Keyboard Toshiba Satellite L355 L355D L500 L500D L505 L505D L550

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Keyboard Toshiba Satellite L355 L355D L500 L500D L505 L505D L550
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Keyboard Toshiba Satellite L355 L355D L500 L500D L505 L505D L550

*Pictures for illustration purpose.



    Toshiba 4H.N9201.061 Keyboard
    Toshiba 6037B0026902 Keyboard
    Toshiba 6037B0026905 Keyboard
    Toshiba 6037B0026917 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N0A82.A01 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.801 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.A0F Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.A1A Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.D01 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.M01 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.P01 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.R01 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.R06 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.R1A Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.R1D Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J.N9282.W01 Keyboard
    Toshiba 9J3N9282.A01 Keyboard
    Toshiba AEBD3T00130 Keyboard
    Toshiba AEBD3U00030 Keyboard
    Toshiba AEBD3U00050 Keyboard
    Toshiba AEBD3U00150-US Keyboard
    Toshiba G83C0009W2US Keyboard
    Toshiba G83C009W2US Keyboard
    Toshiba K000047870 Keyboard
    Toshiba K000050430 Keyboard
    Toshiba K000050500 Keyboard
    Toshiba KFRSBA206A Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06873US-6983 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06873US-6984 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06873US-9204 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06873US-930 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876A0-6984 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876B0-6987 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876E0-930 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876GB-930 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876P0-920 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876TQ-6984 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876U4-6987 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876U4-930 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-06876US-6987 Keyboard
    Toshiba MP-07A23A0-442 Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TB801 Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBA01 Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBA0F Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBA1A Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBD01 Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBM01 Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBP01 Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBR01 Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBR06 Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBR1A Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBR1D Keyboard
    Toshiba NSK-TBS01 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130170300 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130260100 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130260200 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130731A00 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130731B23 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130732A00 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130732A12 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130732A23 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130733A05 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130733A09 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130733B04 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130733B12 Keyboard
    Toshiba PK130736B04 Keyboard
    Toshiba V109202AK1 Keyboard
    Toshiba V109202BK1 Keyboard
    Toshiba V109252AS1 Keyboard


  • Layout: US
  • Color: Black
  • Mounting: NO
  • Backlit: No
  • Ribbon: Yes (SEE THE POSITION)
  • Warranty: 3 Months
  • Condition: New
  • Note: Replacement Keyboard
  • Please check the images and description carefully and compare with actual keyboard that need replacement. You will receive what you see from illustration image.


Compatible Laptop Model (for refference only ):


Toshiba Satellite L355 L355D L500 L500D L505 L505D L550

Satellite L355 Series     Satellite L355-S7811     Satellite L355-S7812
Satellite L355-S7817     Satellite L355-S7822     Satellite L355-S7827
Satellite L355-S7828     Satellite L355-S7831     Satellite L355-S78312
Satellite L355-S7834     Satellite L355-S7835     Satellite L355-S7837
Satellite L355-S7900     Satellite L355-S7902     Satellite L355-S79023
Satellite L355-S7905     Satellite L355-S7907     Satellite L355-S7915
Satellite L355D Series     Satellite L355D-S7809     Satellite L355D-S7810
Satellite L355D-S7813     Satellite L355D-S7815     Satellite L355D-S7819
Satellite L355D-S7820     Satellite L355D-S7825     Satellite L355D-S7829
Satellite L355D-S7832     Satellite L355D-S7901     Satellite L500 Series
Satellite L500-ST2521     Satellite L500-ST2522     Satellite L500-ST2543
Satellite L500-ST2544     Satellite L500-ST5505     Satellite L500-ST5507
Satellite L500-ST55X2     Satellite L500-ST55X3     Satellite L500D Series
Satellite L500D-ST2531     Satellite L500D-ST2532     Satellite L500D-ST5501
Satellite L500D-ST5506     Satellite L500D-ST5600     Satellite L505 Series
Satellite L505-ES5011     Satellite L505-ES5012     Satellite L505-ES5015
Satellite L505-ES5016     Satellite L505-ES5018     Satellite L505-ES5033
Satellite L505-ES5034     Satellite L505-ES5036     Satellite L505-ES5042
Satellite L505-GS5035     Satellite L505-GS5037     Satellite L505-GS5038
Satellite L505-GS5039     Satellite L505-GS6002     Satellite L505-LS5014
Satellite L505-LS5017     Satellite L505-LS5021     Satellite L505-S5964
Satellite L505-S5966     Satellite L505-S5967     Satellite L505-S5969
Satellite L505-S5971     Satellite L505-S5982     Satellite L505-S5984
Satellite L505-S5988     Satellite L505-S5990     Satellite L505-S5993
Satellite L505-S5995     Satellite L505-S5997     Satellite L505-S5998
Satellite L505-S5999     Satellite L505-S6946     Satellite L505-S6951
Satellite L505-S6953     Satellite L505-S6954     Satellite L505-S6955
Satellite L505-S6956     Satellite L505-S6959     Satellite L505-S6962
Satellite L505-SP6011L     Satellite L505-SP6011M     Satellite L505-SP6013L
Satellite L505-SP6013M     Satellite L505-SP6015L     Satellite L505-SP6015M
Satellite L505-SP6019L     Satellite L505-SP6019M     Satellite L505-SP6906A
Satellite L505-SP6906C     Satellite L505-SP6906R     Satellite L505-SP6934R
Satellite L505-SP6984A     Satellite L505-SP6984C     Satellite L505-SP6984R
Satellite L505-SP6985C     Satellite L505-SP6997R     Satellite L505-SP6998R
Satellite L505D Series     Satellite L505D-ES5024     Satellite L505D-ES5025
Satellite L505D-ES5026     Satellite L505D-ES5027     Satellite L505D-GS6000
Satellite L505D-GS6003     Satellite L505D-LS5001     Satellite L505D-LS5002
Satellite L505D-LS5003     Satellite L505D-LS5004     Satellite L505D-LS5005
Satellite L505D-LS5006     Satellite L505D-LS5007     Satellite L505D-LS5010
Satellite L505D-LS5019     Satellite L505D-S5963     Satellite L505D-S5965
Satellite L505D-S5983     Satellite L505D-S5985     Satellite L505D-S5986
Satellite L505D-S5987     Satellite L505D-S5992     Satellite L505D-S5994
Satellite L505D-S5996     Satellite L505D-S6947     Satellite L505D-S6948
Satellite L505D-S6952     Satellite L505D-S6957     Satellite L505D-SC6001
Satellite L505D-SP6012L     Satellite L505D-SP6012M     Satellite L505D-SP6014L
Satellite L505D-SP6014M     Satellite L505D-SP6017L     Satellite L505D-SP6017M
Satellite L505D-SP6905A     Satellite L505D-SP6905C     Satellite L505D-SP6905R
Satellite L505D-SP6907A     Satellite L505D-SP6907C     Satellite L505D-SP6907R
Satellite L505D-SP6927R     Satellite L505D-SP6928A     Satellite L505D-SP6928C
Satellite L505D-SP6928R     Satellite L505D-SP6983A     Satellite L505D-SP6983C
Satellite L505D-SP6983R     Satellite L550 Series     Satellite L550-ST2721
Satellite L550-ST2722     Satellite L550-ST2743     Satellite L550-ST2744
Satellite L550-ST5701     Satellite L550-ST5702     Satellite L550-ST5707
Satellite L550-ST5708     Satellite L550-ST57X1     Satellite L550-ST57X2


Monday-Friday (We got shipping)

Saturday and Sunday (depend may not and may have shipping)

Saturday 1st week/ Public Holiday (Closed)

Please complete your payment before 1pm (99% chances to be ship on same day)

after 1PM chances are 50% (same day shipping), which we may forward the order to next day. However you may contact us for urgent case.


Main courier is Pos Laju. Alternatively, Skynet

Expect: 2-3 Business Day Delivery by Pos Laju/skynet for West Malaysia

Expect: 2-5 Business Days Delivery by Pos Laju/skynet for East Malaysia



We add NETPAY fee 2.5% (bank)-3.5%(credit)

Paypal Fee RM2 + 3.9%

To avoid this fee here some other payment option:


RHB BANK: 25 116 00 0 002982

Personal Bank Account

CIMB: Check Other Payment Option / Ask

MAYBANK: Check Other Payment Option / Ask

Email Notification to:



Whatsapp 0137660425. Avoid Call. All we need is:

1: Picture , Picture and Picture of the MISMATCH/FAULTY Item

2. Photo/screenshot show straightly to the exact problem

3. Detail of the problem in Text to Explain the above picture.

4: Introduce Yourself



Contact Us:

0137660425 (SMS/Whatsapp Only)



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5.super fast delivery. thanks...
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7.Good quality fast received
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Keyboard Toshiba Satellite L355 L355D L500 L500D L505 L505D L550
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