Annie Recommended Breast UPUP modeling clothes nobox02117

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    Annie Recommended Breast UPUP modeling clothes nobox02117

    he products are flexible, suitable for XXL / XL 67-80 bust, you can wear. 平时穿L XL 都可以穿 Usually wear L, XL, you can wear it

    **Annie教主最推薦** 【24小時維持美麗傲人胸型】 By Annie ** leader of the most recommended ** [24 hours to maintain a beautiful and proud Xiongxing]
    平胸族也能擁有傲人雙峰依人體工學特殊剪裁可與身體完全服貼雙層布加壓設計,整件緹花面料,品質精緻不輸專櫃商品胸下二側加壓設計,有助於胸腺提高,讓胸型更完美包覆定型效果佳,讓罩杯upup Flat chest tribe also has impressive peaks ergonomically special cut with the body completely obedient double-layer Bucharest pressure design, jacquard fabrics, quality fine not lose counter commodity chest two side pressure design will help increased in the thymus, the more perfect breast shape coated stereotypes good effect, so that the cup upup
    背部四條軟鋼條的防駝設計讓你更抬頭挺胸、充滿自信可調式雙肩帶設計,可依個人高矮做調整,依每個人不同需求而穿的更舒適 Mild steel bar in the back of four anti-camel design allows you more upright, full of confidence adjustable shoulder belt design, according to individual height adjustment according to the different needs of each person to wear more comfortable

    独特功效 A unique effect

    有4粒磁石哦~ Four magnets!



    一拉、二托、三固定,三步打造完美身姿 A pull, two child care, three fixed, three steps to create the perfect posture
    1、独特设计,有效拉直背部 1, the unique design, effectively straighten the back
         采用双效肩带加强设计,对肩背形成均匀拉力,瞬间使资背部挺直,同时采用紧贴脊雉的单根超软合金条,维护胸雉有效拉直胸部,给正在发育的胸部有效的空间,做到健康、安全、有效。 The double-effect shoulder straps to strengthen the design to form a uniform tension on the shoulder, an instant-owned back straight while using a single soft alloy bar close to the ridge pheasant, to maintain effective chest pheasant straighten the chest, to developing effective chest space, to be healthy, safe and effective.
    2、优质的面料、超强弹性、实现托胸效果 2, high-quality fabrics, super flexible, the effect of breast care
         采用源自西班牙进口面料,内含美国杜邦公司生产的优质莱卡及高弹纤维,高弹性加上大于90度的U型立体托胸设计,可有效地将变形、外扩、下垂后的乳房回复到挺拔丰满,同时有效包裹腋下附乳,在挺直胸部的同时,还有提升、增大乳房。 Adopted from Spain imported fabrics containing DuPont production of high quality Lycra and high elastic fiber, high flexibility, coupled with greater than 90 degrees, U-shaped design of three-dimensional breast care, to be effective in deformation, the outer expansion, sagging breasts after back to the upright fullness, while effectively wrapped armpit attached to milk, while in the upright chest, as well as improve, increase breast.
    3、奇特的固定功效,使乳房丰满有形 3, the strange fixed effects, breast fullness tangible
    —— 想要乳房丰满,光补充大量脂肪和蛋白质,没有外部固定器,脂肪与蛋白质就会向手臂和腋下流失,胸部不仅没有变大,还造成上身肥胖就像一个外部固定器,帮助胸部塑造完美挺拔的形状,只要你每天正常佩戴,即便晚上睡眠时卸下脂肪也不会再流向腋下和手臂。 - Want to breast fullness, light to add a lot of fat and protein, and no external fixator, fat and protein will be to the loss of arms and underarms, chest, not only does not get bigger, but also cause the upper body obesity as an external fixator to help the chest create a perfect upright shape as long as you are every day normal wear, even sleep at night remove the fat will not flow to the armpit and arm. 让完美胸型从此固定,不再变形 Perfect breast shape from fixed and no longer deformation

    ◇托高集中防外擴罩杯upup 防副乳◇ ◇ ◇ prop up the concentrate against foreign expansion the cup upup anti Furu

    採用國際領先簍空式六角透氣網紗及菱形三層編織加壓,貼身不緊繃舒適,任你想怎麼動就怎麼動,如果你剛剛開始發育,那一定要穿,如果你對自己的胸形不滿意,那一定要穿,如果你對自己下垂的胸部束手無策,那一定要穿。 The yarn and diamond three of the leading international basket of air-type hexagonal breathable mesh weave pressure, next to the skin is not tight and comfortable, as you would like to move on how to move, if you just start to develop, it must be to wear, if you own chest form are not satisfied, it must wear his sagging chest if you do nothing, it must wear.

    女明星天心,就是自小穿著調整型內衣,才能擁有今日人稱人羨的曼妙身材。 Actress heart, childhood wearing adjustable underwear, graceful figure has today called envy. 選擇一件適合自己的調整型內衣,就可隨時提醒自己須注意姿勢,守護完美曲線。 Choose a suitable adjustable underwear, you can always remind ourselves to pay attention to posture, guardian of the perfect curve. 想要擁有窈窕曲線,光靠節食、偏方,效果只是一時的。 Want to have slim curve, diet alone, prescriptions, and the effect is only temporary. 唯有從日常生活中的姿勢調整,及長期的體態雕塑,才能讓身材永遠維持迷人的線條。 Only adjust the position from the daily life, and long-term body sculpture in order to allow the body to always maintain the charming lines.

    可調式肩帶,可隨身高隨時調整,不受身高限制。 Adjustable shoulder strap that can go high adjusted at any time, without height restrictions.
    漸進式排鈕勾, 可隨胸圍寬鬆做調整。 Incremental row button hook can be adjusted with bust loose.



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    User:   sus****12/04/2013 09:45 AM
    Question:   y juz only got XL
    Answer:   last size XL only.other size ready sell out. thx12/04/2013 09:54 AM
    User:   Dee****03/12/2012 11:41 AM
    Question:   Can M size wear this ? How is the back part look like?
    Answer:   hi,this XL only . ^^03/12/2012 11:57 AM
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    User:   sus****12/04/2013 09:45 AM
    Question:   y juz only got XL
    Answer:   last size XL only.other size ready sell out. thx12/04/2013 09:54 AM
    User:   Dee****03/12/2012 11:41 AM
    Question:   Can M size wear this ? How is the back part look like?
    Answer:   hi,this XL only . ^^03/12/2012 11:57 AM
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