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Bank Account and Payment Instruction

Account Name: Castle IT Online Store
MAYBANK: 51484-2022-336
CIMB BANK: 8001-0246-65
AM BANK: 233-201-201037-5
AFFIN BANK: 1-002002-452-19
PUBLIC BANK: 3-1874629-06

BANK ISLAM: 14-238-01-000375-8

Account Name: WONG WEI LIK
RHB BANK: 1-14213-0014590-7
HONG LEONG BANK: 186-50-07138-8
ALLIANCE BANK: 64050-002007-8110

Email (bank payment notification): sales@castleit.com.my

Order and Payment F.A.Q. (TAKE NOTE)
Q: How do I make purchase on Lelong.com.my?
A: You are required to registered as a Lelong member in order to make any purchases on Lelong.com.my, or else you can still email to us for ordering.
Q: Are there any charges?
A: Yes, if you make your payment via NetPay or PayPal services.
- Lelong charges 3% service fee of the total sales amount on every NETPAY transaction.
- PayPal charges up to 3.9% on local buyer and up to 5% on oversea buyer for using their services.
Q: How much do NetPay / PayPal charge per transaction?
A: Please refer their calculation examples as below:

NetPay (Credit card/Debit card)

  • It charges 3% service fee for every NetPay transaction
  • For example
    Assuming, the total sales = Rm100,
    NetPay service fee (3% + 6% GST) = Rm3.18,
    Shipping fee Rm10 (+ 6% GST) = Rm10.60,
    Total Price: Rm113.78
  • Buyer can get full refund upon cancellation (T&C applies)


  • It charges 3.9% + Rm2 service fee for local buyer, and 5% + Rm2.00 service fee for oversea buyer.
  • Example A (Local buyer)
    Assuming, the total sales = Rm100,
    PayPal service fee ((3.9%+Rm2.00) + 6% GST) = Rm6.25,
    Shipping fee is Rm10 (+ 6% GST) = Rm10.60,
    Total Price: Rm116.85
  • Example B (Oversea buyer)
    Assuming, the total sales = Rm100,
    PayPal service fee ((5%+Rm2.00) + 6% GST) = Rm7.42,
    Shipping fee is Rm10 (+ 6% GST) = Rm10.60,
    Total Price: Rm118.02
Q: What if I'm not a Lelong member, but I want to make payment using my PayPal?
A: Yes, you can. Kindly provide us with your PayPal account and email address, we will issue an official invoice for you to proceed payment.
Q: How do I skip the extra charges from NetPay / PayPal?
A: You can use Cash Deposit Machine (ATM), or Direct Funds Transfer (Internet Banking) your money into either 1 of our bank accounts above, then upload your payment details or bank receipts to your order as a reference.
Q: How do I upload my payment details or bank receipts?
A: Once you've done the transfer, kindly notify us by uploading the payment details or bank receipt to your order, we will then proceed your shipment once the payment has been verified. Please refer to the instructions below:

LELONG member

Tips: To purchase Multiple items, please click Add Cart to choose more than 1 item, also Combine Shipping will be generated accordingly. ^_^


NOT a LELONG member?

Please email to us at sales@castleit.com.my, and remark details as below:

i. Item, Brand, and Model

ii. Quantity

iii. Delivery Address

We will revert to you accordingly with the Total Price (included shipping fee), then you may proceed payment if you are agreed with it.

Once payment is made, you can notify us through email with following details:

i. Payment - Bank, Amount, Date

ii. Delivery details - Recipient name, Address, and Contact number

We will proceed your shipment once the payment is verified.

Q: Can I pay by cheque?
A: Yes, you can but orders will only be released after the cheque is cleared.
- Clearing period for same bank cheque takes 1 working day, and 3 working days for a Third-party bank cheque.
Q: What about payment via NETPAY / PAYPAL ?
A: Your order and payment details will be automatically generated/updated by NetPay / PayPal.

Q: What about my tracking details?
A: Tracking number normally will be given/updated on the next working day.

Q: When is your cut off time?
A: Please be advised that our last daily order closed at 1:00P.M., kindly submit all your order and payment details as early as possible, so we could arrange your shipment ASAP.

Q: I can not find the "OTHER PAYMENT METHODS" to upload my payment details/banking receipts. How?
A: If you can not find the button for "Other Payment Methods" at the check-out section, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Use this link to fix the Bug: http://bit.ly/2cszQAc <== (Copy and Paste, then press ENTER on your browser)

Step 2. Click "Make Payment"


Step 3. Follow the final steps in the picture below:

Your order is successful !
Thank You.

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