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P2P TorrentFlux * Download BiTorrent @ High Speed Dedicated Server
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Product Description for P2P TorrentFlux * Download BiTorrent @ High Speed Dedicated Server

user posted image

Welcome to 2010 .TQVM For The Support Going Strong to 3rd Year Of Service

Untuk Bahasa Melayu Maklumat Mengenai Torrentflux Click Link Kat Bawah Nih

-=[ Guide & Review By Our User A Blogger ]=-

01.02.2010 -= Online Ordering System Activated =-

-= Hosted On Multiple 10 Dedicated Servers & Not Overcrowded / Oversell =-

30.04.2009 -= New International Carrier & Good Routing to Malaysia. =-

25.03.2009 -= Anniversary Pricing Reduced as low as RM 20 per month =-

13.03.2009 -= Transfer Profiles Implemented on 13 March 2009 =-

August 2009 -= We have unlimited slots opening for Public Servers =-

Short News n Updates Pls Follow US on Twitter

-=[ Click Here To Follow Us On Twitter ]=-

Berita Terkini / Latest news

Our servers is now on GigaBit ports which connected to 120GBps Backbone. Just upgraded hope everyone keeps continue your support thanx. Now we have 10 HIGH SPEED DEDICATED SERVERS after 2 years and 6 months of running uptime
All our server are hosted in the fastest Internet Data Centre and legally hosted.We don't capped your download speed on our Dedicated Gigabit full burst from 101GB backbone:) Why wait ? All servers are equip with Intel Processors and Dedicated Gigabit connections totally uncapped aka * Unmetred Bandwidth *

We have been running for 26th months now smile.gif proven very stable server 99% uptime,Why waste ur money trying others services? New Provider? Unreliable Provider? Please do comparison with other provider that suddenly opening services for 1 month or 2 then suddenly gone ( run away ) or having lot's problems. They just bunch of newbies who dunno how to maintain and config stuffs.Our server is being managed by Certified Administrator.Furthermore I also have been in this Lowyat community since year 2005 until now smile.gif. If you still supporting us the server will be continue living smile.gif. Pls bare the Server is HIGHLY Maintenance Operating Cost ,without your support this can't be done.We started from a small community members using,VPS then VDS and then we migrate from time to time and now we're running big on High Specifications Dedicated Server on Gigabit Ports.We are thankful that we have many members keep supporting since day 1. I try my best to give the best support to you. Thank you for supporting us.

Our server are using Linux Open Source and not hosted on Windows Server like other providers which are having lot's of problems.It support lot's of features,such as Selective Downloads, UNRAR rar files inside the web control panel of torrentflux and etc. No Private & Public Torrent Blocking, You Can Add Your Own Cookies Management, Setup ur own Passkey For Private Torrent in Torrrentflux Web Panel --> Profiles --> Cookies Management.Your files are kept in your PRIVATE personal folder and nobody can access it and Admin will not delete you file.In addition you can keep it as long as u want ( subscription remain active ) no files will be deleted like other providers use 7 days got deleted?. We have no trackers blocking like cannot use like many others Provider.As a conclusion i can say we are the best Torrentflux Server Ever Running in Lowyat.Net + High Specs Servers & Hardwares + 99.9% Uptime with more than 1000 members. We have no tracker blocking like some provider here hosted with IDC that having problems connecting to EZTV & TPB . We don't over overselled like put too much users in one server we have limit per server if we got more supporter then we open a new server. TQ for all the support

It is good practice to download using this dedicated server because you can download anonymously in Internet without revealing your ip address to the ISP.

Our Slots Package ( Based on 30 days subscription period of 1 month as low as RM 0.66 cents per day )

-= Public Servers =-

8GB Diskspace RM 20 per month * Unmetred Bandwith *

10GB Diskpace RM 30 / per month * Unmetred Bandwith *

12GB Diskpace RM 40 / per month * Unmetred Bandwith *

14GB Diskspace RM 50 / per month * Unmetred Bandwith *

16GB Diskspace RM 60 / per month * Unmetred Bandwith *

18 Gb Storage RM 70/ month per mont * Unmetred Bandwith *

22 Gb Storage RM 80 / month per month * Unmetred Bandwith *

-= Private Servers =-

15GB Diskspace RM 50 per month * Unmetred Bandwidth * ( Limited slot open only for Public Servers User for Upgrades ) ( Seeder packages ) ( Free Giveaway & Many More ELITE Private Tracker Giveways ) * Unmetred Seeding Ratios*

As low as RM 1.66 cents per day

[cool.gifOur New Online Ordering System Pls Register Here

How to use torrentflux?

QuickStartGuide Adding / Managing Torrents Into Torrentflux Panel

QuickStart Guide Downloading Your Files From TorrentFlux

QuickStart Guideline Torrentflux- Adding-Torrents-From-Your-Private-Tracker-url

-> Click Here Example of Screenshot Of Pictures of Web Panel of TorrentFlux ( Click here if u dunno what is a torrentflux is all about -<--Click Here)

* Please renew ur account before ur expiry date non renewal account will be deleted upon ur expiry date & time these are including ur ftp account and downloaded folder * Avoid this by renew earlier from ur expiry date *
* Maximum renewing package is up to 6 months * ( 180 days )

Anniversary 2 Years :-) 1:2 Seeding Ratio On Public Server Package,Download 1GB and Seed 2GB for FREE & Free Access To Demonoid Tracker

*Paypal only accepted for Verified Users Only* PM for exchange rates a bit higher due to charges from Paypal ( We're using EURO Currency pls do not send payment in RM )

* No need trial package all members are satisfied with the services, take the RM 20 packages as your paid trial* We have no refund policy *

We Currently Handle Over 1000GB Traffic Per Day *Your Data transfer is unlimited a.k.a Unmetred * No Hidden Fees & Extra Charges *

Advantages over VPN or WEBui technology:
Many people always argue about whether to use VPN, WEBui or TorrentFlux is much better and I have to say that both VPN and TorrentFlux has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of using Torrentflux service over VPN is that you don't need to wait longer to get your files. TorrentFlux servers will download the torrent file at high speed which it have 101GBps into the server.However it depends on how many seeder seeding the files.Let say on 1.4GB files in just a few minutes. Due to oil prices hiking the electricity bills are are increasing.Now you can save electricity don't leave ur pc on 24/7 rite?.Using Torrentflux you got ur own personal web login and folder. Furthermore you also can QUE your downloads.If you use use VPN you still have to switch on ur torrents and running torrent on your Downloading also limit to ur broadband speed of ur broadband.If you use Torrentflux all your need is to login to your ftp accounts and que them into your download manager. You will get full blazing speeds of your Streamyx let say you are capped at 2Mbit so your download speed will be constant 200kb/sec which is direct download.Of course u got limit on space.8GB or 12Gb that is 2 pieces of DVD content and 3 pieces of DVD contents.You can delete the files after finish downloading and download other files.We will not touch your files and we won't delete it. No Limit on Storage must be clear within 10 days.Furthermore we have UNRAR functions. So you know wether ur files is NUKE or not by using this, unrar and download the output without downloading .rar split files.This torrentflux is also good if your running it from internet provider which normally they block p2p process.I hope my comments does not offend anyone in the community.If yes i'm so sorry.In addition our ISP provider is also sometimes having International Links Problem how can u get full speed if Streamyx is Routing and VPN will slows down rite? Our server never goes slow downloading the .torrent.You can bypass routing problem by using Proxy Servers. Both got advantages and disadvantages but my solutions is Torrentflux.We have survive for 1 year and have the biggest supporter from all over the world. Thank you all

1GigaBit Dedicated Bandwidth Connection
-1:1 Seeding Ratio
-Can download any things, 100% privacy, your own folder nobody sees what are you downloading
-Nobody will delete your files in your directory you can keep it until download is finish. ( .torrent file will be removed if complete 100% & Won't effects files u downloaded in ur folder )
-No storage days limitation ( Keep it as long as your account not expired )
-Unrar function inside the TorrentFlux Web Panel
-Support Private Tracker ( Cookies Management ) Private Cookies just for yourself.
-No bandwith limit ( Mostly the user make use of it more than 50GB to 100GB data transfer per month )
-Can download with ur streamyx FULL SPEED with FTP Program ( Copy FTP URL ) + ( Internet download MANAGER )
-Can download with ur streamyx FULL SPEED with HTTP + ( Internet download MANAGER )
-BUILT In Messenger Inside TorrentFlux for Support ( Private Messaging )
-Live Support ( Real Time Support Via Yahoo Messenger )
-Good for 24/7 P2P user ( Set the download make sure it's running then goes offline retrive back when it's finish )
-Daily per day data transfer inbound is from Internet to Server inbound 300GB and outbound is 300GB to PC is normal for us
-Private Support Forum for internal news release only and support

Here is the list of our MULTIPLE HIGH Specs Intel Servers our server load never reach more than 5.

* Latest Server Specification * Major Revised May 2008 * * We Upgraded from TIME to TIME * * STATE of the ART Upgrades *
* We don't hide our server specifications for public released *

First Server .103 * Opening Slot * ( Was known as server .2 ) ( Upgraded in June )
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3.0 Ghz
1x 500 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred *

Second Server .105 * Opening Slot * ( Was known as server .73 ) ( Upgraded in May )
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3.0 Ghz
1x 500 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred *

Third Server Server .107 * Opening Slots * ( Was known as server .206 ) ( Upgraded in May )
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3.0 Ghz
1x 500 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred *

Fourth Server Server .82 * Opening Slots * ( Opening slots ) ( Deployed in November 2008 )
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3.0 Ghz
1x 500 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred *

Fifth Server Server .139 * Opening Slots * ( Opening slots ) ( Deployed in July 2009 )
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 3.0 Ghz
1x 500 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred *

Example our Server Speed ( Depend on seeder,peer, and tracker ) ( Stresstest )

Attached Image

First Private Elite Server ( Server .125 ) * Full Slot * ( Was Formerly Known as Server .45 ) ( Upgraded 9th July 2009 )
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz
1x 320 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred *
( Unmetred Seeding / Download ) ( Only members who join from public servers can joining in )

Second Private Elite Server ( Server .171 ) * Full Slot *
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz
1x 320 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred *
( Unmetred Seeding / Download ) ( Only members who join from public servers can joining in )

Third Private Elite Server ( Server .30 ) ( Opening Slots Now) ( Deployed in October 2008 )
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz
1x 320 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred *
( Unmetred Seeding / Download ) ( Only members who join from public servers can joining in )

Fourth Private Elite Server ( Server .15) Opening Today 08.01.2009 ) ( Deployed in January 2009 )
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz
1x 320 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred * ( Only members who join from public servers can joining in )

Fifth Private Elite Server ( Opening Soon)
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 Ghz
1x 250 GB SATA HDD
1000 Mbps * Unmetred * ( Only members who join from public servers can joining in )

Private Super Server ( Special Hardcore ELITE User ) * PM for Slot * * Private Membership Only *
Dual Xeon 5410
2x500GB HDD
( Private Server are special no limit on Seeding / all folder are accessible a.k.a shared )
( Fees for this are different )
( Unlimited Disk space )

* Private Servers Packages * Pls PM :-)
* Unlimited Downloads / Upload *
* Seeding Options * Maintain Your Ratio *
* Can download other user files *

user posted image

We can boost up to 50Mbit average on gigabit port :-)

This is just stats from Internet to the server from server is double from this just multiply 2

We're dropping our VPN Project due to lot's of provider in

This is the diskspace you download and after complete in ur pc delete in tflux directory and redownload new files. Bandwith is totally unlimited. Support unrar function inside the flux. You can unrar ur files using the control panel in directory.

This is non profit bulk that's why the price is cheaper than others commercial TorrentFlux provider.

Guaranteed full speed ( If your line is fast and no routing problem from TM.Nut / ur ISP )

This is from TorrentFlux Dedicated Server to PC Using Internet Download Manager Set at 8 connection

Streamyx 1 Mbit capped at 1524kbps Speed

user posted image

This one for Celcom Broadband HSPDA RM 98 packages up to 3.6 Mbps

Attached Image

This one 8 Mbit Speed from 4 Mbps Streamyx but was capped at 8024kbps

Attached Image

We don't throttled ur download speed

For Mac User you can use this download manager one of my subscriber pikachu use one of this

Click here to download

This server is non profit because i don't make money from it's like community service payment are collected to paid the server monthly fees. I help you and you help me.Bandwith is unmetred

Our New Online Ordering System Pls Register Here

How to register/ top-up account? Click on Spoiler For Banking Details

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

If you want to bankin add example RM 30.01,30.02,30.03,30.04 to 00.09 cents so i can trace your payment pls provide printscreen so i can validate your payment .jpg or .pdf thank you.

1. Bank in first

Bank into Maybank,CIMB @ Public Bank with the following details.

Name: Roszizul Rahman
Maybank Acc: 158097655102
Notification email:

Name:Roszizul Rahman
Public Bank Acc: 4853498003
Notification email:

Name: Roszizul Rahman
CIMB Acc: 08120000436207
Notification email:

2. Email payment proof and following details:

Your Name:
Desired Username: ( Pls avoid numbers and the end of ur username )
Desired Password:
Bank Holder Name: ( This is very important to proof you have paid)
Bank Used to Pay: ( Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank ) ( Interbank Transfer Account Created When Bank Deposit The money )
Contact Number: ( HP Number )
Type of Transaction: Cash Deposit / Online Banking
Choose Either <Top- Up> or <Registration>

Notification email:

Note: We do not provide a telephone contact method for technical support. Based on the nature of problems had by our supporters, it is much timelier and more effective for issues to be handled via email rather than over the phone. You may contact our 24x7 Technical Support Team via email .My email is link to my handphone, so u will get a fast response.

* Terms and Condition Apply*

1. Pls do not shared your account. ( We can check http / ftp log )
2. Do not download more than you disk space quota. ( If u need more space pls upgrade )
2. Do not hammer the ftp server with multiple connections.With 4 or 8 FTP / HTTP connection at one time IDM will be getting full speed.
3. If you have problems pls contact administrator via email.
4. Abusing the server will be resulted terminating your account with no refund.
5. Beware of fake torrent and tracker ( RED Torrent ) ( Unfinish Torrent )
6. No refund policy once subscribed.
7. Flaming in this forum / support forum is not being tolerated.
8. We have rights to stop/delete/remove your torrent if there's no seeder or content fake torrent trackers.
9. Make sure you have signup our support forum & read the guidelines given before asking questions
10.Please ensure u read .torrent info & comments and unrar inside the server to avoid nuke or bad hash released
11. We're not responsible for your corrupted download, follow the given method and stay safe
12. We're not responsible due to slow speed caused by low peers,seeders, and trackers problems
13. We're not responsible due to slow speed caused by your FAKAP routing and FAKAP ISP.
14. Please ensure you're not behind any firewall like in office, university because we use non standard FTP port


Is downloading torrent files from Torrentflux illegal?

No, torrent files are not copyrighted, so this is allowed. However, opening a torrent file in your BitTorrent client may start the process of downloading (and possibly uploading) copyrighted content. Depending on the circumstances, such as the content in question and the country you're living in, this might be illegal. In some countries, it is illegal to download and upload copyrighted material. In this case, make sure that you only download unlicensed content via BitTorrent. In some other countries, it is allowed to download copyrighted material, as long as you don't upload. If this is the case, we advise you to use the BitThief client. To be on the safe side, we advise you not to download any copyrighted content at all.

Pls try to avoid using due to a lot of fake torrent inside it


Server has been up new rules effective immediately

Pls download .torrent into ur pc first and identify the tracker is fake or not thank you

QuickStartGuide Adding / Managing Torrents Into Torrentflux Panel

QuickStart Guide Downloading Your Files From TorrentFlux

More Help Refer To Our Support Forum

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