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and quot;L and quot;: and quot;Light Speed and quot; ^^- the market is constantly changing, occupy the market with speed reliability.
and quot;C and quot;: and quot;Competitive and quot; ^^- continue strike for competitive advantage within available resources.
and quot;M and quot;: and quot;Mobility and quot; ^^- being flexible, conform to the market, win the market with flexible policies.

Market Position of the Company
LCM is guided by the 4C Theory (Customer and rsquo;s Requirements, Customer Acceptable Price, Convenience and Effective Communication with Clients), emphasizing in creating the brand value of and ldquo;life quality, easy, fashionable, healthy and rdquo; and gradually establishing LCM famous brand image.

Achievement of the Company
The history of the company can be traced back to 1984, started by Madam Lim Choon Moi in the southern part of Malaysia; Johor Bahru.


1984: Business Initiated.
2003: Registration of LCM Marketing Service. It was merely a small trading house operated by 2 people.
2005: Appointed as CANON Distributor.
Appointed as BROTHER Master Dealers.
2006: Appointed as CITIZEN Distributor.
Sales Turnover reached milestone of RM 1 Million.
2007: Appointed as AURORA National Distributor.
Appointed as PELIKAN Distributor.
LCM start carries SHARP, HP, DYMO and COMIX range of product.
2008: Kuala Lumpur Sales Office Launched.
Staff expanded to 13 persons.
2009: Appointed as Sheaffer Fine Writing National Distributor.
2010: Appointed as BIC Stationery National Distributor.


By elaborated management and service, we hope to gain leadership in the industry to increase profits and share with our associates.

We shall cooperate in the spirit of practical and innovative. By elaborated management and service, we hope to become the industry leader to increase profits and share with our associates. Then we will accomplish associate contentment, customer satisfaction, business attainment, and sustainable development.

Business Philosophy

Associate Contentment

We hope to cultivate a happy working environment for our associates to learn and grow. The corporation and associates grow together and share the operating result to develop a and quot;business family. and quot;

Customer Satisfaction

We hope to win our customers and #39; trust by providing elaborated services and products that exceed customers and #39; expectations and then more and more customers would come to us.

Business Attainment

Insisting on honesty and social responsibility, we strive to improve management achievements, maximize profits for shareholders, and fulfill corporate social responsibility by inspiring team power and managing the business with care.


When faced with adverse conditions, we will rise to surmount the challenges; when the conditions are favorable, we need to heighten our senses for risks even more and always examine ourselves to improve, so as to ensure long-term success.

Since LCM Group and #39;s inception, one crucial factor for its continuous growth, besides the macro-environment providing good development opportunities, is that we have a clear business philosophy ? and quot;To achieve Associate Contentment, Customer Satisfaction, Business Attainment, and together pursue Everlasting Business and quot;, as our core governing principle.

As we deeply realize that:

and quot;Talented Associates and quot; are enterprise and #39;s important resource. Under the principle of and quot;openness and equal opportunity and quot; in recruitment and development, LCM is made stronger from associates and #39; good performance; at the same time, associates learn, grow, and joyfully work within LCM.

and quot;Customers and quot; are the lifelines of the enterprise. We maintain to provide refined services to exceed customer and #39;s expectations and receive maximum confidence from customers. With a good reputation amongst customers, LCM will naturally grow strong.

and quot;Enterprises and quot; are part of society. We must fulfill our part of responsibility for society and #39;s advancements. Hence, besides conducting refined operation and creating good business performance, we insist on ethical business practices, involve in public benefits, and together devote to create a wonderful future for society.

We firmly believe that for those who diligently sow will delightfully reap its harvests. Looking forward, we will continue with energetic and optimistic attitude, firm and vigorous spirit, and united efforts, to build a vivacious, joyful, and creative working environment that concretely realize and quot;Associate Contentment and quot;, and quot;Customer Satisfaction and quot;, and and quot;Business Attainment and quot;, to strive together for ?

LCM Group and #39;s Vision - and quot;Pursue Everlasting Business and quot;.

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