“Online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined.”

(Diode Digital, 2013)

Corporate Video

Tell us your Stories, Vision, Mission and Business Core Values in your video.This video is focused on telling potential buyers or clients to know what you do in your business.


Kravve Co

Store Video

This video is to give your customers a quick look into what your retail shop looks like, gain your buyers’ trusts and give them a virtual tour of your store in the form of a video. This is the time where you show us your products or services available in your retail shop! Embed this video to your online store, and drive them to your offline store.

Youmiki Baby Store

Starspicker Audio Library

R&E Air Cond Specialist

Paille Bar & Restaurant

Aquacult Studio

SiChuan KungFu Fish Rest.

Sani Hotel (Ramadhan Buffet)

Product & Service Video

Dedicated video to focus solely on the product that you are carrying in your store. It can be anything under the sky! From a customizable earphones all the way to handmade products can be featured in your product video.

Youmiki Baby Store

Starspicker Earphones

Tradimade (Ginger Cane Sugar)

Love Earth (Quinoa)

Love Earth (Overnight Oat)

Ookas (Wifi Extender)

A’Famosa Accommodation

A’Famosa Water Theme Park

A’Famosa Safari Wonderland

PKT Logistics

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