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Digi Prepaid
DiGi Reload Coupon

> Price : RM100.00
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Reloading your DiGi Prepaid SIM card Right Away.
Reload Coupon Online !

The reload coupon carries a value for topping up the value on your SIM card and they are available in RM100 denomination.

The reload coupon features a security strip which you need to scratch off to obtain a 14-digit reload number. This number is used to credit your Prepaid SIM card with the value shown on the reload coupon. 

So what you pay for is only for the reload numbers, not the cards. If you buy online, our system will send you the reload number within seconds to your registered email address once your credit card payment is approved. You can reload your SIM card within minutes.



Lgrnstar-s.gif (947 bytes)How to Reload

  1. Purchase a 14 Digit Reload Number from
  2. Dial 016-299 1800.
  3. Select a language.
  4. Enter your 7-digit prepaid phone number.
  5. Press "1" to confirm the mobile telephone number.
  6. Enter the 14-digit reload coupon number.
  7. Press "1" to confirm the reload coupon number.
  8. Wait for system to confirm reloading, then terminate the call.
  9. Within 10 minutes, you will receive your reload via SMS.
  10. After receiving the SMS, switch off and then switch on your handset.
  11. The handset display will show the new credit balance.

Llblstar-s.gif (943 bytes)How do I use the DiGi Prepaid service?
As everything is prepaid at point-of-purchase all you have to do is simply: -

  • Fully charge the handset battery
  • Insert the Prepaid SIM card into the handset
  • Switch on the handset and it will automatically access the DiGi network
  • When "DiGi" is displayed on the handset screen, you are ready to make and receive calls

    The DiGi Reload Coupon
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With Digi Prepaid - You know how much you spend !

SaveWith the DiGi Prepaid special Advice-of-Charge feature, you will have the privilege of knowing how much credit is left on your prepaid SIM card. The amount will be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone after each call. As the remaining credit runs down, a short message will be sent to you to remind you to reload, thus ensuring that there is no interruption of service. Buy Now


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