Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Size 1.2m(W) 40m(L) (Bubble Sheet Enhance)^^Double Layer Aluminium
RM 785.00

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Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation
Aluminium Bubble Sheet Roll size 1.2m(W) 40m(L) (RM 785.00/Roll)

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation
Flat Sheet Roll enhance with craft paper size 1.22m(W) 45m(L) (RM 245.00/Roll)

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation
Aluminium Fire Retardant Bubble Sheet Roll size 1.2m(W) 40m(L) (RM 970.00/Roll)

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Aluminium Bubble Sheet Sun Radiation Heat Reflect Thermal Insulation

Reflective Insulation Aluminium Foil Sun Heat Block Sun Light Heat Reflect Sun Radiation Heat Block Sun Radiation Reflect Thermal Reflective Aluminium Heat Shield Foil Aluminium Barrier Cooling Foil
Size:- 1.2m (W) x 40m (L)
Whatapp or sms contact 011-56656543 (Mr Lu)
Sabah Sarawak to Be advise
We specialize in Acoustic Sound Proof meterial, Heat Insulation Material, Packing Material, Construction Foam and Timber Wood Product
Material: Aluminium Foil enhance with Bubble Sheet (Double Layer Aluminium)
Feature: Reflect Radiant heat from sun,Heat Insulation.
Size : 1.2m (W) x 40m (L)
Color: Silver
Packing:- 1 Roll (40m)
Price :- RM785/roll
Double Side Aluminium Foil Available:-.
A) Flat Sheet Roll size 1.22m(W) 45m(L) enchand with craft paper (RM 245.00/Roll)
B) Aluminium Bubble Sheet Roll size 1.2m(W) 40m(L) (RM 785.00/Roll)
C) Aluminium Fire Retardant Bubble Sheet Roll size 1.2m(W) 40m(L) (RM 970.00/Roll)
History of Aluminum foil Reflective insulation
Aluminum foil Reflective insulation foundation was develope by NASA for their space program to protect astronauts from extreme high temperature in the sky.
The traditional insulation are not applicable due to very thick layer needed. The solution was using reflective aluminum foil insulation for making a barrier wall on their dresses.
Aluminum thermal insulation is work on the radiant barrier principal that reflects the temperature and sun rays back to atmosphere from where they are coming from.
And it works in both hot and cold environment by reflecting high temperature rays to the direction of source.
Reflective Insulation :-
  • It is very effective in warm climates where it is useful in keeping buildings cool.
  • Create a comfortable living house environment , and reduce energy comsumtion by air conditioner.
  • Unlike other insulation, it does not degrade over time due to compacting, disintegration, or from absorbing moisture.
  • It is thin and fairly lightweight and much less bulky then other forms, making it easy to work with and fit.
  • It can also be used as a vapour barrier as it is relatively water proof and unaffected by moisture.
  • It is also none toxic and none carcinogenic unlike other forms of insulation making it safer and easy to install with the use of less safety equipment.
Application of Aluminum foil Reflective insulation
Reflective insulation (also known as foil insulation) is usually made from aluminium foil or aluminised polyester.
Reflective insulation is commonly used in two main areas;
A) Building's Roof.
B) Cold air or Water Ventilation Paip Sytem.
A) Building's Roof.
Aluminium foil insulation are used during construction of buildings and are placed between two layers of the roofs or on roof top.
Through its reflection qualities, this reflective insulation material reflects the heat from the external environment.
Such thermal insulation material does the same with the coolness, developed inside the room through the use of air conditioners.
The coolness is reflected back inside to maintain the effect of the AC for longer periods of time.
Aluminium Reflective foil reduces the amount of heat that is penetrating your home. It is best used against thermal radiation.
This type of insulation prevents the heat from transferring from one place to another.
Wen house roof is being hit by the sun’s heat waves, the barrier will block all passageways on your roof; therefore, stabilizing the temperature inside your home.
The heat insulation effectiness features can be enhanced with the use of craft paper that sandwiched between the aluminum foil.
Though aluminum insulation , can reflects up to 90 percentage of sun rays and radiant heat, remaining can be stop passing to home by craft paper.
And this is why most of the radiant barriers are the best choice for home and industrial temperature insulation where needs to keep the close room at a constant temperature
Studies have shown that radiant heat transmission is responsible for the highest amount of heat gain or loss in the building structure.
During the hot day time, the ceiling or roof and wall of the building absorb radiation from the sun rays and transmit it inside the home.
The same heat is then transmitter towards the attic room.
However, most of the sun rays and heat is transmitted outside when radiant aluminum foil insulation is used.
A properly installed aluminum thermal barrier stops 90 percentage of the heat transfer and saves money and energy both.
B) Cold Air or Water Ventilation Paip Sytem.
By warpping Cold Air or Water Ventilation Paip System with Aluminium Reflective Foil ,benefit and function to keep the air and water cold a long the transmit process can be acheived.
Aluminum Reflection Foil Thermal insulation can be used to multiple places where it can be found useful for stopping unwanted heat gain or heat loss.
Aluminum foil insulation works effectively and efficiently and prevents the transmission of temperature that at the end results into wastage of energy.
Advantages of Reflective Foil Insulation:-
High-Efficiency Performance
Thin, lightweight Aluminium Foil provides resistance against the three types of heat flow: conduction, convection and radiation.
It forms an effective barrier against moisture, air currents and vapors, while resisting mold, fungus, insects and nesting rodents.
Easy to Use
It is lightweight, compact, and pliable; yet resistant to punctures, tears and cracking.
Conforms easily to fit complex shapes. Installation is quick and simple.
Outstanding Safety, Health and Environmental Benefits
Clean, non-toxic, fire-retardant and enhance with craft paper and fiber glass mesh .
No special clothing or protective mask is necessary for handling or installation.
Cost-Effective and Versatile
It is an economical solution for a wide range of industrial, manufacturing and consumer applications, and costs are much less than the common conventional insulation.
Low Energy Cost
Less Air conditional energy used to maintain the confortable temperature in house during the hot seasons. Thus pay less to electric bill.
Beneficial to Your Health and Safety
Some insulation materials are made from substances that can cause allergic reactions and are not resistant to flames.
With reflective foils, however, you do not have to worry about fibrous materials floating around your home.
Reflective foil insulations are enhance with craft paper and fiber glass mesh that increase heat block properties and surface are fire-retardant.
Creates a Comfortable Environment
Since reflective foil insulations reduce the amount of heat that enters your home, you will not have any problem getting through the hot days.
Please Note:-
A) Delivery
Klang Valley---RM80/trip or above base on location and item size and quantity.
Out of Klang Valley, to be advise.
B) Warranty
No Warranty -- (consumables, wear and tear item)
Replacement only against manufacturer defect.
We normally check before item deliver, defect during transport process are NOT Seller responsibility.
Good sole are not cash refunderable.
If interested can Whats App or SM-S 011-56656543, (Mr Lu)
12-1, Jalan Damai Mewah 1,
Taman Damai Mewah,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.
H/P:- 011-56656543
Page:- www.lovelyteik.co

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