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All items cover with 2 weeks 1 to 1 new exchange by us (LEONJUNYIN)

18 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2018, Hits Count : 229Posted Date: 18 Jan 2015

please to be clear , in order for us to responsible to the protection of our customers. In case item found defective within 2 weeks which no user cause and item in new condition , Customer who buy from us liable to claim or 1 to 1 new exchange for the items purchase without any extra charge. thank

over 4 years business performance and keep running since 2010

18 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2018, Hits Count : 243Posted Date: 18 Jan 2015

since may 2010 Until today jan 2015

Backlisted only 9 buyers total ( jokers and ridiculous or bad attitude buyer )
99% positive feedback , 1% some is only due to item delay few days , some are misunderstanding ( e.g Sharp56, we mistake updated other buyer trace number , thinking we cheat at him which actually not ).
99% positive after sale service . 1%
( we tried our best , some case just beyond our control , sometime warranty claim delay by factory.)
Honest , well answered enquiry , responsible and warranty claim with no issue **
All items guarantee is new set , none used set like others seller.

Things we never** and will not do
>> Purposely Critical or talk nonsense on other competitor to get sale
>> Purposely give false advise to get item sold out
>> make own false , or self own rating own self in order to look better

We are looking or focus into improvement
>> please do feedback or let us know if you thinking something we can improve or if notice wrong information of product , or not satisfy with our services.

All pm will reply within 24 hours normally. for fast response ( reply immediately) , please sms to 0108877763 .

*** Please behave mannerly, politely, Mutual trust and respect in dealing with us. We do owe you nothing , and do serve you best as we can.

Bad attitude , bad personality , unreasonable , Ridiculous behavior customers are no welcome, and will be blacklisted if necessary.



about Warranty from LEONJUNYIN

18 Jan 2015 - 18 Dec 2018, Hits Count : 328Posted Date: 18 Jan 2015

All tablets and phones sell by us , all cover by 1 year manufacturer defect warranty . ( claim period normally around 4-6 weeks)

Other it gadget or accessories warranty as stated at each post , normally 3 months . ( claim period normally around 2-3 weeks )

All items is covered within 2 weeks 1 to 1 new exchange if found any defective from us . thank


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