeability Increases energy


h) Helps to protect DNA from damage


i) Helps to retard the ageing process


j) Helps to fight cancer cells Increases focus and concentration


k) Strengthens the body's biofield preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one's health


Besides, Quantum Scalar Science Energy Pendant has the ability to ENERGIZE the WATER you drink!



Man-made frequencies generated from use of electrical devices, e.g. computer.



Scalar Energy offers a protective shield that remove and cancel the effects of man-made frequencies on the human body.


Scalar Energy is able to promote Alpha wave frequency in the brain and assist the cells in the body achieve a particular resonance which is essentialto optimum health.


Scalar energy also promotes a mind that is relaxed, more coherent, focused and sharp with improved clarity.



Man-made frequencies generated from use of electrical devices, e.g. computer.




Scalar Energy offers a protective shield that remove and cancel the effects of man-made frequencies on the human body.



  • Use it during yoga to improve your balance Use it to improve your golf swing
  • Use it in the gym to improve your workout session
  • Use it during your marathon race
  • Use it when you work on the computer
  • Use it when gardening Use it while sleeping
  • Use it all the time
  • Be creative. The possibility is endless.



  • Place it near your fresh fruits
  • Place it at your drinking water
  • Place it at your office chair lumbar support
  • Place it at your wine bottle
  • Place it on your inflammed, stiff or aching joints 
  • Place it for your favourite plants or pets
  • Place it under your bed or pillow
  • Be creative. The possibility is endless ...

We sell 100% GENUINE FusionExcel Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant.

Reason why we are able to push the price really low is simply because we source the products directly from main distributors of FusionExcel and buy it in bulk.

Besides, we do not run on MLM schemme to ensure the product are reasonably priced to the customers.

With that, we are confident to offer you a 30-day Money Back Guarantee should you find the product is faulty.

Please contact us for bulk purchase with much lower wholesaler price (min of 10 FE Quantum Scalar Energy Pendants or mix purchase with other FE products).


GoodBuymart contact:


mobile: 012 2035799

FAQ on Scalar Energy Pendant

Q1. What is the pendant made of? 

A. A Japanese Technology, Quantum Pendant is made from natural volcanic minerals from Japan plus 70+ minerals.


Q2. How long does the pendant last?

A. Lifetime.


Q3. What other usage are there with the pendant?

A. Anti-inflammatory - place the pendant on the targeted area for 20-30 minutes.


A. Bath-tub - put the pendant in a zip lock and place it in the bath tub for 15-20 minutes before taking a bath.


Q4. What are the side effects of using the pendant/bracelet?

A. Some users have experienced skin rashes or feeling tired for a short period of time. This is called "healing crisis". This happens when our body tries to dispose toxins at a faster rate than our body can cope with. This often happens during detoxification and when cleansing takes place within our body. It also happens when our body is trying to heal itself to achieve a good state of health, and in the process, the symptoms of healing crisis can be dramatic and unpleasant. A healing crisis can result from any holistic/natural therapy such as homeopathy, naturopathy, improved diet, and or using the Quantum Pendant.


Q5. Can I shower with the pendant?

A. Yes. Water will not affect the effectiveness of the pendant. In fact Scalar Energy reacts best with water. Some people are concern when the pendant gets wet. The concern here is not the pendant but rather the string/cord. We advise that you carefully remove the pendant before showering so that the string/cord do not frail quickly from the wetness and therefore, would last longer. If you are wearing the pendant with a metal chain then this is not an issue.


Q6. Is the pendant magnetic?

A. NO, it is non-magnetic.


FAQ on Energise Water

Q.1 How do I energise the water?

A. Place the Quantum Pendant next to the cup or bottle for about 15 minutes.


Q.2 How long will the water stay energised?

A. Indefinitely, as long as the energised water is not exposed to electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) or negative energy.


Q.3 What other liquid can I energise?

A. Basically any liquid like juice, wine and beer. Many users have found the wine and beer taste smoother.


Q.4 Is the energised water only for human consumption?

A. The energised water can be used for animals and watering plants.




- 1991 IBF Ranking World No. 1 Single Player.

- 1992 Champion Thomas Cup Team.

- 1994 Champion Asian Badminton Championship.


For the past 5 years I was having serious pain on my right knee cap due to many years of competitive sport including International Badminton Tournaments. After putting on the FusionExcel Quantum Pendant for just a few days, I begin to experience amazing relief of pain on my right knee cap. Recently, my stamina during sporting games had also IMPROVED TREMENDOUSLY due to the INCREASE OF ENERGY LEVEL provided by the Quantum Pendant. I highly recommend this Amazing Quantum Pendant to all who want to EXCEL in social & competitive sports.




- IFBB Indonesian National Championship, 1st Heavyweight & Overall, Best Bodybuilder (1994-2007).

- ABBF/IFBB Mr.Asean (1995-1997).

- ABBF/IFBB Mr. Asia (1995-1998) .

- SEA Games Gold Medal (1997).

- Drug-FreeE Body Building Musclemania World Championships USA, 1st Light Heavyweight & Overall Winner (1996).

- Drug-FreeE Body Building Superbody World Championships USA, Professional Overall Winner (2000).

- Drug-FreeE Body Building Musclemania World Championships USA, Professional Overall Winner (2000).


My intensive training program requires intensive recuperative measures. FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant helps me boost both my training and recuperative edges. It has been a positive addition to my strenuous and active lifestyle. I also love the fact that FusionExcel's Quantum Pendant is backed by scientific researches!



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