150W Power Adapter 19V 7.9A for HP Touchsmart 384020-001 7.4x5.0mm

    150W Power Adapter 19V 7.9A for HP Touchsmart 384020-001 7.4x5.0mm

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    Product ID 208709401
    Model / SKU H-19V-79A-7450
    Conditions New

    150W Power Adapter 19V 7.9A for HP Touchsmart 384020-001 7.4x5.0mm

    150W Power Adapter 19V 7.9A for HP Touchsmart 384020-001 7.4x5.0mm

    Replacement HP Compaq Power Supply Adapter for HP Touchsmart EliteBook Workstation and many more.


    • Brand new HP/Compaq replacement OEM Power Adapter
    • Input : Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    • Output: DC 19V 7.9A DC 7.4 X 5.0mm Connector
    • Color: Black
    • Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible.
    • All power supply are well packed in a customized box and protected by bubble bag
    • Warranty : 3 months warranty 1 to 1 exchange against manufacturing defects.

    Compatible Part Number :

    • 391173-001 384020-001 384021-001 391172-001 384019-001 409992-001 384020-003 382021-002 462603-001 463954-001 497288-001
    • PPP012L-S PPP012S-S PPP014L-S PPP014H-S PA-1900-08H2 PA-1900-18H2
    • AL192AA#ABA HP-A1501A3B1 HSTNN-HA09 HSTNN-LA09
    • HP-AP091F13LF ED495AA ED494AA#ABA HP-AP091F13LF SE

    Fit for models :

    • HP Compaq Business notebooks series: NC2400, NC4400, NC6300, NC6320, NC6400, NC8230, NC8430, NW8440, NW9440, NX6310, NX6315, NX6320, NX6325, NX7300, NX7400, NX8410, NX8420, NX9420, TC4400
    • HP EliteBook 8530P 8530W 8730w Mobile Workstation
    • HP Compaq Notebook:2230s, 2510p, 2530p, 2710p, 2730p, 6510b, 6515b, 6530b, 6535b, 6710b, 6715b, 6720s, 6720t, 6730b, 6730s, 6735b, 6735s, 6820s, 6830s, 6910p, 6930p, 8510p, 8510w, 8530p, 8530w
    • HP TouchSmart IQ548a Desktop PC AU776AA, AU776AAR
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1039tw Desktop PC AU778AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1060in Desktop PC AU793AA
    • HP TouchSmart600-1070d Desktop PC AU845AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1036d Desktop PC AU926AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1000t CTO Desktop PC AW023AV
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1105xt CTO Desktop PC AZ226AV
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1005xt CTO Desktop PC AZ469AV
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1031d Desktop PC BK289AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1150qd CTO Desktop PC BK544AV
    • HP TouchSmart IQ525 Desktop PC FQ573AA, FQ573AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ527 Desktop PC FQ584AA, FQ584AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ520br Desktop PC FQ651AA, FQ651AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ520la Desktop PC FQ668AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ521jp Desktop PC FT946AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522jp Desktop PC FT947AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ527jp Desktop PC FT948AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ525a Desktop PC FT951AA, FT951AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ528a Desktop PC FT952AA, FT952AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ526cn Desktop PC FT954AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ528cn Desktop PC FT955AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ528hk Desktop PC FT957AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ527kr Desktop PC FT980AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ544jp Desktop PC KY809AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ543hk Desktop PC KY835AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ548hk Desktop PC KY836AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ546cn Desktop PC KY838AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ548cn Desktop PC KY839AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ541jp Desktop PC KY856AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ520gr Desktop PC KY857AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ525fr Desktop PC NB939AA, NB939AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522es Desktop PC NC003AA, NC003AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ520uk Desktop PC NC043AA, NC043AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522uk Desktop PC NC044AA, NC044AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ525uk Desktop PC NC045AA, NC045AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522it Desktop PC NC062AA, NC062AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ525be Desktop PC NC086AA, NC086AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522de Desktop PC NC095AA, NC095AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ525nl Desktop PC NC118AA, NC118AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522ch Desktop PC NC129AA, NC129AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522me Desktop PC NC143AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522sc Desktop PC NC196AA, NC196AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ528tw Desktop PC NC690AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ526 Desktop PC NC700AA, NC700AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ524 Desktop PC NC701AA, NC701AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522hk Desktop PC NC731AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ527d Desktop PC NC740AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ528d Desktop PC NC741AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ535a Desktop PC NC850AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ538a Desktop PC NC851AA, NC851AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532jp Desktop PC NC901AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ535jp Desktop PC NC902AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ537jp Desktop PC NC903AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532hk Desktop PC NC910AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ538hk Desktop PC NC911AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ538tw Desktop PC NC925AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ526t Desktop PC NE481AV
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522cs Desktop PC NF365AA, NF365AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ525gr Desktop PC NF366AA, NF366AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522is Desktop PC NF367AA, NF367AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522af Desktop PC NF368AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522pl Desktop PC NF369AA, NF369AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ525tr Desktop PC NF370AA, NF370AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522fr Desktop PC NF420AA, NF420AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522pt Desktop PC NF422AA, NF422AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ520nl Desktop PC NF435AA, NF435AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ520sc Desktop PC NF583AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ520tr Desktop PC NM673AA, NM673AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522ea Desktop PC NM674AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ535gr Desktop PC NM707AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532is Desktop PC NM712AA, NM712AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532af Desktop PC NM731AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532pl Desktop PC NM738AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532be Desktop PC NM763AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532de Desktop PC NM782AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532nl Desktop PC NM797AA, NM797AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532ch Desktop PC NM798AA, NM798AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532fr Desktop PC NM836AA, NM836AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ535fr Desktop PC NM837AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532es Desktop PC NM895AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ535uk Desktop PC NM926AA, NM926AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532sc Desktop PC NM949AA, NM949AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ530kr Desktop PC NP088AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ531jp Desktop PC NP154AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ539tw Desktop PC NP165AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532it Desktop PC NQ821AA, NQ821AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ535es Desktop PC NQ873AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ520fr Desktop PC NQ926AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ535pt Desktop PC NR027AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ545a Desktop PC NY456AA, NY456AAR
    • HP TouchSmart600-1020la Desktop PC NY528AA, NY528AAR
    • HP TouchSmart600-1070jp Desktop PC NY661AA
    • HP TouchSmart600-1060jp Desktop PC NY662AA
    • HP TouchSmart600-1090jp Desktop PC NY663AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1068cn Desktop PC NY691AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1088cn Desktop PC NY692AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1015kr Desktop PC NY715AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1050a Desktop PC NY760AA, NY760AAR
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1070a Desktop PC NY761AA, NY761AAR
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1037d Desktop PC NY783AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1038d Desktop PC NY784AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ546t CTO Desktop PC VA284AV
    • HP TouchSmart IQ545gr Desktop PC VC785AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ542af Desktop PC VC799AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ545pt Desktop PC VC822AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ542nl Desktop PC VC876AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ542tr Desktop PC VC878AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ540fr Desktop PC VC904AA, VC904AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ542fr Desktop PC VC905AA, VC905AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ545uk Desktop PC VC919AA, VC919AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ540uk Desktop PC VC920AA, VC920AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ540tr Desktop PC VG130AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ542uk Desktop PC VG152AA, VG152AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522gr Desktop PC VG188AA, VG188AAR
    • HP TouchSmart IQ532gr Desktop PC VG189AA
    • HP TouchSmart IQ522tr Desktop PC VG205AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1050be Desktop PC VN309AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1050pt Desktop PC VN317AA, VN317AAR
    • HP TouchSmart600-1050fr Desktop PC VN420AA, VN420AAR
    • HP TouchSmart600-1050uk Desktop PC VN421AA, VN421AAR
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1050it Desktop PC VS217AA, VS217AAR
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1050gr Desktop PC VS235AA
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1050de Desktop PC VS248AA, VS248AAR
    • HP TouchSmart 600-1050sc Desktop PC VS249AA, VS249AAR
    • HP Pavilion: dv4, dv5, dv7, G3000, G5000, G6000, and G7000
    • Compaq Presario: CQ40, CQ45, CQ50
    • HP 2133 Mini-Note PCHP 2533t Mobile Thin Client
    • HP EliteBook 6930p Notebook PC
    • HP Compaq nx6110 Notebook PC
    • HP Compaq nx6115 Notebook PC
    • HP Compaq nx6325 Notebook PC
    • HP Compaq nx7300 Notebook PC
    • HP Compaq nx7400 Notebook PC
    • DV6000 DV8000 DV9000

    Package Content:

    • 1 x HP Compaq 7.4mm x 5.0mm Pin Insde AL192AA AC Adapter Power Charger 19V 7.9A

    (Note 1 : Photo attached is for reference only, it may be slightly varied in items of colour, markings from the actual item delivered from time to time

    Note 2 : Package does not contains of AC Power Cord

    Note 3 : Tell us your computer model if you are not sure which model of Power supply to order)

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