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How to Buy?

Method 1: For Lelong User.

-Netpay is own by Lelong.com.my and will charge extra 3% on every transaction. We recommeded buyer to click on other payment method then pay direct to seller. Doing this way will save you 3% of netpay transaction charges and in case of out of stock will get full refund.

-No need to send us any email or sms after payment. Just remember to update your buynow order.

Method 2: For Non Lelong User Or Buy Direct

AFTER you had made the payment, please email or sms me the following to make order.

1. Item Title:
2. Date Time of Payment:
3. Amount Paid (Balance if any):
4. Attached payment slip
5. Parcel Receiver Name:
6. Shipping address:
7. Contact Number:


-Please read our Terms Condition before making a purchase. Please do not purchase if you are not agree with our Terms Condition.
r International shipping please make a order and we will calculate the shipping charges and update to you.
-Our next day shipping cut-off time is 8pm. Payment that make after 8pm will not be shipping on next working day. If can please make payment before 8pm so we can shipping on next day morning..
-Receipt will only be given upon request only.


Payment Method

Account Name: WOON PENG YEW



Recommended for Credit Card payment only. If local bank payment please use pay direct seller.
(Total price include shipping) + 3%
RM100 + 3% = RM103

P/S: If you pay using bank transfer via netpay, all out of stock item will not be fully refund because Netpay has charged 3%
You have paid RM100. RM100 - 3% = RM97 will be refund only.


Contact Info

Voice : +6012-491 2771 (SMS shall not entertain) Terrence (10am - 6pm)

E-mail :

SMS : +6012-491 2771(For payment info and stock avaibility only)

WhatsApp : +6012-491 2771

Viber : +6012-491 2771

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