Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

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Product ID : 211006501
Brand : Fully
Model / SKU : OXN20030
Conditions : New
Warranty : 1 Week(s)

Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer!

What is Hair Building Fiber?

  Hair Building Fiber, it is also named hair fiber in short or hair thickening fibers with their function included. Because they are tiny fiber, so they are also called micro fiber, or hair fiber powders. They thicken hair very quickly, people like them as instant hair fibers, or instant hair growth. Before they are mainly made of keratin, they also have the name of keratin hair building fibers. Since more and more people pay attention to its safety so they are also called natural hair building fibers, or micro fiber natural hair fibers.

Then what is this product?

As now more and more people are in the situation of hair loss, hair thinning, so they need a very urgent way to change their hairstyle. While this hair fiber is just specially for those customers. We use micro fiber to build the hair-like product, and shake them onto the head. As the hair fibers are positively charged, so they attract to hair and they can produce thicken hair just in 30 seconds just like growing new hair. Here's the piture explain how does it works:

What is Our Second Generation Hair Fiber?
FULLY hair building fiber, it is developed by our own, and has been updated into the second generation. With the unique technology, our hair fiber has been provided to world wide as gifts to customers with thinning hair. Comparing to old ones, the second is better in appearance, weight, glossiness, pH Value, color fastness, static electricity,processing processes and formula. Below is the detail introductions of those features and advantages:

1. Appearance
Fully second generation hair fiber is longer, and slimmer. For this characteristics, it is very hard to be observed by naked eyes. But, under 100 times microscope, it can be easily found, the second generation is same in the length and dimension, every tiny one is the same, while the old and other ones in the market are not. This feature is important, because it will directly decide how will the hair look like after using this product. Whether it is natural or not. After test, the second generation fiber won't be easily distinguished from real hair in international standard normal distance between human communication ( 1.5m).Because it is longer, even if fall on the scalp, it won't blocking pores.

2. Weight
Fully second generation hair fiber is lighter than the others.Its density and weight are just 1/5 of water.The advantage of this feature is that fibers won't be felt by customers after they use it. It brings more comfortable feeling. In addition, it will stay on the middle part of whole hair, won't fall onto the scalp.


3. Glossiness
Fully second generation hair fiber looks more like human hair, even in different light conditions, inside or outside room. They show different glossiness accompany with the hair change. It makes whole hair looks in natural thickness instead of dumb colors.

4. pH Value
Fully second generation hair fiber is in the pH value of 4.6, similar with human skin. Even they fall onto the face or hand when customers use it, it won't bring any irritation to skin.

5. Color Fastness
Fully second generation hair fiber is better in the color fastness. Because they are dyed in natural ingredients during the first stage of fiber processing, so it won't fade when meet light rain, or perspiration. Below is the test made by our lab, Fully is still in the same color even immersed in the water for over 1 week.

6. Static Electricity
Fully second generation hair fiber is in stronger static electricity,so they are shaked out from the containers, they will spread averagely on hair, won't bring any clumpings.After they fall on the hair, they will also cling to hair and stay on the middle part,not on the surface, nor on the scalp. The thickening natural hair look will last longer.

7. Formula
Fully second generation hair fiber is made by pure natural plants extracts. The main ingredients are;

  • Plant resinous fiber;
  • Keratin derivatives;
  • Anti-static agent;
  • Ammonium bicarbonate.

 Moreover,it does not contain any bactericide, or preservatives, so it won't bring any side effects to human body. For some customers, there's some uncomfortable feelings of itchy or dandruff, and side effects like blocking pores. But for the second generation fiber, they won't happen.It is totally safe for customers to use in long term.


Q: What you can benefit from the FULLY 2nd generation hair building fibers.

1. solve your thinning hair problem in 30 seconds.

2. it can also cover the wide range of thinning part.

3. it is suitable for Men and Women of all ages.

4. it is artificial hair cut into very finely fiber can be made ranging at 0.2-0.8mm      sections. Gives you an amazing touch, and you don't feel it is on.

5. it will not mark or stain on clothes, but the fiber bond so security and stay in        place all say and night in the hair. even in the strongest rain and sweat. yet is        can be removed easily with any shampoo.

6. FULLY 2nd generation hair building fibers gives the fantastic experience to          everyone that wants to look and feeling young and beautiful, it changes the            style you look. The way you feel and make you totally brand new!

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Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer! ( Black )
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Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer! ( Black )
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Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer! ( Black )
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Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer! ( Black )
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Fully Hair Building Fiber 23g Hair Loss Concealer! ( Black )
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