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iSigal TRUE 9dbi wifi omni antenna, outclass FAKE 100dbi !! V2
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Product Description for iSigal TRUE 9dbi wifi omni antenna, outclass FAKE 100dbi !! V2

Latest Notice 10/3/12:

  • V2 = version 2, more info/picture added in this selling thread.
  • premium retail packing withdrawn by manufacturer (weak econ cut cost...), now resume individual plastic pack. good news is reduced price!
  • this should be last batch of stock, while stock last! smile.gif

+ Product Descriptions + Product Applications
Extra Info: (FAKE dbi antenna & INFERIOR antenna core, beware! how to choose? must read!)
Q&A: (Why should not use over 9dbi omni at home, must read!)


Why buy FAKE INDOOR WIFI OMNI ANTENNA 10/12/13/16/18/36/48/96dbi/192dbi bla bla bla?

☆ Based on wifi antenna enginnering formula, the MAXIMUM dbi (decibel isotropic) for indoor wifi omni antenna - rubber duck type - is UP TO 9dbi ONLY! No even 10dbi or above achievable!
☆ Only outdoor wifi omni antenna - fiberglass type - available at 10dbi & up to 15dbi, beyond that also fake!
☆ However, DO NOT use over 9dbi for small area coverage purpose such as inside a house, read Q&A section below for more details.

oops.gif You got to know more technical facts about wifi omni antenna to avoid always get cheated:

Apart from having the idea of TRUE or FAKE dbi matter, it is even more important to view the ANTENNA CORE (internal component).
ANTENNA CORE: The internal component (structure + material + length) determine real DBI effect!, NOT the outer length, Beware fake/substandard core!
ANTENNA OUTER LENGTH: To achieve higher dbi requires the antenna core to be made physically longer (general rule), so to accomodate longer antenna core, the external length must be made longer too. TRUE 9dbi is 39cm long, TRUE 1X dbi must be 1.x meter & pricey, don't be fooled!
(But remember outer length just can be 1st indicator, NOT FOOL PROOF, must always look into the genuiness of antenna core! )

For more info about fake dbi or fake core or substandard core, see Extra Info section.


☆ Insist TRUE 9dbi high gain antenna, say NO to FAKE 10 ~ 100 ~1000 dbi rubber duck indoor omni antenna!!

Product Description:

★ New! iSigal TRUE 9dbi Arrow Series wifi omni antenna!
★ Proven! TRUE 9dbi outperform FAKE 1x or 100dbi omni antenna in market!
★ iSigal focused on inner core quality and true dbi effect, NOT how beauty outer skin!
★ iSigal dare show you the inner core! Not making false dbi value! (see pics below)
★ Branded, Retail pack, beware unknown source bulk stock!

Brand: iSigal
Model No.: IS-ANT2409I Arrow Series
Optimal Gain: 9dbi
Direction: Omni directional
Operating frequency: 2.4 - 2.5 GHz (802.11b/g/n)
Connector: RP-SMA
Length: 39cm (true 9dbi already 39cm, true 1x dbi must be 1.x meter, higher dbi the longer omni antenna)

poslaju: 1 /2 /3 units remains RM6 peninsular/ RM9 sarawak/ RM10 sabah (save more)
cod in kl available (at my preferred place). 0169963861 (sms first, start with lowyat 9dbi ...)

Product Pictures:

Overviews of iSigal 9dbi Arrow-Series antenna:

user posted image

Antenna Core: Isigal dare show you the inner core, others dare not!

Core Material: copper (yes), not just copper, but good copper!
user posted image

Core Structure: machine made (yes), no poor soldering by some diy factory!
user posted image

Core Length: full house, ~36.5cm (yes). No photo angle cheating by aligning the core position start from middle of rubber body.
user posted image

Antenna outer length PK: 2dbi to 9dbi

user posted image

iSigal Premium Retail packing: hard cardboard + detailed specifications (note: latest stock switch back to individual plastic pack, no more premium packing.)

user posted image
user posted image

Product Applications:

Use with All-in-one modem-router / router / 3G-router / access point / usb pci wifi adapter!
1) Broadcast coverage: YES
2) Receiving signal: YES
3) Wireless repeating / bridging WDS: YES

UNIFI news updates:
i) At present unif users can replace Unifi DIR615 (white color, cannot detach antenna) with third party routers, such as TP-Link 841ND v7 (picture below), 1043ND,etc which allow changing antenna to 9dbi for better wifi performance.
ii) For another Unifi bundled router (black color) please check if it can detach antenna or not.

user posted image

user posted image

Extra Info: FAKE & INFERIOR omni antenna

* Fake omni antenna can means:

  • Falsifying dbi gain value (most of the case).
  • The core of antenna is actually NOT a antenna structure core but just a stick (the worst case).

* Inferior / sub-standard omni antenna means:

  • Antenna Core with structural design matter - bad structure or by diy soldering.
  • Antenna Core material matter - not copper, or using recycled copper material.

(Case 1) FAKE 12dbi antenna, unknown brand/factory:

~ Preliminary: Rubber duck indoor omni antenna claim 12dbi = falsifying dbi value !
~ The antenna core: NOT an antenna core, merely insert a metal stick, the worst case !

This antenna were sold locally some time ago duping ppl thinking can get 12dbi at such a low price. Credit to a whistle blower shows us internal parts of this FAKE 12dbi antenna he bought which performed worsen than a good 5dbi mad.gif
(the core only half distance length vs antenna outer length, upper part are all empty! And it is not antenna core, but just a bare metal stick shocking.gif )

user posted image

Any good 5dbi e.g. Level-1 5dbi (picture below, see the genuine antenna core?) surely outperform the crappy 12dbi above....
user posted image

Wanna see TRUE 12dbi? It is only available in Fiberglass outdoor omni antenna ~1.2 meter long, not indoor rubber antenna!
user posted image

(Case 2) Likuda CN rubber indoor antenna claim 13dbi & 16dbi :

~ Preliminary: Rubber duck indoor omni antenna claim 13 and 16dbi = falsifying dbi value !
~ The core: It is antenna core, but the core building structure is really questionable ... (the outer skin very beautiful right? look into the core you know the truth sweat.gif )

Credit to a foreign forumer who show the world the so-called 13dbi rubber duck omni antenna he bought.

user posted image

(Case 3) 9dbi of other brand:

~ Preliminary: Rubber duck indoor omni antenna claim 9dbi = not falsifying. But wait, now it is time to look inside the core to find out more ...
~ The core: It is antenna core. Structure design also good, but the core material is NOT copper based, so the sensitivity won't be as good as copper based antenna core. [Material matter].

user posted image

cool.gif CONCLUSION:
By now you should have understood that:

The Antenna CORE (STRUCTURE + CORE MATERIAL + CORE LENGTH) rules above everything! It determine how much true effective DBI being generated. Not determined by how long the antenna outer length. So don't judge by advertisement / seller verbal promise or antenna outer length.
Fake antenna is falsifying dbi value and/or made of fake core; Inferior antenna made of sub-standard core! So beware of beautiful antenna, or claming super high gain omni antenna but cheap price ... u don't know what is covered inside....

So how to choose wifi omni antenna then? hmm.gif

Guide 1) Knowing the TRUE dbi existing in wifi networking world:
(2.4GHz wifi omni antenna engineering limit)
Indoor type rubber omni antenna = max up to 9dbi only, don't be fooled got 1xdbi 1xxdbi rubber indoor wifi antenna in the world!
Outdoor type fiberglass omni antenna = got 8dbi or lower, 10dbi, 12dbi and 15dbi max. Beyond that also conning you!
Remember these factual data, very helpful. And browsing big global brands websites like cisco, d-link, Level1, TP-Link antenna products helps you know what Real dbi and Real antenna being available. If they don't have a kind, don't expect CN small factory can do a miracle! (Do you believe international genius network engineers cannot produce a rubber indoor 100dbi antenna but CN small factory can make it? hahaha)

Guide 2) Knowing the Standard Outer Length:
(just a quick reference for identifying questionable antenna, every dbi level got a default outer length in order to accomodate the internal antenna core length)
9dbi indoor rubber duck omni ~39cm long ;
10dbi outdoor fiberglass omni ~ 100cm / 1 meter long;
12dbi outdoor fiberglass omni ~ 120cm / 1.2 meter long;
15dbi outdoor fiberglass omni ~ 150cm / 1.5 meter long.
u can now easily screening out fake antenna straight away right?
(20cm say 9dbi? 38cm 12dbi? 40cm 13dbi? 45cm 38dbi? 50cm 100dbi? you believe huh? shakehead.gif )

Guide 3) Seeing the Antenna Core:
Guide 1 and Guide 2 helps you quickly filtering fake antenna when doing shopping, but cannot be final judgement. Only the antenna core tells whole story. Ask for demo unit to view the core structure + material + length.
A fake antenna can mark std 9dbi, make std outer length 39cm to make it looks very promising, but u don't know how the key part antenna core inside? fake or true? good or bad?
And looking at the antenna core helps you identify different quality or structural matter among products.

Guide 4) Common sense:
Branding, dbi clear marking, retail packing and pricing common sense. 1x dbi for RM30? u should understand lah.

Q&A section:

Q1) Why should NOT using over 9dbi omni antenna at home / small area?

Reason No.1: Wifi modem/router for home use generally come in moderate wireless transmission power (mW/dbm)only, may not able to support / fully utilise too powerful high gain omni antenna.

Reason No.2: Although omni antenna offers HORIZONTALLY 360 degree coverage, but VERTICALLY THEY ARE NOT 360 DEGREE covered,only around 5 to 40 degree VERTICALLY depends on what dbi level. So the coverage area of omni antenna is look like a DONUT shape, NOT A BALL shape. The higher dbi omni antenna the LOWER VERTICAL degree. see pic below (released by iSigal).

user posted image

You can see vertical coverage drop from 40degree (5dbi) to 25 degree (9dbi) already. Meanwhile 10dbi fiberglass omni offer around 14 degree sth; 12dbi fiberglass omni around 7-8 degree; 15dbi fiberglass omni around 5-6 degree only. So 10dbi or above should only be used in WIDE AREA like in hall, in park, in taman only, small area will experience poor coverage reverse result. (of course, if your house is as big as palace then can use flawlessly smile.gif )

Q2) Why should NOT using antenna cradle / antenna base?

Antenna cradle/base connect to wifi router/ap/adapter by using a coaxial cable. And this coaxial cable causing signal loss (dbi loss)! Longer coaxial cable = more signal loss, Lower quality coaxial cable worsen signal loss! 9dbi - xdbi loss in cable = no more high gain antenna already, worthless!!!

user posted image

Q3) Why T-connector or RP-SMA connector splitter is practically useless?

WiFi is a wireless engineering, not a creativitiy toy. If a device's original circuit designed in 1T1R mode (1 transmission & 1 receiving with 1 antenna), no matter how many splitter u add in, it still run in 1T1R mode! It won't be 2T2R (if add 1 splitter to use 2 antenna), 4T4R (if add 3 splitters to use 4 antenna)... what a joke!

user posted image

Q4) How antenna connector(RP-SMA) looks like, compatible with my devices?

See the pic below, on the right is the antenna RP-SMA connector, as long as your devices connector like the one on the left, sure fit. (nowadays most brands use common RP-SMA connector, except Linksys)

user posted image

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