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Multifunction Cooker in Malaysia

People are going crazy about the new it things for their kitchen. The multifunction cooker becomes a new trend to put in must have listed in every kitchen. Giving you a chance to make your most loved dishes, this is where the magic of cookers happens. Between cooking on a stove, these multifunction cookers are more efficient and can be effectively controlled with a few power and warmth setting. It helps our dishes taste more delicious and delightful.

Know your Multifunction Cooker

There are many types of multifunction cookers such as steam cookers, ovens, and your traditional rice cookers. These kitchen appliances are great for apartments or small living spaces for not more than 3 people. So, get to know your type of multi-function cooker for your lovely kitchen.

  • Slow cookers: An astonishing kitchen appliances to have which gives you a chance to cook delicious dinners like bean stew, braised meat, thus significantly more! Rather than cooking your nourishment in a split second, slow cookers take hours to cook your food with least warmth, guaranteeing a delicious and tasty dinner.
  • Steamers: Specially designed to steam cook food. It comes from the heat with the right temperature and suits to cook dim sum, corn, vegetables and many more!
  • Induction cookers: On the off chance that you think kitchen hobs are somewhat too huge and take up excessively space, at that point an enlistment cooker would fit your way of life. Consider it an electric kitchen hob which produces warm utilizing hot plates fueled by power.
  • Rice cookers: The most popular and well-known kitchen appliances. It is very easy to use and help you to cook rice without burning it. Besides that, some rice cookers today have worked in steamers that enables you to cook and steam different sorts of nourishment while cooking rice.

Why should you have the multifunction cooker in your home?

Cookers, for example, steamers, small induction cookers, and the typical rice cookers are helpful appliances that each family unit ought to have.

  • It is convenient for steaming and cooking at the same time
  • Prevent overheating and let your dishes burn out
  • Save a lot of time and make meals become fast
  • Can keep your dishes warm before dinner or lunch
  • Easy to adapt any recipes that you like to try on such as pudding, chicken sour or meat
  • Did not take a lot of time to clean it up
  • Quite compact
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