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Witura Technology is a company involved in design, manufacturing and distribution of comprehensive 3G, GSM, GPRS, SMS, CDMA and EDGE products for businesses in telecommunication, Security Industry, Automotive, Telemetry and Technology related industries and ldquo;WT series and rdquo; of products is made by Witura Corporation Sdn Bhd, the product line comprises of GSM Gateway, GSM Alarm, GPRS Alarm , SMS Alarm, GSM Intercom, Access Control, GSM Gate Opener, 3G Camera, GSM Controller, GSM Care Phone, GSM Lift phone, 3G Terminal

With the sophisticated plant and well established quality assurance systems, Witura products comply with FCC approvals, International CE certifications, ESTI Middle East, Malaysia Sirim requirement and a lot more, enabling the company to offer lifelong warranty and more.



Witura first began providing companies with quality ODM and OEM design manufacturing services in 2002 to producing GSM gateway and GSM alarm system. The company was awarded the prestigious MSC Status by the Malaysian Government in 2010. This status is awarded to companies which havereached the prescribed industry standards stipulated by the Multimedia Development Corporation in terms of facilities research and commitment towards promoting the ICT age in Malaysia

Witura Manufacturing Design was based upon the commitment to provide customers with high quality manufacturing and outstanding service.

Apart from this, Witura also offers GSM / UMTS product designing and development services to a lot of world class multinational company.


Our Expertise

Over the years, Witura has experienced steady growth in its production and service offerings. As a result, the company has had to physically expand to accommodate expanding business levels. Today, Witura established their own design and manufacturing facilities located in Penang and Shenzhen.

Witura has proven expertise to traverse the full Product Life Cycle path covering the design, development, manufacture and customer support to bring out advanced products employing digital / analog hardware, embedded operating systems / software and connectivity technologies such as PSTN, 3G, GSM, CDMA, and EDGE. We are also equipped with flexible manufacturing lines backed by good inventory and quality assurance system.

We utilised the latest WCDMA, GSM technology to produce products for different market segments. We turn concept into reality for different market segment such as;

Provide customer premises telecom equipment and solutions likes GSM gateway, 3G, GSM Care Phone, GSM lift phone, 3G Terminal

In the security and burglar alarm industry, we develop the gsm alarm system, gprs alarm, gsm alarm backup, 3g camera, gsm intercom, gsm access control, gsm controller and gsm gate opener

Witura also provide solution to telemetry company by develop the gsm remote monitoring system, gsm remote control system, gsm switch, gsm auto and remote monitoring software.

For the car automotive industry, we involve in the supply of gsm car alarm, gps car alarm and gsm car preheating system.

Witura Marketing, Sales and Distribution channels are well established in Penang, Malaysia. We seek to form strategic alliances for our products and technologies with Telco's, ISP's, utility Companies, established distributors, system integrators, Value Added Service Providers, Banks, Financial Institutions, Transport Sector and OEM/ODM's in global markets.


For more information , please visit at www.witura.com

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