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    Product Description

    <B>MedKlinn Indoor Air Sterilizer</B>

    MedKlinn products adopt a process called ¡®Plasma Ion¡¯ technology. This patented, highly-effective German technology has been tested by the German ¡®GS¡¯ and ¡®TUV¡¯ certification bodies and approved as conforming to the relevant and stringent electrical safety and ozone emission standards. This unique technology converts neutral oxygen molecules into negatively charged oxygen atoms and molecules, or ¡®negative ions¡¯.

    The core technology is the patented ¡®Plasma Tube¡¯ which generates massive amounts of negative ions, while controlling the amount of ozone emission to below 0.05 ppm. This plasma tube converts electrical energy into a purple glowing plasma, generating massive amounts of negative ions from oxygen molecules in the immediate vicinity of the perimetric wire gauze. Each intersection of the wire gauze is equivalent to a needle in a conventional ionizer; the result being the MedKlinn device produces 10 to 20 times more negative ions than other ionizers.

    When used in normal home, office or car environments, the plasma tube will continuously generate massive amounts of negative ions to clean the air, with minimal maintenance required. This is the unique attraction of the MedKlinn technology, which works silently round the clock, without the inconvenience of regular cleaning or replacing of filters, or washing of electrostatic plates found in other air cleaners or ionizers.

    Now, not only is clean air hassle-free, there are also no hidden costs involved! You won¡¯t have to keep buying expensive HEPA filters or replacement ionizer needles. And since breathing clean air is so important to our health, we¡¯ve made it as easy as possible to protect you and your loved ones.

    The MedKlinn Haven and MedKlinn Mobile ¨C clean air for life, the easy way!

    Features & Benefits

        * Generates more than 3 million negative ions per second
        * Wide and effective cleaning and sterilizing range
        * Sterilizing effects on walls and exposed areas
        * Maintenance free
        * Power consumption of only 10 watts
        * Designed for continuous 24-hour operation
        * No moving parts
        * Silent operation
        * No soot formation
        * Small footprint mountable on ceiling or wall
        * The only ionizer in the world certified by German ¡®GS¡¯ and ¡®TUV¡¯ standards for safe and effective indoor air cleaning
        * Ozone emission certified to be below the toxic level of <0.05ppm as recommended by WHO and EPA.

    Recommended for use in:

        * Condominiums and houses
        * Bedrooms
        * Offices/meeting rooms
        * Computer rooms
        * Hotels/serviced apartments
        * Kitchens and canteens
        * Food preparation areas
        * Restaurants/pubs/entertainment areas
        * Fresh food display areas
        * Hospitals/clinics
        * Fitness centers
        * School and kindergartens
        * Day care centers
        * Closets and guest rooms
        * Public toilets
        * Indoor pet and animal areas
        * Indoor conservatories
        * Indoor livestock breeding areas
        * Rubbish and waste disposal area

    Health and therapeutic benefits of negative ions:

        * Reduces sinus and allergy attacks from airborne dust and allergens
        * Reduces the risk of infections
        * Eliminates the harmful effects of tobacco smoke
        * Removes offensive organic odors such as from mould, fungi and bacteria
        * Reduces fatigue Improves recovery from strenuous physical activities.
        * It has a very positive effect on muscle recuperation.
        * Reduction of house dust and pollen.

          Economic and quality of life benefits:
        * Reduces monetary and time loss from illnesses
        * Reduces effects of Sick Building Syndrome
        * Improves productivity
        * Improves quality of family and social life
        * Better concentration

    Warranty period is two years from the date of purchase for parts and workmanship;
    Parts not under warranty ¨C Air Sterilizer casing.

    Technology Comparison  
    Our Air Sterilizer uses patented German Plasma Ion Technology to create negative ions Normal ionizers utilize old needle discharge technology to create negative ions
    The patented plasma tube produces significantly more negative ions ¨C the 22mm plasma tube creates at least 3,750,000dps (discharges per second) Each pair of needles produces 40,000dps
    Ozone production certified to be below 0.05ppm, as required by WHO and EPA Most ionizers have not been shown to conform to standards of ozone production, and increasing number of needles increases ozone production
    Circular plasma tube discharges ions circumferentially, and the thermal effect of the device creates a convection current that disperses the ions around the room Needle discharge is unidirectional, and deposits soot in front of the machine, causing the ¡®black wall¡¯ effect
    Safe for use in any environment, including in areas where there are inflammable gases Arcing effect of needle ionizers pose a danger in inflammable situations
    Product has been approved by German TUV and GS certification authorities Most ionizers have not been certified by national standards boards
    Independent studies have shown the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer¡¯s capability in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Numerous studies conducted by other scientific institutions confirm the germicidal effects of negative ions Most ionizers have not been tested by independent bodies for microbial killing capability
    Economical ¨C energy efficient and replacement parts not required (electricity costs are less than USD1/month when used continually) Needles need to be changed once they are blunt or rusty, or ion generation will fall drastically


    I bought 2 units of the Air Sterilizer for 2 rooms in my apartment about one month ago, just when the haze was getting bad. I find them very useful even though my rooms are not fully air-conditioned all the time; rather the windows are open slightly. The air smells different on the lower floor where the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer is, and we no longer get the 'haze/burning smell'. After using the air Sterilizer in my bedroom, I now find that I no longer have a sore throat or running nose the next morning; this usually happend in the past before I got the unit.

    At present I also place the MedKlinn in my walk-in closet and store room when I go to work. I believe it can help keep the germs, damp and moulds away. I am also considering buying two more sets for my mum's house as I find the product very effective and low cost to maintain.

    Josiah Ng, Singapore 26th October 2006


    I used to suffer from the classical symptoms of allergies which affected my skin, eyes & nose. I was diagnosed in childhood and have had severe eczema throughout my life. Since I started using the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer 2 months ago, within 1 week, I felt a difference in my condition. My eyes were less itchy & nose not as blocked. So I started reducing my usage of medication. 1 month later, I stopped using the nasal spray & eye drops as my condition had further improved. My eczema is now also better and when i have a rash, it tends to subside quicker and is less itchy. I was skeptical in the beginning but was amazed at the result of this small device. I leave the device on continuously in my bedroom. I also feel tat my sleep is improved and deeper.

    Kon Khen Meng, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 22nd September 2006


    My wife was 2 months pregnant when I bought the Medklinn Air Sterilizer for her. Before this she had a problem with waking up at nights because of her stuffy nose. This is almost a nightly routine for her - waking up, trying to clear her nostril, trying to relax and go to sleep again. She complained a lot and was very short tempered, taking it out on me when she had a chance because of the interrupted sleep almost every night. After the first night with the Medklinn, my wife complained of a headache. I reassured her and she slept with the Medklinn with the setting reduced to minimum on the second night (we used the maximum setting the first time). She has never complained of a headache again from then. Now, she will wake up early and is able to sleep uninterrupted every night. When she is happy, I¡¯m happy!

    I used to clean up the room every weekend. Despite vacuuming and mopping, it did not help her at all! Now, I skip the routine weekend cleaning and she still sleeps calmly at night. Even though I saw other products in the market that looked more efficient, bigger sized and having fans and all sorts of functions, I still believe I have made the right choice. The Medklinn is a wonderful product simply because it DELIVERS MORE!

    Pregnancy is a crucial period in a family¡¯s life. I am anticipating my second child. Learning from my mistake with my first born son, I intend to make it easier and less stressful for both my wife and unborn child for now. The Medklinn helped me solve one of the many problems a father has to face. Thank you.

    P H Low, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 14th August 2006


    I have been suffering with asthma for more than forty years, and had reached the stage when I was wheezing virtually every morning on waking. I have to use an Asthalin inhaler daily.

    Two months ago, my brother gave me a MedKlinn Air Sterilizer to see if it would help my condition. After two weeks, I noticed that my asthma was beginning to improve, and now I have wheezing attacks less than two to three times a week. I have also managed to reduce the use of my inhaler. In addition I¡¯ve not been affected by colds as often, and I don¡¯t seem to sneeze much any more.

    I turn the Air Sterilizer on only when I sleep, for about nine hours each night. I notice a freshness in the room after the unit has been on. I am very happy with how my condition has improved, and would heartily recommend the Air Sterilizer to anyone with a similar condition to mine.

    Mrs. R. Shantha, Chennai, India 3rd July 2006


    My brother was vacationing in Australia and I had stopped by his house to feed his precious Japanese koi. When I entered the house, a gush of foul air permeated my nostrils. The pump to his indoor pond had short-circuited leaving some forty partly decomposed large koi fish afloat. Needless to say the stench was unbearable except to the flies which had found a way inside the house to feast.

    The fully air-conditioned house had no windows on the ground floor except for those back in the kitchen, so there was limited outlet for the foul stench. Immediately after throwing away the rotting fish, I brought the Medklinn Air Sterilizer from my house. Having enjoyed Medklinn air for the past 4 months, I was confident that this device would generate freshness into my brother¡¯s home and remove possible air-borne bacteria from the decomposing fish and flies.

    When my brother returned from his trip the next morning, I phoned and asked if the house stank. He said it smelled clean and he was thankful that the Medklinn had rid his home of the decomposed odor and refilled it with fresh crisp air.

    In another vein, my daughter, who is asthmatic, has not had an attack since I started using Medklinn except for once. This happened when she was away from home at a youth camp.

    Liau Qui Lin, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 23rd June 2006


    Dear Sir,
    Currently I am eighteen years only, but since the age of ten, I have been suffering from chronic illnesses such as asthma, difficulty breathing due to wheezing in the chest, regular sneezing and eyes irritating.

    A friend recommended to my parents to use the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer for my room. Having using this product for the last two months, my chronic condition has improved gradually.

    L. L. Lim, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 18th June 2006


    Dear MedKlinn,
    My four year old daughter has enlarged tonsils and adenoids.  This causes
    her to only breathe through her mouth.  At night when she is trying to sleep
    her throat gets irritated and she continuously coughs.  She will have
    surgery to remove her tonsils but until then the doctors have put her on
    medication.  The medication would help some but she was still coughing.  We
    started using the Air Sterilizer a month ago at night in her room when she
    is sleeping. We have noticed that her throat is not as irritated and she is
    coughing less and less, and some nights she is not.  I want to thank you for
    making a wonderful product and helping my daughter sleep a little better at

    Sincerely, Marcelo Frid, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 17th March 2006


    For as long as I can remember, I have had what some call a 'weather nose',
    which merely translates to never-ending sniffling at the most inconvenient
    of times. Nothing seems to have stopped the sniffling, and as a result I am
    constantly self conscious of my sniffling and am never without a box of
    tissues by my side. In the mornings, I embarrass, annoy and disgust everyone
    (including myself) with my uncanny impression of an elephant trumpeting. On
    situations requiring a perhaps more discreet solution, I have to resort to
    taking a pill to momentarily stop the sniffling. However skeptical I was
    with the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer, it really has done my condition wonders. I
    no longer sniffle uncontrollably and my sleep is no longer disturbed by it.
    Tissues are no longer a necessity and everyone around me no longer find me
    an embarrassment. Best of all, it is non-intrusive and not disruptive in any
    way - you wouldn't even notice it!

    Lian, Sydney, Australia 1st March 2006


    Since everyone at home works, we find it safer to dry our washed clothes indoors to avoid theft. There are times when we return to find that awful smell clinging to our clean clothes just because it's been drying indoors. After using Medklinn, I find that I no longer have that smell even though it is a rainy day. My clothes smell fresh as if it's been outdoors the whole day. THANK YOU for bringing such a wonderful product to us.

    Valery Khoo, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 26th February 2006


    I've been having Sinusitis for the past 15 years and am a user of Beconase (for the first 2 years), and then Rhinocort to ease my nasal congestion, especially in the mornings. I have been trying to cut down the dosage due to its side effects (it being a steroid and all). From the prescribed two puffs per nostril twice a day, I have cut that down to a single puff per nostril, once (and sometimes twice) a day.

    I've been using the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer for over a month now, with the unit in my bedroom, turned on 24/7 on maximum setting. I've found that I no longer need to use Rhinocort as often and I have gone three to four days without using it at all, without my sinusitis acting up. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my office is an open environment and we don't have a MedKlinn Air Sterilizer, I have not been able to avoid breathing in air-borne impurities. I am pretty sure that if we had the Sterilizer, my condition would improve further to the point of not needing Rhinocort at all.

    Thanks for a great product!

    Simon Tan, Subang Jaya, Malaysia 24th February 2006


    My name is Jerome and I'm 21 years old. I was initially pretty sceptical about the Air Sterilizer when my father introduced it to me. I have been using the Medklinn Air Sterilizer for about a month now and already I have found several PRACTICAL uses for it and how it affects your home.

    First and foremost, I am a pack-a-day or even 2-packs smoker. I smoke indoors in my basement apartment which only has one vent which acts as an exhaust. The stink, at times is unbearable. I try to ignore it but it's always there. My lovely girlfriend complains about it and it's quite inconvenient for her to go back home with that questionable stink of cigarette smoke. This is the first thing I would like to establish, the "smokers den" smell.

    After 3 days of using the Air Sterilizer, the smell has been reduced by a significant amount. My friends mentioned by then, that my place smells like "any other apartment". What they mean is, one which isn't occupied by a chain-smoker. In fact, some of them have ended up liking the condition of the air in my place! For me, it's funny how the tables have turned since it's actually quite apparent that the air outside is worst.

    Why would I be so bold to say so? Simple. I have sinus problems. Before using the Air Sterilizer, I would wake up every bloody day of my life with my nasal cavities feeling like they were filled with gum. It's almost futile to even try blowing it out unless I take a really hot bath or go for a run outside to melt it out. Even then it's not enough because I could also end up sniffling all day long. It's inconvenient to be like this, and doesn't particularly make me look attractive either.

    Basically after the initial three day of sniffling, I woke up on the fourth day feeling a lot more refreshed than normal even though my nose still felt a little stuffed. Needless to say, I still felt better than normal. I even decided to brew my coffee at home instead of going out to my local coffee house. After coffee, I left my pad and headed to the mall for book shopping. Fast forward 5 hours later, I got back home.

    The moment I stepped into my front door and breathed in air that smells just like the morning dew in Seattle, I felt dizzy. I went to my bed and laid down. I tried to take a nap but my body felt uncomfortable. After lying in bed and starring at the ceiling for about half an hour I got up to go blow my nose in the bathroom. I blew into the toilet paper and before I was even done, there was too much on the paper. I stopped, looked at it and was shocked to see what I had expelled. A dark brown, caramel like mucus which probably collected in my nasal cavities for years. I blew out more into the sink and seriously, this had to be the most I've ever blown out of my nose in a single blow (or two). It also had to be the biggest gob ever... I think it could've filled up a quarter or third of those dinky plastic party cups. That's a lot of old snot!

    Right after that, I regained a slightly more sensitive sense of smell and I could BREATH. No gummy stuff blocking my nose up, just a stream of fresh air that goes in without much effort. For any smoker with nasal problems, this is a dream come true. Now, I barely get nasal problems and I really do feel a lot more energetic and capable. The way I see it, if you can't change the air outside for the better, at least you can do something about the air you breathe indoors.


    Jerome W, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 11th February 2006


    A family of Malaysians, we have been living in Hong Kong since 2000. I have a 3 year-old boy who began having a constant cold and coughing the moment he started kindergarten in August 2005. The cold symptoms and cough were so severe, lasting through the end of December 2005, that I very nearly subjected my little boy to a battery of tests from allergist through to x-rays. We had even taken up extra cleaning duties just to make extra sure we were keeping the room as clean as was humanly possible (vacuuming the mattress and curtains, and wiping all surfaces more frequently). It was then at the close of 2005 that I first obtained the MedKlinn Air Steriliser.

    Completely skeptical of all air cleaners/filters/ionisers, I had my fair share of scouting round for an apparatus/machine that cleaned the air in our home. I had not been convinced of what I saw in the market here. So with nothing to lose, I installed the MedKlinn unit and kept it running round the clock in early January 2006. I naturally had very, very low expectations of seeing any positive results in helping reduce my son¡¯s cold symptoms and coughing, let alone dispelling them once and for all. About three weeks into the usage of the MedKlinn unit, I realised that my son no longer had a running nose and that chesty, ragged cough was at last, gone. Ever since then, while kids around him are sniveling and spluttering, thankfully, my son is still well. If this were how one were to categorise an inexplicable ¡°miracle¡± (though in comparison to many other greater incidents is minor), so be it.

    Evelyn Chin, Hong Kong 5th February 2006


    I have recently begun using the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer and am delighted with it. Firstly the unit itself. It is compact, non intrusive and can be placed virtually anywhere. And for such a small unobtrusive unit its performance is amazing.

    To begin with, it very quickly delivers a surprising air freshness to the room which really is quite pleasant. And, for my sinus and catarrh problems, its allergen attacking properties seem to work. Since using this unit I¡¯ve experienced a marked reduction in the severity of symptoms. Not only that, I feel less tired, which is probably associated with this prevention of allergies.

    With this overall improvement in my feeling of well being I am happy to recommend MedKlinn to my friends concerned about air pollution and its effects. Purchasing this unit now seems to me a small investment to make for insuring against the airborne hazards to which we continually expose ourselves and suffer unnecessarily.

    Peter Clark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 27th January 2006


    We noticed that our son, Jonathan, 5 years old, often gets a runny nose. After consulting with our family doctor, we were informed that he has a ¡®sensitive¡¯ nose. We were told to keep our house clean etc. I even clean the rooms every day, change bed sheets weekly, curtains etc. All such diligence did not help until we placed the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer in his room. Ever since, he has stopped having a runny nose. In December, we were away in Singapore for a few days. His runny nose returned. Once we reached KL, we placed him in a room with the Medklinn and voila, his runny nose stopped!

    Mark & Deborah Ong, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 27th January 2006


    My 7 year old son has been suffering from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis ever since I could remember but ever since the very first day I placed the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer next to his bed, he has been having uninterrupted sleep EVERY night. Gone are the days where he used to be so dependant on medication and nasal sprays. Not only he is now less prone to having colds and flu but our general health has somewhat improved. My sleep is deeper and I feel more refreshed when I wake up. And wherever we go, MedKlinn is sure to come with us!

    Jennifer Aw, Shah Alam, Malaysia 27th January 2006


    My son has been suffering from a blocked nose since the beginning of 2005. Most of the night he would complain of difficulty breathing and that has caused sleepless nights to both my husband and I. The kindergarten teacher has actually told us that he always look tired in the class due to the sleepless nights. We suspected indoor air pollution in our room, so my husband purchased a well known brand of HEPA filter which cost a few thousand Ringgit.

    My son¡¯s condition did not improve until I discovered MedKlinn. The first day I brought back the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer, my husband was skeptical. Compared to the few thousand Ringgit filter, this device only cost RM600 and so many times smaller than the filter that we have had, he doubted if this can work. However, it works very well on my son. Since then he has never complained of a blocked nose in the night and sleeps soundly throughout the night.

    Lily Ma, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 21st December 2005


    I have a dog in the enclosed backyard next to my kitchen. There was always a smell in the house especially in the kitchen. The smell got worse when the downstairs doors and windows were closed. I used to feel very embarrassed when my friends asked me what that smell was. Then I was introduced to the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer. I noticed that smell almost disappeared after two days usage. Since then I have left my MedKlinn Air Sterilizer on all the time. The smell has now disappeared and so has my embarrassment. Thanks to the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer.

    Dog Lover, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 21st December 2005


    To whom it may concern,
    I recently had the opportunity to try out the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer after suffering a severe reaction to dust mite. I was experiencing nasal and throat pain and a continuous running nose. After using the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer for twenty one days the throat pain was greatly reduced, the nasal pain had disappeared and the running nose almost ceased. At the end of the trial period the pain in the throat had almost disappeared, wakening from a sound night¡¯s sleep on occasions without any pain at all. As a result of using the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer I could recommend to anyone with any allergies to try this unit.

    Ray Kraft, North Haven, South Australia 5018, 20th December 2005


    After having it installed for the first day, I did not feel much different. However, on the 2nd day, it made my room smell like it had just rained. It was simply refreshing! It lightens the air as it lowers the humidity levels. It brought more meaning to the word ¡®peace¡¯ and ¡®comfort¡¯. It even soothes my nerves after a hard day¡¯s work. At times, I would wake up with some congestion in my chest & throat due to the dust/stuffiness but now I would wake up totally refreshed and without that tired feeling.

    Christine Heah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 20th December 2005


    I bought the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer for my daughter¡¯s room as she wakes up every morning with a stuffy nose. Ever since we started using the unit, she does not have a stuffy nose every morning.

    Raj Singh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 12th December 2005


    My daughter underwent corrective surgery 2 years ago to remove her tonsils and adenoids. Since then her nose has cleared up a lot. However, around 6 months after the surgery, she began waking up with a bit of sniffle though not as bad as her pre-surgery days. After using the MedKlinn Air Sterilizer, the results were almost instantaneous. Her nose is clear each time she wakes up in the morning.

    Freddy Lee, Technical Sales Support Manager, IBM Malaysia, 12th December 2005


    We are very thankful for the Medklinn Air Sterilizer as it has brought so much benefit to our family especially my eldest son who has been having a constant runny nose due to a sinus problem. Before using the Air Sterilizer, he has tried so many different types of products and treatments but to no avail until we discovered MedKlinn. The result was almost immediate as after using the Air Sterilizer for just one night, his runny nose almost stopped the next day. It¡¯s incredible as we could not believe it but it happened. To confirm the results after using for a few weeks, we took out the Air Sterilizer from the room and monitored his sinus problem. Without using the unit, his sinus started to re-surface again. So, we placed the Air Sterilizer back in his room and the sinus has gone again.

    Mrs. G. H. Ng, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 6th December 2005.

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