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Terms and Conditions


Buyers' feedback and rating are very important for our business on Lelong, thus:

1. Buyers like to give comment other than "good feedback and rating", please do not place order on our Lelong store.

2. New member (trades less than 20 times on Lelong) and non-verified member are not encouraged to trade with us.

3. Any problem, please email: farmasiotc@gmail.com to resolve amicably.

4. Please give "good feedback and rating" or do not give any feedback and rating after problem has been resolved.

5. IF problem can not be resolved, please do not give any feedback and rating BUT seek assistance from Lelong.my at feedback@lelong.com.my

6. We will put the buyer in blacklist if he/she gives not good feedback or rating on us.

7. Please give "good feedback and rating" after a transaction and we will give the same to you in return.

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