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Simple Methods for Making Your Ink Cartridge Last Longer

18 Apr 2014 - 18 Apr 2019, Hits Count : 442Posted Date: 18 Apr 2014


Simple Methods for Making Your Ink Cartridge Last Longer


Take Low Ink-Level Warnings with a Grain of Salt:

Most print cartridges contain a chip that communicates with the printer so the printer can inform the user when the cartridge is nearly depleted of ink. However, PC World conducted a test and discovered that ink cartridges still held anywhere from 8 to 45% of their ink when the message appeared.

 Avoid Large and Bold Fonts When Possible:

Large fonts and bold text will consume more ink, so you can save by slimming down the size of your text, and only bolding when completely necessary. Two standard ink-saving fonts to try are Arial and Courier New. To save even more, you can download Ecofont - a font style that uses 20% less ink by creating small white circles within each character.

Proofread Before Your Print:

Examine your documents carefully before you print to prevent unnecessary ink-waste through multiple copies before you’re finally happy with your final document.

Play With Your Printer Settings:

Printers have been purposely set to consume more ink than necessary before leaving the factory. Luckily for the user, it’s an easy enough change. Simply update your printer’s default settings. To do this on a Windows-based computer, click start > printers > right click on your printer and choose “preferences”. Changes worth considering include:

  • Setting the print quality to “draft”

  • Choosing “print in grayscale” to prevent color printing

  • Choose “document options” to print multiple pages per sheet

Only Print What You Need:

You might be fond of printing articles and recipes, but the photos and advertisements that come with many of those pages will deplete a good deal of your cartridge’s ink supply. By going to printwhatyoulike.com and entering the URL for the page you wish to print, you’ll be able to delete those ink-consuming extras with just a few simple clicks.

Use Print Preview

Have you ever printed something from the internet just to find that it didn’t fit the page? To avoid such a big ink waster you can hit “print preview” before sending anything to be printed, and you’ll be able to catch and correct any issues before the ink makes it to the page.

Check for Clogs

Just because your cartridge is printing out streaks and smears doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on its last leg. Before you trash it as a defective product, make sure a clogged nozzle isn’t to blame. To confirm this, remove the cartridge from the printer and wipe the bottom with a damp paper towel. Reinstall, and try printing again.


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