Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre

foam profile one stop sound proof install and supply cheap & fast
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Product ID : 216306097
Model / SKU : whatsapp 016 445 9451
Conditions : New
Dimension (WxLxH) : 106cm x 190cm x 5cm

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
high quality heavy duty local manufacture high den without powder original shell formula 016 4459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
ceiling sound proof 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
sound blocking layers supply 016 4459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
acoustic panel supply and install 016 4459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
sound / heat insulation supply and install 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
dyno jet room sound proof supply stock ready for bulk supply 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
studio / recording room supply and install 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
auditorium sound solution 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
studio sound acoustic one stop 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
biggest size and highest sound absorb 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
theater room sound control supply 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
auditorium sound solution one stop approved by many project 0164459451

Egg profile soundproof soundproofing foam acoustic panelings centre
meeting hall sound solution 0164459451

lovelyteik foam manufacturing egg shape high density sound foam foam , foam protection,
topper mattress cushion.


span kedap serap bunyi jual-beli dan siap pasang Span kedap bunyi bising serap hitam telur akustik
Kami menjual span bertelur hitamuntuk menyerap bunyi bising seronok untuk kedap haba dan bunyi
Kami menyedia ada span getah yg berjenis pelbagai guna Murah ,cepat ,dan berfungsi Size besar dan kecil sedia ada Barang barang untuk mengurangkan suara tinggi Atau menghilangkan bunyi yang kacau Senang pasang sendiri, Atau kami pasang (kawasan tertentu) Span telur waves shape high density sponge kedap

facebook Foam Centre of Soundproof & Home Furnishing & Mattress
Mattress manufacturing
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heat insulation temperature control products
sound acoustic panels supply and install

Sound Absorbing Items
Whether you are looking for a residential, commercial or an industrial solution, LovelyTeik's series of products can assist you with either absorbing or isolating problematic sound issues.
​Egg crate PU foam commonly used in recording studios, room acoustics , speakers, sound absorbing surface and packaging.

Size available -
A) 75 inch (L) 27 inch (W)1 inch (T) Grey - RM 54.00/Pcs (moq 10pcs)
B) ​75 inch (L) 54 inch (W) 1 inch (T) Grey - RM 97.00/Pcs (moq 10pcs)
C) 75 inch (L) 54 inch (W) 2 inch (T) Grey - RM 150.00/Pcs (moq 10pcs)
D) 75 inch (L) 27 inch (W) 2 inch (T) Grey - RM 94.00/Pcs (moq 10pcs)
E) 75 inch (L) 27 inch (W) 2 inch (T) Black - RM 97.00/Pcs stock ready
F) 75 inch (L) 42 inch (W) 2 inch (T) Grey - RM 120.00/Pcs stock ready
G) 75 inch (L) 27 inch (W) 1 inch (T) Black - RM 54.00/Pcs stock ready
H) ​75 inch (L) 60 inch (W) 2 inch (T) Black - RM 240.00/Pcs (moq 10pcs)
I) 19 inch (L) 14 inch (W) 1.5 inch (T) Black - RM 16.00/Pcs **For box. (moq 10pcs)
J) 75 inch (L) 60 inch (W) 1 inch (T) Pink Fire Retardant - RM 120.00/Pcs (moq 10pcs)
K) ​ 75 inch (L) 30 inch (W) 1 inch (T) Pink Fire Retardant - RM 66.00/Pcs (moq 10pcs)


Our Consultants shall further to the services required; do and perform all acts, and things which are usually done and performed by Consultants according to the practice of our profession in relation to the services and matters provided as agreed including the giving of advice upon any instances which the client may from time to time require in preparing the Project and in carrying out the services relating there to.

soundproofing raw materials supply
sound acoustic panels supply
sound proof install and supply
delivery to whole Malaysia
installation with raw materials
from Rm2200 to Rm200 0000

Lovelyteik foam industries is supply sponge more than 30 years
We supply high quality,safety,cleaning mattress for customize
We also supply wooden for decoration
We supply all kinds of polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam
For sound acoustic and sound proof for studio,auditorium hall,office meeting room
jamming recording room,dyno jet testing rooms, classroom, music training room, games room
Private silence room,antminer mining farm,theater hifi rooms, pub, restaurants , hotel,
VR safety protection rooms installation heat and sound for great green
We supply insulation rubber foam sheet
We supply pp sheet for your inside cleaning protection

Eva foam for design decoration

Malaysia cryptocurrency home mining soundproof sound proof install and supply
supply to whole Malaysia
Allow miners to mine at home with their favorite machines
Work perfectly with Antminer T9, S9, S7, L3, L3+, D3, A3, T9+ and more
HIGH quality raw materials sound absorb and HIGH density sound proof materials supply and install
fast and easy

Sound Solutions for Home & Corporate Businesses
lovelyteik sound solution more than 30 years old 016 445 9451 sound proof solutions
lovelyteik have many years of experiences in installation and supply of AV Systems to many industry like Hotel, Corporate, Religious, Government and also to home users.
Any questions regarding to designing your entertainment room, soundproof wall, Acoustic wall panels
016 445 9451
You might have heard the old myth that egg cartons help reduce noise and provide an excellent substitute for the conventional soundproofing materials on the market. Even though the idea of filling your room with egg cartoons may seem silly, many soundproofing materials do in fact mimic the shape of these cartons to better improve acoustic properties.
Egg crate soundproofing does, in fact, assist with noise and echo elimination. Even various foams and insulators that strive to eliminate noise emulate the form of these cartons to better serve your noise reduction needs. But why is soundproofing material often egg carton-shaped and how does it better assist your soundproofing needs?
How Shape Impacts Sound Reduction
If you’ve ever used an insulating material with an unusual or convoluted shape, you might have mistakenly thought it was defective or flawed. There’s a reason why manufacturers engineer soundproofing material into forms with egg carton outlines!
The shape of “egg carton” insulation allows the material to absorb sound better. How? The varying levels of curvature and dips grant products the ability to scatter sound waves throughout different frequencies. In essence, this assists the soundproofing product in deflecting noise by reducing the number of sound reflections that occur within a given room.
Echo Reduction vs. Soundproofing or Sound Absorption
To put this concept into simpler terms, think of your wall like a mirror. When you hold a non-textured image up to the mirror, the reflection is that of a complete image. If you held a jagged crystal up to the mirror instead, the reflection would be scattered and compromised.
The various textural ripples and waves of egg carton-shaped materials do not absorb sound waves in their entirety. Instead, they break these sound waves up into multiple frequencies and echo them in various directions, which radically reduces the level of noise production and echo in your room. Rather than absorbing the sound, they deflect noises into numerous directions, which minimizes the sound that reaches your ears.
Best Applications for Egg Carton-Shaped Material
Now that you know about the extraordinary soundproofing properties of egg cartoon-shaped materials, you may be wondering where to install them.
Solid surfaces such as concrete walls and ceilings could benefit from the waved shape of egg carton insulation. These products assist in the dispersion of the sound waves that hit each surface by bouncing them into various directions instead of just one. Any location that suffers from noisy echoes would also benefit from the rippling effect of an egg carton’s form.
Soundproof Your Room With the Right Materials
antminer mining farm sound solution install and supply

supply to whole Malaysia
Whether you find yourself unable to sleep at night in your own home or suffer through the distraction of noisy neighbors at the office, soundproofing is the solution. At Soundproof Cow, we offer a variety of products engineered to help you achieve the maximum level of noise and echo reduction to gain a much-needed sense of peace.

Please website
www. Lovelyteik.co
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016 445 9451

delivery to whole Malaysia

Need you private recording room
Without any disturb sound and noisy
Make a perfect sound acoustic room

Acoustic Sponge / Soundproofing Foam / Studio Soundproof Acoustic Foam , Find
Complete Details about Acoustic Sponge / Soundproofing Foam / Studio ...
Generator noise reduction encloses soundproof item

Lovelyteik.co foam industries Supply egg shape high density sponge
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I need 8 rolls of 75x60x2 grey foam. What’s the total cost
02/03/2020 07:38 PM
You need Eggs Shape Acoustic Sound Proof Foam
Size :- 75x60x2 inch
Qty 8 pcs
have to costume made.
Estimate RM280/pcs.
Details have to wait production reply.

currently production only running size :- 75 x 42 x 2 inch.

May i know where is you location to delivery?
How do i address you?
May i know your whatsapp contact? or please whatsapp me 011-56656543
04/03/2020 01:33 AM
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