Grade A NP-F730 NP-F750 NP-F760 NP-F770 Li-Ion Battery for Sony

    Grade A NP-F730 NP-F750 NP-F760 NP-F770 Li-Ion Battery for Sony

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    Grade A NP-F730 NP-F750 NP-F760 NP-F770 Li-Ion Battery for Sony

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    We offer professional, affordable solution of photography equipment in the market through both online and retail channel.

    New Grade A NP-F750 Li-Ion Battery for Sony

    compatible with NP-F730 NP-F750 NP-F760 NP-F770

    Warranty: 3 months

    Ready Stock

    CCD-SC55, CCDSC55, SC55
    CCD-SC65, CCDSC65, SC65
    CCD-TR3000, CCDTR3000, TR3000
    CCD-TR3300, CCDTR3300, TR3300
    CCD-TR516, CCDTR516, TR516
    CCD-TR555, CCDTR555, TR555
    CCD-TR67, CCDTR67, TR67
    CCD-TR716, CCDTR716, TR716
    CCD-TR76, CCDTR76, TR76
    CCD-TR818, CCDTR818, TR818
    CCD-TR87, CCDTR87, TR87
    CCD-TR910, CCDTR910, TR910
    CCD-TR917, CCDTR917, TR917
    CCD-TR930, CCDTR930, TR930
    CCD-TR940, CCDTR940, TR940
    CCD-TRV101, CCDTRV101, TRV101
    CCD-TRV15, CCDTRV15, TRV15
    CCD-TRV215, CCDTRV215, TRV215
    CCD-TRV25, CCDTRV25, TRV25
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    CCD-TRV57, CCDTRV57, TRV57
    CCD-TRV58, CCDTRV58, TRV58
    CCD-TRV615, CCDTRV615, TRV615
    CCD-TRV62, CCDTRV62, TRV62
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    CCD-TRV93, CCDTRV93, TRV93
    CCD-TRV95, CCDTRV95, TRV95
    CCD-TRV98, CCDTRV98, TRV98
    CCD-TRV99, CCDTRV99, TRV99
    DCR-SC100, DCRSC100, SC100
    DCR-TR7000, DCRTR7000, TR7000
    DCR-TRV110, DCRTRV110, TRV110
    DCR-TRV120, DCRTRV120, TRV120
    DCR-TRV130, DCRTRV130, TRV130
    DCR-TRV210, DCRTRV210, TRV210
    DCR-TRV310, DCRTRV310, TRV310
    DCR-TRV315, DCRTRV315, TRV315
    DCR-TRV320, DCRTRV320, TRV320
    DCR-TRV510, DCRTRV510, TRV510
    DCR-TRV520, DCRTRV520, TRV520
    DCR-TRV525, DCRTRV525, TRV525
    DCR-TRV720, DCRTRV720, TRV720
    DCR-TRV820, DCRTRV820, TRV820
    DCR-TRV900, DCRTRV900, TRV900
    DCR-VX2000, DCRVX2000, VX2000
    DCR-VX2100, DCRVX2100, VX2100
    HDR-FX1, HDRFX1, FX1
    HDR-FX7, HDRFX7, FX7
    HDR-FX1000, HDRFX1000, FX1000
    HDR-AX2000, HDRAX2000, AX2000
    HVR-Z1U, HVRZ1U, Z1U
    GV-D200, GVD200, D200
    GV-D700/1, GVD700, D700

    Product Description:

    Our Battery is from a leading manufacturer supplier producing Digital Video / Digital Camera battery, and charger, laptop battery, mobile phone battery. Very Good quality, it has no effects on your cameras.

    More than 9 years experience, Strong RD and engineer teams, over 28 OEM customers that are famous, big or international companies, latest technologies and most up-to-date equipments used.

    ISO 9001 certified.

    All materials and components from Japan, Taiwan and Chinese mainland, meets international standards in every production process.
    Selected brand-new A grade quality cell for all kinds of battery, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection,
    100% compatible, real capacity higher than industry average, our DV/DC battery below 1% defective rate, compare to 3-5% defective rate against normal quality in market.

    All products tested for quality assurance purposes (CE, ROHS, FCC, even UL), only high quality battery and charger supplied.

    Blow are partial test ways to make battery safe and high in quality:

    • Cell test
    • High temperature test
    • Bump test
    • Overcharge explosion proof test
    • Battery life test
    • Thermal shock test

    * Remark: Color of the battery may different from the picture above.

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    11/15/2020 5:41:00 PM
    Items received well packed and all in working order. Thank you!
    11/15/2020 5:41:00 PM
    Items received well packed and all in working order. Thank you!
    9/8/2020 9:53:00 PM
    Received on date as advertise ..thks
    7/30/2020 5:43:00 PM
    Servis terbaik. Tak sampai 3 hari barang dah sampai. Pembungkusan yang baik. Tahniah..
    5/19/2020 6:04:00 AM
    A very good seller with excellent service
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    Wonderful experience
    2/13/2020 9:17:00 AM
    Wonderful experience




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    We offer professional, affordable solution of photograpghy equipment in the market through both online and retail channel which youll hardly find in the market!

    We ensure that all our customers will get the best service from us.

    We wont serve customers with attitude of "because-this-is-my-job" Well make sure customers will feel comfortable throughout their shopping. If they require our assistance during their shopping, well provide them the best support they can find online.

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    Warranty Policy




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    Best Effort Service

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    We always provide the best and fastest service as we can as in line with our Best Effort Service, but the waiting period is depending on different service centre, we do not guarantee how fast it can be done.



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    • Wear and tear, breakage, firmware, software and any inappropriate usage are not cover under warranty.

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    If you have any doubts / suggestions / comments about us, our products or our site, do not hestitate to contact us! We can be contacted through newspeedstore@gmail.com


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