100%Legal & Working Power.Tune Electricity Saver $ BackGuarantee PT01%

    100%Legal & Working Power.Tune Electricity Saver $ BackGuarantee PT01%

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    Product ID : 215654310
    Model / SKU : PT-01
    Conditions : New

    100%Legal & Working Power.Tune Electricity Saver $ BackGuarantee PT01%

    Power.Tune Electricity Saver 100% Legal & Working
    With CE Tested & Is Technically Compliant With Requirements
    Normal Price : RM298
    Now Only : RM228!! (PT01)
    Now Only : RM268!! (PT02)
    You Are Saving RM70++!!
    With FREE Poslaju!
    Saving Electricity = Earning Money!!
    Electricity Saver Plug n Saved
    Here Is A Smart Way To Save Up To 25% Of Your Electrical Bill In Legal Way!
    The Best Selling Electricity Saver in Malaysia
    Power.Tune The Most Effective Electricity Saver
    With The Best Results, Quality & Price! Result & Quality Assured!

    Product Features
    This high-tech product can monitor incoming power and adjust
    the input to meet the demand of electrical appliances and motors.
    It also eliminates energy wastage and extends
    the service life of electrical appliances.
    1. Reduces your monthly electricity bill up to 25%
    2. Stabilises the incoming voltage
    3. Plug and Saved - No Wiring Required
    4. Built-in powerful lightning surge protector
    5. Improve power factor and electrical efficiency
    6. Environmentally friendly
    7. Fully compliant with safety standards (Please Refer To Below)
    8. Rapid Return on Investment (Save Electricity = Save Money)
    9. One (1) million Product Liability Insurance
    10. This product is warranty for 12 months against any manufacturing defect of the components
    (Usage Between 250-1000kWH/Month)
    (Usage Between 1000 2000KWH/Month)

    Voltage Rating

    110V - 240V

    Rated Frequency

    50Hz - 60Hz

    Storage Temperature

    15°C - 60°C

    Packing Size

    18 x 110 x 98 (MM)


    PT-01 or PT-02: 435gram

    Insulating Material

    Flame Retardant
    Material With High Quality


    100% Brand New


    12 months against any manufacturing defect of the components

    Power.Tune PT-01 Suitable For Usage Between
    250kWH/Month - 1000kWH/Month
    Power.Tune PT-02 Suitable For Usage Between
    1000kWH/Month - 2000kWH/Month

    Power.Tune PT-01& PT02 With Local 3-Pin Plug

    Power.Tune PT-01 & 02 Safety Tested, Performance Tested
    Q.C. Passed Made In Malaysia 100% Quality Assured

    Package Included:

    • 1 X Power.Tune (Selection of PT-01 or PT-02)
    • 1 X Power.Tune Box With User Manual Printed On It
    • 1 X Power.Tune Warranty Card

    How Power.Tune Works : Discover the SECRETS Behind Power.Tune Electricity Saver
    The electrical system that supplies electricity to our homes and offices are not 100% efficient. When the system is not efficient, electricity would be WASTED. This means, we have been paying more than what it is supposed to be.
    The inefficiencies are due to many factors. Among the critically significant ones are :
    • Irregular electricity loadings (especially in and around urban and industrialized areas)
    • High frequency spikes (called electrical noise and harmonics distortion)
    • Poor performing parts from cheap electrical components due to industry-wide manufacturing cost-cutting initiatives.
    • Widespread use of reactive appliances (like most lightings, motors, TVs etc) that causes the Electricity Current to lag the Voltage, thus creating a phase shift and results in poorer Power generated (see diagram on the right).
    Therefore, it is no surprise that your ordinary 36 Watts fluorescent light ACTUALLY consumes more than 70 Watts of Power to operate. That's about 100% WASTAGE! Something that we have been tolerating with over the years without even knowing it!
    It's time to fight back with the latest micro-technology in auto-optimizing your entire household or office electrical system! Time to start saving some serious money by reducing or eliminating the wastage.
    Do you know the consequences of not reacting to such wastage? Of course the first one is wasting more electricity and thus wasting money. Second, thicker wires and better insulation are needed to withstand higher temperatures (inefficiencies draw more Current and more Current means higher wire temperature). Any compromise to this will cause potential fire hazard. Finally, electrical appliances' life-span would dramatically be reduced due to under and over powering an electrical device. With Power.Tune Electricity Saver, we guarantee immediate savings to your electricity consumption.
    Our electricity saver would reduce or eliminate electrical inefficiencies by sensing real-time the electricity waveform and reactance loads, then cleverly transforms (through our unique push-pull and filtration technology) and recycles "dirty" electricity into highly efficiency electricity.
    The result : Immediate and Definite savings!
    Our Electricity Saver is tested and proven to deliver the guaranteed performance and safety by various international testing bodies. They are cased in a Fire Retardant ABS material.
    You get even more!
    The Electricity Saver also comes with built-in rectifiers to stabilize the voltage and filters high frequency electrical noise, a powerful lightning arrestor and current surge protector. All these to give you a total peace of mind to protect your household/office's sensitive electrical or electronic equipment. Power.Tune Electricity Saver has proven on several occasions to serve as a vital second line of protection should your main circuit breaker in the distribution board fails to perform
    Experiment Of Power.Tune With Power.Tune Demo Kit! View To Believe It!
    Let's Look At The Feedbacks From Customers
    One Of The PETRONAS Petrol Station In Malaysia Is Using It!
    View The Saving Effect With Proof of Bill Statement!
    Feedback & Testimonial From Customer (View To Believe!)
    Feedback From PETRONAS
    Installation At One Of The PETRONAS Petrol Station
    3 phase with monthly consumption of 16,000KWH.
    We installed 9 units of Power.Tune Model PT02,
    each phase 3 units. After install the Power.Tune, their electricity bill drop from
    RM5200/month to $3500/month.
    This representing a 33% Saving!!!
    Cant Believe? (Me Too) We Are Not Showing Without Proof!!
    View Their Tenaga Electricity Bill To Believe!!
    These Bills Consist of Petronas 2 Months Bills
    Due To Privacy Reasons We Do Not Show Out The Address
    Feedback From Installed 3 Units for 3 Phase House
    Another Bill From Customer Shown The Saving Effect
    Due To Privacy Reasons We Do Not Show Out The Address
    Feedback From Other Customers
    After installed the device, when I received my following TNB electricity bill,
    I was shocked!! My bill has reduced tremendously, my usual monthly electricity is RM300 per month but now I am paying between RM180 - RM220. I have saved more than 25% a month. Thanks to the Power Saver Power.Tune

    Ms Ooi PS (Kedah)

    Excellent service by the Seller, I order today, item received tomorrow by Pos Laju in good
    condition. Installation is simple, just plug into the plug point, my electricity bill has been
    reduced from RM120 to RM90. I have introduced to all my friends & relatives, they all loves this product very much.

    Mr Chang PW (Kedah)
    The Power Saver really help me to reduce my electricity bill by around 15% per month. After install the device, I could feel that the device not only gave me saving, but it also help to stabilize the current at my house. My house's electricity trips quite often especially when using some electrical items which required high electricity consumption, but, after install the Power Saver for 3 months, I didn't see any electricity trips at all.
    Mr Ooi EL (Penang)
    This is the best electricity saver so far i used. The saving effect very obvious. My monthly bill is about RM100-RM120, now reduced to RM80-RM90, Thanks a lot! Highly recommended to all. Your smartest choice Power.Tune
    Mr Yee K M (Sabah)
    Product Test
    Power.Tune is CE tested & is technically compliant with the
    EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 and EN61000-6-1 requirements.
    Power.Tune Electricity Saver has gone through the following stringent tests :

    1.Power Line Conducted Emission Measurement
    Radiated Emission Measurement
    Harmonic Current Emission Measurement
    Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Measurement
    Electrostatic Discharge Test
    RF Field Strength Susceptibility Test
    Electrical Fast Transient/Burst Immunity Test
    Surge Immunity Test
    Injected Currents Susceptibility Test
    Voltage Dips and Interruptions Test

    Installation Guide For Single Phase
    Model : PT-01
    For monthly consumption from
    250 kWH – 1000 kWH, Plug in 1 unit of
    Power.Tune Electricity Saver PT-01 into any
    independent 13Amp wall socket nearest to the
    ELCB/Distribution Channel
    Model : PT-02
    For monthly consumption from
    1000 kWH – 2000 kWH, Plug in 1 unit of
    Power.Tune Electricity Saver (PT-02) into any
    independent 13Amp wall socket nearest to the
    ELCB / Distribution Channel
    (For consumption between 900-1100 kWH, prefer to use PT-02)
    Installation Guide For Three Phase
    Model : PT-01
    For monthly consumption from
    1000 kWH – 3000 kWH, Plug in
    1 unit of Power.Tune PT-01 to
    each phase.
    Model : PT-02
    For monthly consumption from 3000
    kWH – 6000 kWH, Plug in 1 unit of
    Power.Tune PT-02 to each phase.
    For monthly consumption from 6000 kWH – 10000 kWH, Plug in 2 unit of Power.Tune PT-02 to each phase.
    For monthly consumption from 10,000kWH – 15,000kWH, Plug in 3 units of Power.Tune PT-02 to each phase.

    For 3-Phase installation, in most cases, extra power points will be required from each phase
    (refer qualified electrician)
    We recommend maximum of 10,000KWH usage per month. Above 10,000KWH
    Power.Tune will not be able to support.
    1. Do not plug into an extension cord / multiple socket
    2. You are advised to unplugged the Power.Tune Electricity Saver ONLY when the LED indicator light is off

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Is the Power.Tune Electricity Saver legal to use in Malaysia?
    Yes, it is legal. Any changes to do before the Tenaga meter reading are considered illegal. Power.Tune Electricity Saver is installed after the Tenaga meter reading.

    Will the Power.Tune Electricity Saver unit definitely reduce my electricity bill?
    The Power.Tune Electricity Saver unit will definitely reduce your electricity bill. Based on customers’ feedback and extensive tests, savings up to 25% have been recorded under normal conditions. The % savings will depend upon the type of load and the consumption. In some cases, savings above 30% have been recorded, especially in shops, offices & Light Industrial.

    Why are you putting saving up to 25% and not 30%, 40% or even 45% that some other brand of Electricity Saver says?
    The % of saving are varies base on the electrical appliances uses. We are putting a realistic figure of up to 25%, although some of our customers are getting above 30% saving. Some electrical appliances are getting above 50% saving whereas some electrical appliances recorded 5% - 20% saving. Average, most of our customers are getting 10% - 25% saving.

    Is there any certification to prove that it is safe to use?
    Power.Tune Electricity Saver has the most stringent safety, performance and reliability test conducted by international and local approving statutory bodies. It is technically compliant with the EN61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3 and EN61000-6-1 requirements.

    Does the Power.Tune Electricity Saver requires any maintenance?
    No. Simply plug the Power.Tune Electricity Saver unit on your premises and start saving money.

    What is the Return of Investment (ROI) of buying the Power.Tune Electricity Saver?
    Based on our customer feedback and field-testing, the investment on the Power.Tune Electricity Saver can be easily recovered within 6 months. Therefore, you will enjoy additional savings for years to come.

    How long is the warranty period for the Power.Tune Electricity Saver?
    Power.Tune Electricity Saver comes with a 12-month warranty, covering any manufacturing or material defects.

    Can I leave the Power.Tune Electricity Saver Unit ‘switched-on’ continuously?
    Yes. The Power.Tune Electricity Saver should be left 'Switched ON' continuously to achieve the maximum savings. We recommend that the unit should be switched off during long periods of inactivity, for example, when going abroad on holiday, or if the premises are closed for long periods of time.

    Please note that the Power.Tune Electricity Saver stores energy up to 3 seconds after it is switched off. Please wait for at least 3 seconds after switching off before un-plug or relocate the Power.Tune Electricity Saver.

    Can I put 2 units of Power.Tune Electricity Saver for single phase to achieve higher % of saving?
    Under normal circumstances, 1 unit is enough.
    For model PT-01, 1 unit is enough for monthly usage of below 1000kWH. For model PT-02, 1 unit is enough for monthly usage up to 2000kWH, however, if it is single phase and the usage is above 2000kWH, you can install another unit of PT-02.

    Do I need to make any changes to the electrical wiring?
    No. The Power.Tune Electricity Saver is designed as a Plug n Saved device. Simply plug the unit into a 13Amp socket on your premises & it should be plugged into a wall socket, not an extension lead.

    Which model of Power.Tune Electricity Saver is suitable for my use?
    There are 2 models for Power.Tune, Please follow the table below to choose the right model for you:-


    TNB Bill/Month

    Kwh/Month (Single phase)



    Less than RM300

    Less than 1,000Kwh

    Install 1 unit at each phase
    for up to 3,000Kwh/month



    1,000Kwh - 2,000Kwh

    Install 1 unit at each phase for 3,000Kwh - 6,000Kwh/month
    Install 2 units at each phase for 6,000Kwh - 10,000Kwh/month

    Money Back Guarantee Policy
    • If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return it to us within 20 days from the date of purchase and we will give you a full refund based on your purchase price (RM30 handling and administration charges apply).
    • This Money Back Guarantee Scheme is only applicable for purchase through this website & only apply for local (Malaysia) customers only.
    • Product(s) and all accessories have to be free from defect and fully functional.
    • Receipt of purchase, invoice and warranty card has to be produced.
    • All delivery charges will be paid by you.
    • Upon receive your item return in good condition, money will be returned within 7 working days.
    • We reserves the right for not to accept the return if the return item is not in good working condition.
    • We reserves the right to revise the scheme without prior notice.
    • Guarantee and Liability Limited to the Full Purchase Price
    Why Customers Complained No saving?!
    1. Business volume increases
    2. Certain equipment / electrical appliances, you may use more often when your business volume increases. Eg : for month of January, your sales volume is 50k, and Feb, your sales volume is 80k, which represent an increases of 60%, in this case, you will definitely see your electricity bill increases as well.
    3. For factory, overtime, extra production lines will definitely shows increase of electricity bill
    1. Customers buy extra electrical appliances, such as air-cond, water heater etc.
    2. Customers use more electricity after install Power.Tune (very common). Eg: before install Power.Tune, air-cond only switch on 4 hours a day, after installed Power.Tune, air-cond switch on 8 hours a day. This will definitely bring up the electricity consumption.


    1. Installed wrong model
    2. Installed on multiple plug point or extension wire

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