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Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream Malaysia

Ovomaltine was conceived and first presented onto the market in 1904. Two things make our Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream overpowering. The first is, obviously, the unfathomably firm Ovomaltine bits and the smooth surface of the spread. Ovomaltine is the main item that consolidates the crunchy with the smoothness. Attempt Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream on your bread move, croissant or crêpe and utilize it as an element for your cakes, baked goods, and frozen yogurt.

Ovomaltine crunchy cream 2 X 380g Exp: 20/8/2019
Ovomaltine crunchy cream 2 X 380g Exp: 20/8/2019
Ship from : Kuala Lumpur ,Estimated Arrival 3-5 working days.

RM 52.90
RM 48.90

RM 8.60

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[SET OF 2] Ovomaltine 380g - Belgium
[SET OF 2] Ovomaltine 380g - Belgium
Ship from : Kuala Lumpur ,Estimated Arrival 3-5 working days.

RM 55.00 -11 %
RM 49.00

RM 5.90

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Ovomaltine - Crunchy Cream (380g) - Switzerland
Ovomaltine - Crunchy Cream (380g) - Switzerland
Ship from : Kuala Lumpur ,Estimated Arrival 3-5 working days.

RM 30.00 -20 %
RM 23.90

RM 6.90

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Ovomaltine crunchy cream 380g
Ovomaltine crunchy cream 380g
Ship from : Kuala Lumpur ,Estimated Arrival 3-5 working days.

RM 40.00 -30 %
RM 27.80

RM 7.00

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6 Reasons to eat Ovomaltine today

Over the years, Ovomaltine has built up the taste of new crunchy chocolatey spread and there's no reason to not eat Ovomaltine with your bread.

  • The fiber helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases
  • Nourishes your red blood cells and bones
  • Incorporate in healthy food, for example, mix the ovolmatine with greek yogurt
  • It contains a happy chocolate for everyone
  • Gluten or monosodium glutamate is considered generally destructive. Nutella does not contain any gluten-containing dishes of oat.
  • Ovomaltine is certified as halal in term of ingredients of their cocoa.

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Aside from their outstanding chocolatey taste, Ovomaltine likewise offers a variety of Ovomaltine products that you without a doubt would need to attempt! Here is likewise where you can discover different kinds of Ovomaltine that are up to gets, including the Ovomaltine chocolate bar, and Ovomaltine cookies that will beyond any doubt to satisfy your taste buds! Come and get them today at the costs and arrangements that you would not have any desire to miss!

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