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Intel Xeon
Intel Xeon E5450 Hard Modded (plug and play) Socket 775
Current Price : RM 149.00 (Standard Auction) Condition : Used
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Product Description for Intel Xeon E5450 Hard Modded (plug and play) Socket 775

Intel Xeon E5450 3.00 Ghz Socket 775

- Used working condition

- Processor only

- Personal warranty 7 day

- Detail proc please click here


**For winner please bank in to my account:

Maybank 153038918811 (NajmuddinMustapha)
Whatsapp/Call/Msg 012.985.4853

This is xeon E5450(LGA775 slot) CPU!

Pls read all my list description check whether it correct CPU for you want to buy,
Pls kindly contact me confirm that whether this CPU can work on your motherboard before you purchase this CPU!


Xeons that are compatible with each chipset
Chipset 54xx Series 3xxx Series 45nm 65nm
P45, P43, P35, P31, P965
G45, G43, G41, G35, G33, G31
nForce 790i, 780i, 740i, 630i
GeForce 9400, 9300
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Q45, Q43, Q35, Q33
X48, X38
No Yes Yes Yes
nForce 680i and 650i Yes Yes Maybe Yes

The Following is support and compatible this cpu motherboard List: 


P5B / P5B Deluxe / P5E-Deluxe/ P5B SE/ P5G41C-M / P5G41-M LE/ P5G41C-M LX / P5G41T-M LX/ P5G41T-M LX Plus/ P5G41T-M LX2/BG/ P5G41T-M LX3 / P5G41T-M SI / P5G41T-m7 Lx2BR/ P5K / P5K Deluxe / P5K Premium/ P5K Pro/ P5K SE / P5K SE/EPU / P5K-E / P5K-VM / P5K/EPU/ P5K64 WS / P5KC / P5KLP SE / P5KPL / P5KPL AM/PS (rev. 2.01G)/ P5KPL SE / P5KPL-AM / P5KPL-AM EPU / P5KPL-CM / P5KPL-VM/ P5KPL/1600 / P5KR / P5N-D/ P5N-E SLI / P5N-EM HDMI / P5N-MX/ P5N-T Deluxe (rev. 1.02G)/ P5N32-E SLI / P5N73-AM/ P5N7A-VM (rev. 1.04G)/ P5NT WS / P5P43TD (rev. 1.00G)/ P5P43TD PRO (rev. 1.02G)/ P5Q / P5Q Deluxe/ P5Q Premium / P5Q Pro / P5Q Pro Turbo / P5Q SE PLUS/ P5Q SE/R / P5Q SE2/ P5Q Turbo / P5Q-E / P5Q-EM / P5Q3 (rev 1.00G)/ P5Q3 Deluxe/ P5QC / P5QD Turbo / P5QL PRO / P5QL-E / P5QL-VM EPU (rev. 1.01G) / P5B-E/ P5B-Plus / Commando/ Maximus Formula /Maximus II Formula/ Maximus II Gene/ P5B-VM DO/ P5E-VM HDMI/ P5QL/EPU (rev 1.00G)/ P5QLD PRO / P5QPL-AM (rev. 1.00G)/ P5W DH Deluxe/ P5WDG2 WS Professional/ PN57A-VM/ Striker Extreme/ Striker II Extreme/  Striker II Formula


965GM-S2/ 965P-DQ6/965P-DS3/965P-DS3P (rev 1.3 & 3.3)/965P-DS4 (rev 1)/965P-S3 (rev 3.3)/EG31MF-S2 /EG41MF-US2H/EG45M-DS2H/ EP31-DS3L / EP35-DS3 /EP35-DS3L /EP35-DS4 /EP35C-DS3R /EP41-UD3L (rev 1)/EP41T-USB3 /EP43-DS3 /EP43-DS3L /EP43-S3L /EP43-UD3L /EP43T-S3L /EP43T-UD3L / EP45-DS3 /EP45-DS3L /EP45-DS3P /EP45-DS4 /EP45-UD3L /EP45-UD3P /EP45C-DS3 /EP45C-DS3R/EP45C-UD3R /EP45T-DS3R / EP45T-UD3LR  /EP45T-UD3R/EP45T-USB3P/G31M-ES2C (rev 1)/G31M-S2L /G41M-ES2H /G41M-ES2L /G41MT-D3 /G41MT-ES2L/G41MT-S2P (rev 1.3)/G41MT-S2PT/GA-73PVM-S2H/GA-E7AUM-DS2H (rev 1.0)/GA-EP35-DS3R/GA-EP45-UD3LR /GA-EP45-UD3R / GA-G31M-ES2L /GA-G33M-DS2R/GA-G33M-s2/GA-G41M-Combo /GA-P31-DS3L /GA-P31-S3G/GA-P35-DS3 /GA-P35-DS3P /P31-ES3G/ P35-DQ6 /P35-DS3L/ P35-DS3R /P35-DS4 (rev 2.1 verified, rev 1.0 should work)/P35-S3G /P35C-DS3R /P41-ES3G /P43-ES3G /P43T-ES3G (rev 1.3 verified, rev 1.0 should work)/P45T-ES3G 


G31M3-L V2/G31TM-P21 (MSI 7529 v1.6)/G31TM-P35/G41M-P23 /G41M-P25 /G41M-P26/G41M-P33 Combo/G41M-P34 MS7592/MEDION MS-7502 aka MS-7358/P35 Neo/P35 NEO2-FR /P35 Platinum/P41T-C31 MS 7610 (rev 1.0)/P43 Neo /P43-C51 /P45 Neo /P45 Neo-F /P45 Neo2 /P45 Platinum/P45D3 Neo-F /P6N SLI Platinum /P7N Diamond 


DP43TF /DP45SG /DG31PR /DG41TX /DG41MJ /DG41TY (AA Revision 203)/DG41WV /DG45FC /DG45ID (AA#310)/DG965SS/DP43TF /DP45SG


XPS 630i /Vostro 420 (G45A01 motherboard)/Vostro 410 (DG33A01 motherboard)/Vostro 400 (with G33M03 motherboard)/Vostro 230 / 230s (MIG41R motherboard)/Vostro 220 / 220s (with G45M03 motherboard)/Vostro 200 (with G33M02 motherboard)/Precision T3400 (TP412 motherboard)/Optiplex 380 (HN7XN motherboard)/Optiplex 360 (T656F motherboard)/Optiplex 330 (KP561 motherboard)/Inspiron 535/535s (G31T-DM motherboard)/Inspiron 545/545s (DG33M-05 motherboard)/Inspiron 530/530s (G33M-02 motherboard)/ Inspiron 530 (DG33M03 motherboard)/Inspiron 530 (DG33M03 motherboard)/Inspiron 518 


4Core1600-GLAN /4Core1600P35-WiFi /4Core1600Twins-P35 /4CoreN73PV-HD720p /775Dual-VSTA /G31M-GS /G31M-S /G31M-VS2 /G41C-GS /G41M-VS3/N7ad sli /P43 Pro/USB3 /P43D1600Twins-1394/P43DE /P43Twins1600 /P45DE /P45DE3 /P45R2000-WiFi /P45TS /P45x3 /P45XE /P5B-DE /P5D-BE 


P45A-S /P43A /P35AX-S/p35a-s /mcp7am01p8-1.0-8eksh /MCP73S01 /G41MXP /G41MXF (rev 2.0)/G41MXE /G31MX-K /G31M 


HP Pro 3000 MT/Pavilion p6110y (Asus IP-IBL motherboard)/IPIBL-LB (Benicia)/DX2400


G31T-M7 /g33t-am From Philips desktop/G41T-M7 (rev. 1.0)/P4M800Pro-M (v2.0)


P45-T2RS /LP DK P35-T2RS/LANPARTY JR GF9400-T2RS/Lanparty DK P45-t3rsb PLUS   /Blood Iron P35-T2RL 


G41 DVI /G41D3+/g41D3C/P43D2-A7/ TP43D2-A7 /TP43E XE (ver 5.x)/TP45D2-A7 /TPower i45 (ver 5.x)


750i FTW /780i SLI FTW / 790i FTW /NF66/nForce 680i SLI (122-CK-NF68)/nForce 780i SLI 


Lenovo M58e Type: 7307-PV4


XFX 680i lt 


IP35 Pro /IP35-E 


D2841-A1 /Esprimo E3521   

J & W:





620i (MCP73)/g43itx-a-e /GF9300 ITX 




SP35P2 (motherboard FP35)

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