Lelong.my - Voucher Terms and Conditions

Updated 5 December 2017

  1. Lelong.my vouchers are not legal tender and are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.

  2. Unused/ remaining balance of the voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or any other forms of legal tender.

  3. Vouchers are only valid on the Lelong.my website, LMall.my website, Pretty.my website, Groupme.my website, mobile website or mobile applications (iOS & Andriod).

  4. All vouchers issued by Interbase Resources Sdn Bhd (Lelong.my, LMall.my, Pretty.my & Groupme.my) is only eligible to stores that come with Netpay.

  5. The value of the voucher stated herein is in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR).

  6. Voucher is valid up to the stipulated expiry date and no extension of date will be given.

  7. Buyer is required to download the voucher in order to redeem it.

  8. A valid code must be entered at the checkout page in order to redeem the voucher.

  9. Only one voucher can be used per checkout.

  10. Should the purchase amount exceed the voucher value, the difference thereof should be paid by the buyer.

  11. However, if the value of the goods is less then the amount stated in the voucher, then the difference thereof shall not be refunded to the buyer. If a voucher has a minimum purchase price requirement, the amount of the item(s) must exceed the minimum purchase requirement of the voucher.

  12. Buyers may return and/or request a refund for cases where:
    a. Product(s) purchased is out of stock.
    b. Product defect.
    c. Case by case basic
    on product purchased using Lelong.my Voucher. If a buyer is entitled to a refund, Lelong.my shall refund the total cash amount of payment made for the product.

  13. Interbase Resources Sdn Bhd or Lelong.my or LMall.my or Pretty.my or Groupme.my retains the right to cancel or modify any order, or revoke the use of Vouchers for any reason, including due to:
    a. Suspicious or fraudulent purchasing activity or Voucher use;
    b. Voucher abuse, including the use of multiple accounts or multiple checkouts associated with the same customer or group of customers; or
    c. Voucher used in a disorderly manner (including reselling of Vouchers or use of Vouchers by customers purchasing products for the purpose of re-selling)

  14. Additional terms and conditions may be specified in relation to specific voucher code (for example, duration, eligibility, discount amount, and products covered) will govern the use and redemption of those vouchers.

  15. Interbase Resources Sdn Bhd (Lelong.my. LMall.my, Pretty.my & Groupme.my) reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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