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    The ENZYME of SOD IP6 1 box X 175g bottle

    Antioxidant enzymes SOD in the history of the development of enzyme named, the first enzyme in the role of "subject matter" behind the name, plus "enzymes" to name. Some example: digestive enzymes, amylase, protein and fat enzymes enzymes, enzyme refers to the role of a particular object. Then slowly progress to the type of chemical reaction catalyzed by the enzyme to name, that is familiar to everyone, " SOD ", which is a strong antioxidant capacity of antioxidant enzymes are used to help eliminate harmful peroxide was - "radical."


    SOD antioxidant enzymes, and to have a relatively well-known. Common in large straw, wheat grass, broccoli, kale and other dark green plants. Under adequate intake of nutrients, the body can use the nutrients in food, the desired recombinant human antioxidant enzymes of SOD .

    In healthy foods, with a strong Japanese-style plant enzymes, has been a leader in enzyme products. Plant enzymes is the use of food fermentation technology, dozens of different plant after fermentation to give the rich SOD antioxidant enzyme ingredient, adjust the intestinal functions and digestive enzymes oligosaccharides, and easy to absorb vitamins and minerals. Thus, the plant enzyme products provide antioxidant enzymes protect cells and help digestion and absorption, promote cell metabolism, speed up the body of waste excretion and other functions. Under normal circumstances, the substance in vivo antioxidant protection system is intake from the diet, their own metabolism. But unhealthy diet, stressful lifestyle and Huanjingwuran affect the protection system. From the viewpoint of nutrition, plant enzymes by fermentation, so that fruits and vegetables into small molecules of nutrients, can be quickly absorbed by the body directly involved in the regulation of metabolism. Usually unbalanced nutrition, poor digestion and absorption, fatigue, may wish to drink plant enzymes to adjust the constitution.




    What is SOD?

    SOD study called "superoxide dismutase" ( Superoxide Dismutase abbreviated) of. It is widely present in vivo, an oxygen free radical scavenger, to eliminate harmful substances produced by the organism in the metabolic process. Has a role in protecting the body from injury, people, animals are non-toxic side effects.

    Body continually replenish the SOD has a special anti-aging effects. SOD ( Superoxide Dismutase, EC1.15.1.1, SOD ) is the start date in 1938 Marn, who first isolated from bovine superoxide dismutase in red blood cells, people SOD studies had more than 70 year history. 1969 McCord et rediscovery of this protein, and found that their biological activity, to ascertain the nature of its catalytic superoxide anion disproportionation reaction, it is officially named as superoxide dismutase - of SOD .


    SOD 's work with

    SOD is the body's cell metabolism indispensable activity of proteins, can prevent cell aging, restore and promote the role of health body. Studies have shown that, of SOD on the human body thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and other diseases have a certain role of adjuvant therapy and prevention. Person who has entered middle age, of SOD in the number and activity will decline, so that excessive accumulation of free radicals, one of the causes of aging, many experts and scholars study shows that excessive biological oxygen free radicals in many adversity ( O2-), biological molecules damage cell membranes strong oxidation system, causing damage to the organism.

    Of SOD (superoxide dismutase) is the most important enzyme in vivo oxygen free radical catalyzed disproportionation reaction, to remove toxic free radicals, play a healing role in health care. SOD to treat cancer, inflammation, hypertension, heart disease, such as hundreds of anti-body radiation and chemotherapy effect is significant, especially against aging effect is obvious. The project follows the principle of "Shun nature, return to nature", feeding a small amount of people every day SOD health food, you can obtain the necessary human daily supplement of SOD enzyme. Hero defend the body - Antioxidants are generally more common and the medical profession has been recognized quite a few types of antioxidants, such as: SOD, Vitamin E, Vitamin C , Flavonoids ( flavonoids), β-carotene (β- carotene) ... and so on. Among them, SOD most attention.



    SOD ( Superoxide Dismutase; superoxide dismutase ), is a kind of antioxidant enzymes, and with age, physiological organ function decline, endocrine system dysfunction, decreased synthesis of antioxidant enzyme system and other factors, the body's SOD activity was a clear downward trend; this theory has been the world's experts in the field with discipline universally recognized.

    For the human body, of SOD level of activity is a very important point. Experts point out that, SOD total content equal to active and inactive SOD sum, if the human body SOD total content enough, but active SOD rarely when the body is unable to play its defense functions; therefore regulating the body SOD and other anti concentration and oxide content of longevity undoubtedly have a positive effect.

    Added: of SOD is Super Oxide Dimutese abbreviation Chinese name superoxide dismutase, is an important antioxidant enzymes in vivo, it is widely distributed in a variety of organisms, such as animals, plants, microorganisms and the like. SOD has a special physiological activity, is the primary in vivo free radical scavenging substances. SOD level means that aging and visual indicators at the level of a living body of death; it has been confirmed by the oxygen free radical induced disease up to 60 kinds. It can fight damage caused by oxygen free radicals on cells and blocking, and timely repair damaged cells, complex reasons caused by free radicals damage cells. Since the pressures of modern life, environmental pollution, radiation and all kinds of excessive movement will cause a large number of oxygen free radicals are formed; therefore, the biological mechanism of antioxidant SOD becoming more and more important!

    Vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the body with protection against free radical formation function are called antioxidants. Radical (free radicals) are atoms or groups of atoms itself, it will damage the body's cells to destroy the immune system and lead to infection with a variety of degenerative diseases. Three known free radicals are superoxide (superoxide), OH (hydroxyl) and peroxide (peroxide) radicals.

    SOD is an enzyme. Healthy person per day can be produced nearly five million units of SOD and its partners hydrogen peroxide? (Catalase). SOD cells to recover and reduce the failure rate of the cells. It is the most common removing superoxide (superoxide). SOD also helps the body use zinc, copper and manganese. With increasing age, the concentration of SOD will be reduced, then the content of the radical increase. SOD delay aging potential, is currently being studied with. Pill or tablet-type SOD supplements must have a layer of special protective cover film so SOD can pass through the stomach intact reach the small intestine is absorbed. Supplements must be able to provide approximately five million units or more daily demand. Natural SOD found in barley grass, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, cabbage, wheat grass, and most of the greenery.

    What is radical ?

    Radical Simply put, that is, electrons at a stable state, must together in pairs, the external surround a lone electron, and this lone electron will continue to try to snatch another electronic make this electrons reach a stable state, and so there is a single electron off, and then rush to produce other electronic situation, and so the vicious cycle continues, there will be a so-called paired constantly reshuffle, resulting in significant changes in the organization in the course of this contention, the cells will produce degeneration in the organ tissue cell degeneration, will temporarily lose their organ function or functions to generate a recession, which is why the phenomenon of aging as we know it.

    Radical scavenger (free radical scavenger) can inhibit the body's naturally occurring free radical formation. The scavenger can neutralize free radicals. This enzyme has some important functions. Four Chinese enzymes and free radicals are superoxide dismutase? (Superoxide dismutase, SOD), methione reduction? (Methione reductase), hydrogen peroxide? (Catalase), bran GSH oxidation month too? (Glutathione peroxidase). Our bodies, as the production of these enzymes for granted. In addition to these enzymes, we can intake of natural antioxidants in the diet, such as vitamin A, C, E and selenium, to help the body eliminate free radicals. Understanding various other antioxidants 1. vitamin the A 2. Vitamin C 3. To Vitamin E 4. The Gamma-linolenic acid ([gamma]-Linoleic Acid, GLA) 5. The L─ cysteine (L─Cysteine) 6. The L─ bran GSH month too (L─Glutathione) 7. The selenium (selenium)



    Enzymes made of protein (protein enzyme is not equal to), to maintain normal body functions, digest food, repair tissue .... have to rely on enzymes. Homemade enzyme the body can supply itself needs, one can also obtain enzymes from the food. Protein damage acids, bases, urea, organic solvents, heavy metals, heat, ultraviolet light and radio now X- and other physical or chemical changes caused by the molecular structure of natural proteins, and cause the disappearance of physiological activity, called denaturation. Enzymes are made of protein (protein enzyme is not necessarily). Since the enzyme is a protein composed, so let's factor protein produced denaturation, all applicable enzymes in the body. So, when the destruction of the protein, but also destroyed the enzyme activity. To retain the activity of a protein, enzyme activity will be retained at the same time, the two complement each other. Polysaccharides and protein complexes via enzyme catalysis, to achieve multiple multiplying effect, so the enzyme is absolutely indispensable. Therefore, the enzyme is a protein, the temperature will be the lead ring, master cooked, produces denaturation, loss of physiological activity.












    SOD学名为“超氧化物歧化酶”(Superoxide Dismutase)的简称。它广泛存在于生物体内,是一种氧自由基清除剂,消除生物体在新陈代谢过程中产生的有害物质。具有保护机体免受损伤的作用,对人、畜均无毒副作用。

    人体不断地补充 SOD具有抗衰老的特殊效果。超氧化物歧化酶(Superoxide Dismutase, EC1.15.1.1, SOD)是在1938年Marn等人首次从牛红血球中分离得到超氧化物歧化酶开始算起,人们对SOD的研究己有七十多年的历史。1969年McCord等重新发现这种蛋白,并且发现了它们的生物活性,弄清了它催化过氧阴离子发生歧化反应的性质,所以正式将其命名为超氧化物歧化酶 - SOD。 


    SOD的 作 用





    一般较常见且被医药界认同的抗氧化剂种类相当多,例如:SOD、Vitamin E、Vitamin C、Flavonoids(黄酮素)、β-carotene(β-胡萝卜素)…等。其中又以SOD最受瞩目。

    SODSuperoxide Dismutase;超氧化歧化酶),属于抗氧化酶的一种,而随着年龄增长,脏器生理功能下降、内分泌系统减退、抗氧化酶系统合成减少等因素,人体内的SOD活性呈明显下降趋势;此学说已获世界同学科领域专家学者普遍公认。


    补充:SODSuper Oxide Dimutese 缩写,中文名称超氧化物歧化酶,是生物体内重要的抗氧化酶,广泛分布于各种生物体内,如动物,植物,微生物等。SOD具有特殊的生理活性,是生物体内清除自由基的首要物质。SOD在生物体内的水平高低意味着衰老与死亡的直观指标;现已证实,由氧自由基引发的疾病多达60多种。它可对抗与阻断因氧自由基对细胞造成的损害,并及时修复受损细胞,复原因自由基造成的对细胞伤害。由于现代生活压力,环境污染,各种辐射和超量运动都会造成氧自由基大量形成;因此,生物抗氧化机制中SOD的地位越来越重要!

    維他命、礦物質及酵素中具保護身體,防止自由基形成功能者稱作抗氧化劑。自由基(free radicals)本身是原子或一群原子,它會損害體內的細胞、破壞免疫系統及導致感染與各種退化病變。三種已知的自由基分別是超氧化物(superoxide)、氫氧(hydroxyl)及過氧化物(peroxide)自由基。




    身體自然發生的自由基清除者(free radical scavenger)能抑制自由基形成。這些清除者會中和自由基。某些酵素具有此重要功能。四種中和自由基的酵素是超氧化物歧化?(superoxide dismutase,SOD)、methione還原?(methione reductase)、過氧化氫?(catalase)、麩胱甘 月太 過氧化?(glutathione peroxidase)。我們的身體視製造這些酵素為理所當然。除了這些酵素,我們還可由飲食中攝取天然的抗氧化劑,例如維他命A、C、E及硒,以協助體內清除自由基。


    1. 維他命A
    2. 維他命C
    3. 維他命E
    4. Gamma–亞麻油酸(γ-Linoleic Acid,GLA)
    5. L─半胱胺酸(L─Cysteine)
    6. L─麩胱甘 月太(L─Glutathione)
    7. 硒(Selenium)









    Last Updated @ 11/10/2016 11:02:29 AM

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