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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
1. We are only accepted Bank in, NetPay, Paypal.
2. Order must be paid within three days, otherwise orders will be cancelled.
3. Once customers have placed orders, it cannot be cancelled and no refundable.
4. Most of the image was after landscaping, there may have some differences if compare with real.
5. Products are sending by post only.
6. We are not accepted negotiate price. Price is fixed.
7. Customers please check the purchasing list before place an order, we are not responsibility for wrong orders.
8. Products will be checked by us before post, if products are lost or damage when post process, it is not our responsibility.
9. Products price is not including postage.
10. Online purchase is got limited risk, please think twice before orders.
11. We are only accepted return orders that are wrong products only.
12. Once customers decide to purchase our products means that customers agree to accept our terms and conditions.

Bank Account
We are only accepted bank transfer or online banking.

Please complete remittance notice after banking:
1. Banking amount:
2. Remittance date:

Return Process

We will be following you applying for refund.
1. Post error, the products received not match with orders.
Refund deadline: customers please apply refund for procedures within three days.
3. Please contact us within two days after post successful.
4. When apply for refund please attached the following information to the package.
a. Name
b. Contact number
c. Address

*request to refund the payment, we will charge you 3.50% as the service charge,

*And you need to bear the return pos charge

The following circumstance, we have the right to refuse the request refund:
1. Your own reason (when orders didn and rsquo;t read the content carefully, repeat orders) cause the refund.
2. Request of changing orders to others.
3. Request of refund after the limited time.
4. Returning not completed or damage.
5. Customer order documentation lost or not complete.
6. Products not belong ours provide.
7. Products do not have quality problems.


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