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2011 latest 

Android 2.2 version 
4 direction of the gravity sensor 360 ° 
Perfect support <3G + WIFI + cable> three kinds of means of access! 
The first hybrid between Phone and Tablet 
The Tabulus brings a lot of convenience and originality by merging a phone with a tablet. Now, there's no need for 2 devices anymore to make and receive calls, as the Tabulus can do everything directly: Write and read SMS, browse the internet using WiFi, watch videos on the 7 inch screen, read eBooks, send emails, play your favorite games, EVERYTHING.
Powerful MID 
Powered by the ingenious Android 2.2 operating system, the Tabulus provides true multi-tasking, widgets, and many more features that can't be found anywhere else. It also comes packed with convenient applications such as email, YouTube, Skype, etc.
Offered at a breathless low price 
With a powerful VIA WM8650 (800MHz, dual core) processor and 512MB of RAM, the Tabulus Android Tablet will easily keep up with your every action and command. Programs load as fast as lightning, games play with fluidity, and you can feel you have a top-of-the-line gadget in your hands. For sure, this affordable Android Tablet is the best bang for your buck today and brought to you at a factory-direct price that can't be matched. How do we do this? By cutting out the middle man and selling to you factory-direct with no markup and no extra fees!
Hot spots:
Android 2.2 Tablet Phone
Quad-band GSM for phone calling
7 inch touchscreen
800MHz processor, 512MB RAM
4GB internal memory
Ultra-thin form factor
Front facing camera
Pre-loaded with YouTube, Skype, and many more apps
Built-in MIC and speaker
Download tons of third-party apps and games from app market or other 3th party apps source!
Operating System: Android 2.2
Model: VIA WM8650, 800MHz (maximum clock: 800MHz)
Product Type: Android Tablet Phone
Keyboard: On screen keyboard
Pointing Device: TFT Resistive Touch Screen
Camera: 1.3 MP
Battery Type: 4200mAh 2-Cell Lithium
Battery / Run Time (up to): 3-6 hours working time (depends on actual using)
Power Device Type: AC adapter
Voltage required: 100V - 240V
Miscellaneous / Color: Black
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Arabic, Thai
Dimensions / W x D x H: 19.5 × 12.6 × 1.2 (cm)
Storage and Expansion 
Hard Drive Type: FLASH
Hard Drive Capacity: 4GB
External Memory: Micro SD Card (up to 32GB) - Not included
Input/Output Connectors
- USB 2.0 x1
- Micro USB x1
- Headphone x1
- SIM card slot x1
- DC jack x1
- TF card reader x1
- 2.5mm headphone jack
- High-quality stereo loud speaker x2
- Built-in microphone
Wireless Connection: WiFi, USB 3G
Wireless Protocol: WiFi 802.11b/g
Phone Network: Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900)
Support Format 
Picture: JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG
Ebook: PDF, TXT etc.
Processor Type: VIA WM8650
Processor Clock Speed: 800MHz (maximum clock 800MHz)
RAM Installed Size: 512MB
Display Diagonal Size: 7 Inch
Max Resolution: 800*600
Display Technology: TFT Resistive Touch Screen
Product Notes
Download your favorite apps through App market or other 3th party apps source!
2G SIM card is for calls only. Please turn OFF the tablet before inserting any SIM card otherwise the device might not recognize it.
Browse the internet for free with WiFi.
This tablet supports 3G internet with a 2.0 USB dongle. (part of compatible list: HUAWEI E220, E230, E770, E169G, E160X, E1750
Operating System: Google android 2.2 Froyo
Model: VIA 8650 E10
Announced: 20110702
Product Type: Tablet PC pHONE
Keyboard: Touch Screen
Display Technology: Resistive touch screen
Screen Size: 7 inch
Max Resolution: 800*480
CPU Manufacturer: VIA
CPU Model: 8650
CPU Speed: 800MHZ
RAM / Technology: DDR2
RAM Installed Size: 512MB
Hard Drive Type: NAND FAST FLASH
Hard Drive Capacity: 4GB
PCMCIA Expansion: T-FLASH(Support 32G MAX)
Camera: 1.3MP
G-Sensor: Four way
Audio: Built in stereo speakers/Built in Microphone
Software: Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/MSN/Skype/Calculator/Google Mail/Google maps/iReader/Quick Office
Language: Multi-language support
Battery Type: Li-4200mAh
Battery / Run Time(up to): wifi on about 2hours
Power Device Type: AC Adapter
Voltage required: 100/240V
Color: Black
Dimensions / W*D*H: 206*117*17mm
Net Weight: 0.35
Input/Output Connectors
Ports: 1 x Mini USB
1 x USB 2.0
1 x Micro Sd Card slot
1 x DC jack
1 x Earphone jack
1 x SIM card slot
Networking / Data Link Protocol: Fast Ethernet
Wireless Connection: WIFI
Wireless Protocol: 802.11 b/g
Support Format
1, to insert dial phone card, be sure to confirm is turned off, otherwise there would be damage to the machine. 
2, the sim card, please look at mount next to the logo, this logo on the card and the first, and then the chip down, lying flat inside insert. don insert the other way else it will hard to take out
Manufacturers of professional and technical staff to explain the reasons leading to the body of local heat
1 First, as a computer, it works when the heat more, and the computer itself is very thin body, leading to excess heat can not be distributed in time, but this is a normal phenomenon, even in this notebook, it works when there will be a lot of heat comes out the bottom or even hot, but the books are on the table, while the computer is in the hand models, pro models for the computer's heat sensitive.
(2) Then there are computers in the design of this subsection, the shell using a good thermal conductivity of plastic, will help distribute the heat inside the computer, computer case is not hot but not normal, but the heat itself does not cause damage to the fuselage. Therefore, the majority of parents who can rest assured that use.
In addition, the friends must pay attention to Oh! Phone card is inserted before, we must first shut down, insert the card after the re-boot, you can call it! Otherwise, it will affect the computer oh
1, the plug, dial phone card, be sure to confirm is turned off, otherwise there would be damage to the machine.
2, the time card, please look at mount next to the logo, this logo on the card and the first, and then the chip down, lying flat insert inside
1 on how to access.
WIFI wireless Internet access: the principle of common wireless-enabled laptops with the same principle there can be hot spots where the Internet can now search for the general public places a lot of wireless signals, but generally the signal can require a password plus password online, but many public places in many places offer free Internet signals (eg many university campuses, during the Asian Games in Guangzhou will offer free Internet signal, oh), but most of the signals are encrypted, so do not be silly it is naive to think that there is a computer wanted to anytime, anywhere access, and the world can not so much as a free lunch, so the general home WIFI Wireless Internet access with wireless router.
Here's how to connect this machine WIFI wireless Internet access:
   Desktop into the "connect to a wireless Internet", check "WI-FI", appears below the search to the network, select your own password to connect the signal input. Note: Use the cat to choose the wireless connection ADSL dial-up mode. (Network connection is not the reason: because the router WPA and WPA2 keys to set the encryption key password solution: remove the WPA and WPA2 keys of the secret key)
Tip: ETH appears at the top connect to the network logo, such as the white arrow indicates a successful connection, such as the arrow is gray not obtain an IP address, the connection is unsuccessful.
Tip: ETH appears at the top connect to the network logo, such as the white arrow indicates a successful connection, such as the arrow is gray not obtain an IP address, the connection is unsuccessful.
2.3G Internet:
3G 3G Internet access to be specified in an external setting, the specific setting methods to obtain the customer.
Operation Guide
Charging method
1, when the first use of the Tablet PC when plugged in before boot, charge for 30 minutes after boot (hold to charge). State of charge is slower because of the boot, when the battery runs down while charging power may result in automatic shut down system.
2 Plug the power adapter, battery charge indicator turns red, indicating charging. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light shows green. Unplug the power adapter, the light is always green.
3, the charging period, the user can use the Tablet PC.
Note: The power state will be relatively long charging time. prefix = o ns = "urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: office"
Memory card
Insert a memory card:
Insert a memory card slot, use your fingers to press the card in, until you hear a "click" is heard. Screen will prompt the upper left corner: SD card is being prepared.
File on your memory card:
Run the "file browser" program to show all files under the root directory, select "SD card" card to open it you can browse the contents.
Remove the memory card:
Close all open files from the card; enter the menu button → Settings → SD card and equipment storage, click Remove the SD card, the system will prompt "SD card is safe to remove"; light press card, the card will pop up a length, remove it; upper left corner of the screen will prompt "removed the SD card"??
1, the card is inserted to the correct position, otherwise it will damage the card;
2, Do not "remove the SD card" before forcibly remove the memory card may damage the card;
3, if the card is write-protected, will not be formatted and written data, please remove the write protection and then to make such operations;
4, the proposed use of the major brands of memory cards, to avoid the card is not compatible.
Device has three storage space: an internal storage device, U disk and memory card. Stored inside the device display folder named "LocalDisk"; memory card display folder named "sdcard"; external U disk display folder named "udisk". LocalDisk users within the available space is approximately 1GB (Byte), U disk and memory card depends on the specific capacity of the maximum support of 32GB (Byte) memory card. (Operating system and software will occupy a hidden 1GB memory, for safety reasons, can not be used the file browser to access this partition!)
1, Power: When the battery is fully charged, it can directly press the power button to boot.
2, off: press the power button (2 seconds), the system will pop up equipment selection dialog box, select shutdown, the system will then pop off the confirmation dialog box, select OK to shut down.
3 Sleep: press the power button (2 seconds), the system will pop up equipment selection dialog box, select sleep, the system will enter the sleep state. Then press the power button to boot.
If low-power sleep mode, the device will automatically boot to energy-saving shutdown.
4, flight mode: press the power button (2 seconds), the system will pop up equipment selection dialog box, select the flight mode, the system will enter flight mode status. In flight mode, all wireless devices off.
Vibration function
Open the shock: the status bar click the volume icon to adjust the volume to zero after the vibration function is turned on.
Close vibration: vibration reduction function under the volume icon and then click Mute the volume increases or click the icon to the volume is greater than zero, shake off.
External network cable and U-disk
To connect Ethernet devices or U-disk, you need to connect a switch box.
Transfer box: the interface adapter box to connect the devices on the USB switch interface. Adapter box has two USB ports and an Ethernet interface. After the device can be connected to an external cable or U-disk.
External cable: adapter box connected to the device, the network cable into the Ethernet interface, as shown on the left. Cable connected, you can automatically obtain an IP address to connect the network, you can also choose to manually set the IP to get connected.
External U disk: switch box connected to the device, the U disk into the USB port as shown on the left. U disk device can be connected to the U disk, memory card device and copy files between each other

MayBank CIMB Bank Public Bank




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