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Contact Us:

Prefer By Email: comfortsurf@gmail.com

Our office location: KL Sri Petaling - endah Parade

Address and Map can found at this link: http://www.comfortsurf.com/contactus.aspx.

Before contact us, please kindly check below see if your question answered below. Thanks.

This FAQs represent our perspectives in online selling, which have been outlined for the purpose of creating better understanding and trading experiences for all. To avoid ill feeling, we strongly advise you not to proceed with the purchase/s if you are not comfortable with the dealing methods as outlined below.

  1. Can I Walkin / Self Collect?
  2. When can I expect to recieve my item/s after payment?
  3. Is your price cheaper than shops outside?
  4. I do not hear from you nor received item/s after making payment, what should I do?
  5. Can I bargain on the price and/or shipping charges?
  6. What if the item I receive is faulty?
  7. What if the item I purchase is not suitable / What is your return policy?
  8. Warranty Claim
  9. Availability of stocks
  10. My question is not stated above, how?

Can I Walk in or Self Collect?
We encourage walk in to our retail shop to buy directly. However retails shop price will be slightly different from online. Please follow the retails shop price that we stated in our official website www.comfortsurf.com. For self collect, please follow the terms Condition and the self collect price that we stated in listing. Please NO bargain the price as the retails price is fixed Unless your purchasing in bulk.

When can I expect to recieve my item/s after payment?
Depends on your location, the order processing cut-off time is 9.00PM on every working day, if payment and the verification reach us before the cut-off time, the parcel normally will be shipped out on the next working day. It will reach you in 1 to 2 working days after shipped depending your location. (Except Pos Parcel shipment).
Normally we ship by Poslaju, Gdex, Ta-Q-Bin and other courier. Should you not received the item in 3 working days, kindly contact us if there is miscommunication in between.

In the case that we have out of stock or delay on the shipment, we will do our best possible to inform you as soon as possible. TQ.

Why Is your price cheaper than shops outside? ?
In terms of straight comparison, most of our items price are cheaper then retail shops, some items are even as low as half of the retail price (off-line market). However, we do not intentionally compare our price with retail shops, we concentrate more in competing online, not merely in term of pricing, but also other expects like services, information provided, speed of delivery, QC quality assurance etc.
We think, shopping with us not only getting cheaper price, but the less tengible gains like time and petrol savings, no need to stuck in traffic jam, no hassle in finding parking space etc etc etc.

We always maintain low operating cost. We operate from an office lot at cheaper rental compare to those operate in a high rental retail shop in shopping center.
Most of goods are direct sources, not going through third party to ensure best price to our customer.

I do not hear from you nor received item/s after making payment, what should I do?
Please contact use if you not get response and not received the item from us in 3 working days. It may due to misscommunication in between. It normally happen in two case:
- Buyer is new to online shopping and not aware that they need to inform the seller on payment details for verification purpose (for those bank in directly to us).
- Email communication breakdown. In very rare case, email might go missing due to server problem or some other unknown reasons. Thus if you do not recieved our response in 2 working days, please resend the email to us to: comfortsurf@gmail.com.

Can I bargain on the price and/or shipping charges?
We normally selling in fixed price for single item. If purchase in bulk, kindly contact us for better pricing. We adjust prices only according to our costing changes and competition situation, not customer by customer, we believe this will instill confidence amongst customers in long term, it does not only make the dealing simple, customer also will feel secure as they know that they wont be taken for a ride and buy at higher price just because they do not bargain.

What if the item I receive is faulty?
The chances of receiving a faulty item from us is very rare.
However, we cannot eliminate totally the possibility or faulty items, especially when it comes to electronics, the item might damaged by mishandling in transportation process, or with no reason at all. In these rare cases, the arrangement would be: the buyer to post back the item to us at their expenses, after checking and confirm that the damage is not caused by the buyers misuse, we will ship the replacement to them at our expenses. We request buyer immediately inform us in the first minutes of receiving if problem like LCD broken / item broken and file claim to respective courier immediately. After then, email to us with some photo evidence.

What if the item I purchase is not suitable / What is your return policy?
If the products you order is not suitable or you not satisfy with the products, we offer retun to exchange for other model without any fee. However 10% restocking fee will be applied for products return to refund. (Item have to send back within 3 working days after received and in original condition that it come). We reserve the rights to refuse exchange / or higher % restocking fee if item is already scratches / not as in original condition that it come with.

Warranty Claim
If the products faulty in warranty period. Buyer should post the item or bring to our shop to claim waranty. We will inform customer once got claim from supplier. All postage expenses to return the item should bear by buyer during warranty claim unless cusotmer collect themself at our office.

Warranty only apply when that is manufacturer defects. Manufacturers warranty does not cover:

  • Products where the serial number / warranty sticker has been removed / tampered or made illegible;
  • Breakage or damage or broken any physical parts due the careless.
  • Defects or damage resulting from breakage or tampering with the LCD screen.
  • Water / liquid damge.
  • Accident, neglect, misuse or Act of God.
  • Alterations or repairs made by someone other than Authorised Service Centre.
  • Unauthorized modifications or other acts, including spills of food or liquid, or external interference which is not a manufacturing or material fault.
  • Use of the product beyond its intended purpose;
  • Damage or defects caused by use of or in connection with accessories, software and/or services not manufactured, supplied or authorized.



Availability of stocks
If payment was made and good are out of stocks, customer will be informed via email. Within 2 days from the notification, Customers may either request for
- Full refund via bank transfer
- Selection of another item(s). The difference in price shall either be topped-up by or refunded to customer.

My question is not stated above, how?
If your question is not answered above, kindly send your question to comfortsurf@gmail.com. We will response your request normally in 24 hours. Please resend your question if not receive reply in 24 hours.
For technical question regarding products, kindly check at technical FAQ section: http://www.comfortsurf.com/FAQ.aspx


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