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How Groupme works?

You influence the selling price! How?
At Groupme, our selling price will go down when more people join the deal. Invite all your family and friends to join the deal party!

For example as below:

Ahmad paid RM 5 deposit to join the deal at Starting point.
He shared the deal with his family and friends, and his friend Benjamin joined him on "Goal 1" stage. Now the price drop to RM 80 per user.

Ahmad and Benjamin continue to invite their friends to join them, in order to unlock the lowest price point at "Goal 2".

When the deal closed, due to the effort of Ahmad, Benjamin and other buyers they successfully unlocked the lowest price point at RM60.

What is the balance Ahmad and Benjamin need to pay?




Entry Stage:


RM 100

Goal 1

RM 80


RM 5

RM 5

Final Price:

RM 60

RM 60

Product price to be made:

(Final price - deposit)

RM 55

RM 55

Shipping Fee:

RM 8

RM 8

Balance Payment:

(Product price to be made + shipping fee)

RM 63

RM 63


Ahmad and Benjamin need to pay the balance of RM 63 to complete their order.

How do I get the updated deals from Groupme?

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