Arduino HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor)

    Arduino HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor)

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    Arduino HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor (Passive Infrared Sensor)


    Product Description

    HC-SR501 is based on infrared technology, automatic control module, using Germany imported LHI778 probe design, high sensitivity, high reliability, ultra-low-voltage operating mode, widely used in various auto-sensing electrical equipment, especially for battery-powered automatic controlled products.


    • Use BISS0001 signal processing IC, sanyo genius regulator
    • Voltage: 5V – 20V
    • Power Consumption: 65mA
    • TTL output: 3.3V, 0V
    • Delay time: adjustable (0.3 sec – 10 minutes)
    • Lock time: 0.2 sec
    • Trigger methods: L – disable repeat trigger, H enable repeat trigger
    • Sensing range: less than 120 degree, within 7 meters
    • Temperature: – 15 ~ +70
    • Dimension: 32*24 mm, distance between screw 28mm, M2, Lens dimension in diameter: 23mm


    1. Automatic sensor: When someone enters its sensing range is input high, people leave the sensor range is automatically delayed high. Output low.

    2. Sensitive control (optional): The module is reserved for position, can be set to light control, daytime or light is not sensitive. The photosensitive control is optional and the factory does not have a photoresistor installed. If necessary, please purchase the photosensitive resistor yourself to install.

    3. Two trigger modes: L can not be repeated, H can be repeated. Can be jumper selection, the default is H.

    A. non-repeatable trigger mode: that is, after the sensor output high, the delay time is over, the output will automatically change from high to low.

    B. repeatable trigger mode: that is, after the induction output high level, in the delay period, if the body in its induction range of activities, the output will remain high until the people leave after the delay will be high The level changes to a low level (the sensor module automatically detects a delay period after each activity of the human body and takes the last active time as the starting point for the delay time).

    4. With the sensor block time (default setting: 2.5 seconds): induction module in each induction output (high level becomes low), you can set up a blockade time, in this period of time sensor does not Receive any induction signal. This function can be realized (sensing output time and blocking time) the work of the interval between the two can be applied to detect the product at the same time this function can effectively inhibit the load switching process generated by a variety of interference.

    5. Wide operating voltage range: the default operating voltage DC5V to 20V

    6. Micropower: quiescent current 60 microamps, especially for battery-powered electrical products.

    7. Output high signal: can be easily connected with various types of circuits.





    Pyroelectric infrared switch is BISS0001 with pyroelectric infrared sensor and a small amount of external components composed of passive infrared switch. It can automatically open all kinds of incandescent, fluorescent, buzzer, automatic doors, fans, dryers and automatic washing machines and other devices, is a high-tech products. Particularly applicable to enterprises, hotels, shopping malls, warehouses and family aisles, corridors and other sensitive areas, or for safe areas of automatic lighting, lighting and alarm systems.

    ? security products ? human induction toys

    ? human induction lighting ? industrial automation and control


    Instructions for use:

    1. After the induction module is energized for about one minute, the module will output 0-3 times at intervals, and enter the standby state after one minute.

    2. should try to avoid the light and other sources of interference close to the surface of the module directly to the lens, so as not to introduce interference signal to produce malfunction; use the environment as far as possible to avoid the flow of wind, the wind will interfere with the sensor.


    3. The sensor module uses a binary probe, the probe window is rectangular, binary (A yuan B yuan) is located in the longer direction of the two ends, when the body from left to right or from right to left, the infrared spectrum to reach the binary The greater the difference, the more sensitive, when the human body from the front to the probe or from top to bottom or from bottom to top direction, the binary detection of infrared spectral distance changes, no difference Value, so the sensor is not sensitive or does not work; so the sensor should be installed in the direction of the dual direction of the probe with the direction of the human body as much as possible parallel to ensure that the human body has been tested by the binary sensor. In order to increase the scope of the induction angle, the module uses a circular lens, but also makes the probe are sensitive on all sides, but the left and right sides are still more than the upper and lower direction of induction, the sensitivity is strong, the installation must be as much as possible.




    For enquiries please Whatsapp 0125374838


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    For enquiries please Whatsapp 0125374838



    For enquiries please Whatsapp 0125374838



    For enquiries please Whatsapp 0125374838



    For enquiries please Whatsapp 0125374838


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