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Product Description for GOOGLE ANDROID 4gb, 2.3, FULL HD 1080PM1GHZ APAD 7" MID TABLET!EPAD

comparison between the old mid tablet(other seller) and new mids2
mid s2                                            mid old
android 2.3 (better)                         android 2.2
cpu 1ghz (faster)                            cpu 800mhz
ram ddr3 256mb(faster)               ddr2 256mb
m7206 chip (faster better)          via8650
multi touch (for enlarge pic)        2 point touch ony
support 1080p movie                     720p ony
4gb internal memory                      2gb
no lag at all playing angry bird       lag plying angry bird and do not support many hd game
and support many hd game



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black or silver (back case)! random given depends stock!

















2012 latest 

Android 2.3 version 
4 direction of the gravity sensor 360 ° 
Perfect support <3G + WIFI + cable> three kinds of means of access! 
II: m77aca v2.0 m7260 chip 1gbMHZ 
Memory: 256MB DDR3 
Screen / Display: 7 "16:9 wide-screen 800X480 high-brightness TFT LCD 
Touch: full-size touch operation, sliding menus, icons and drag 
Storage: 4GB (body built 2GB, but the installation of Google android has been used 1GB of system.) 
Vertical cross-screen display: switch 
Wireless LAN: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED? Network connection 
Audio: Supports stereo speaker unit, built-in microphone 
Support high-speed TF card; supports up to 32G 
Size 199 * 128 * 13MM 
24.5 * 16 * 6.1 Box dimensions outside 
Bare-metal weight 350 g 
Packaging total weight; 860 g 
Leading manufacturers of professional and technical body to explain the reasons for the local heat 
1 First, as a computer, it works when the heat more, and the computer itself is very thin body, excess heat can lead to timely dissemination, but this is a normal phenomenon, even if the notebook in its work when there will be a lot of heat comes out the bottom or even hot, but the books are on the table, while the computer is to take the money in the hands of pro models for the computer's heat sensitive. 
2. Then there are computers in the design of this subsection, the shell using a good thermal conductivity of plastic, will help distribute the heat inside the computer, the computer case is not hot but not normal, but the heat itself does not cause damage to the fuselage. So the majority of parents who can rest assured that use. 
1. On how the Internet. 
WIFI Wireless Internet access: the principle of common wireless-enabled laptops with the same principle can have hotspots where Internet access can now search for the general public places a lot of wireless signals, the signals are added but generally require a password before they can access the password, but now many public places in many places offer free Internet access signals (eg many university campuses, during the Asian Games in Guangzhou will also provide free Internet access signals oh), but most of the signals are encrypted, so do not be silly very naive to think that there is a computer wanted anytime, anywhere access, and the world can not so much as a free lunch, so generally to be equipped with WIFI wireless Internet access at home wireless router. 
Here's how to connect this machine WIFI wireless Internet access: 
   Desktop into the "connect to a wireless Internet", check "WI-FI", appears below the search network, select your own input encrypted connection. Note: Use the cat to choose ADSL wireless dial-up connect. (Network connection is not on the reason: because the router WPA and WPA2 keys to set the encryption key password solution: remove the WPA and WPA2 keys of the secret key) 
Hint: connect to the network ETH logo appears at the top, such as the white arrow indicates a successful connection, such as the arrow is gray not obtain an IP address, the connection is unsuccessful. 
Hint: connect to the network ETH logo appears at the top, such as the white arrow indicates a successful connection, such as the arrow is gray not obtain an IP address, the connection is unsuccessful. 
2 wired Internet access: 
Internet access router: screen connected to expansion connector and cable, the desktop into the "wired Internet", check "DHCP (automatically assigned address)", such as access to the IP address means that the connected network. If you can not automatically obtain an IP, try to check the bottom of the "static IP", that is to manually set the IP address. 
Then "cat" Internet: connected to expansion connector and cable screen, the desktop into the "ADSL network connection", enter the Internet account password, the IP address shown below that can be connected. 
Hint: connect to the network ETH logo appears at the top, such as the white arrow indicates a successful connection, such as the arrow is gray not obtain an IP address, the connection is unsuccessful. 
3.3G Internet: 
3G 3G Internet access to be specified to set an external, customer specific setting methods to obtain the.
Charging Method 
1, when the first use of the Tablet PC when plugged in before boot, charge for 30 minutes before turning it (to keep to charge). Because the slow start charging the state when the battery runs down while charging power may lead to automatic shutdown. 
2 Plug the power adapter, battery charge indicator turns red, indicating it is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light shows green. Unplug the power adapter, the light is always green. 
3, during charging, the user can still use the Tablet PC. 
Note: The power state of charge time will be longer. prefix = o ns = "urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: office" 
Memory card 
Insert a memory card: 
Insert the memory card slot, use your fingers to press the card in, until you hear a "click" is heard. Upper left corner of the screen will prompt: Preparing the SD card. 
Files on your memory card: 
Run "File Explorer" program, showing all the files under the root directory, select "SD card" you can browse the card to open the content. 
Remove the memory card: 
Close all open files from the card; into the menu button → Settings → SD memory cards and devices, click Remove the SD card, the system will prompt "SD cards have been safely removed"; light press card, the card will pop up a length, remove it; upper left corner of the screen will prompt "removed the SD card"?? 
1, the card is inserted into the position to be correct, otherwise it will damage the card; 
2, Do not "remove the SD card" before forcibly remove the memory card may damage the card; 
3, if the card is write-protected, will not be formatted and written to the data, please remove the write protection and then to make such operations; 
4, the proposed use of the major brands of memory cards, to avoid the card is not compatible. 
Device has three storage space: the internal storage device, U disk and memory card. Stored inside the device display folder named "LocalDisk"; card display folder named "sdcard"; external U disk display folder named "udisk". LocalDisk users within the available space is approximately 1GB (Byte), U disk and memory card depends on the specific capacity of the maximum support for 32GB (Byte) memory card. (Operating system and software will be occupied by a 1GB memory, hidden for safety reasons, can not be used file browser to access this partition!) 
1, start: When the battery is fully charged, it can directly press the power button to boot. 
2 off: press the power button (2 seconds), system equipment selection dialog box will pop up, select shutdown, the system will then pop off the confirmation dialog box, choose OK to shut down. 
3, sleeping: press the power button (2 seconds), system equipment selection dialog box will pop up, select sleep, the system will enter the sleep state. Then press the power button to boot. 
If low-power sleep mode, the device will automatically boot to energy-saving shutdown. 
4, Flight mode: press the power button (2 seconds), system equipment selection dialog box will pop up, select the flight mode, the system will enter flight mode status. In flight mode, all wireless devices off. 
Vibration function 
Opening shock: Click the volume icon in the status bar to adjust the volume to zero after the vibration feature is turned on. 
Close vibration: vibration function of the volume then click the minus icon next to mute or adjust the volume click the plus icon to the volume is greater than zero, the vibration turned off. 
External network cable and U-disk 
To connect Ethernet devices or U disk, you need to connect an adapter box. 
Transfer box: connect the adapter box on the device's USB interface to transfer interface. Adapter box has two USB ports and an Ethernet interface. After the device can be connected to an external cable or U disk. 
External cable: adapter box connected to the device, the network cable into the Ethernet interface as shown on the left. Cable connected, you can connect to the network automatically obtain an IP address, you can also choose to manually set the IP to get connected. 
External U disk: switch box connected to the device, the U disk into the USB port as shown on the left. U disk device can be connected to the U disk, memory card device and copy files between each other.


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