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Love Show Condom 2.0 (Ultra Thin 0.02mm, Delay Condom)

16 Oct 2017 - 31 Dec 2019, Hits Count : 138Posted Date: 16 Oct 2017

Love Show Hyaluronic 2.0 Condom

  1. Nourish feminine (contains with rich of water-soluble hyaluronic acid which provide double moisturizing, skin firmness and whitening, hydrating to avoid dryness, improve immunity.)

  2. Silver ions sterilizer (with Ag+ silver ions adjunction helps to antibacterial, improve cell repair function, maintenance the private part,  harmless and no side effect)

  3. Enhance sex performance (extraction of cnidium onnieri, pure natural plant essence, confident with long lasting performance and enjoy the moment)

  4. Extreme ultra thin 0.02mm (thinner than thin, tough and soft. Using British top technology, focusing on the feeling of zero distance, feel no boundary and perfect closer sensation.)

  5. 100% No silicone oil (completely replaced by hyaluronic acid, make it more lubrication and safe, easy to rinse and make no stain or bacterial retain in the body.)

  6. Malaysia latex (using world top natural latex to ensure the development of condom thinner, more lubricated, softer and tough.

  7. Stylish and generous design (black and white appearance, butter box packing make it easier to open with single hand and make no delay a single second.

  8. Own factory (12 years of production experience with a large number of advanced, professional production equipment and testing equipment, strict production and international standard testing process to guarantee the quality of the products.


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