Health Builders Organic Rooibos Tea (1 pack)

    Health Builders Organic Rooibos Tea (1 pack)

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    Model / SKU Organic Rooibos Tea
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    Health Builders Organic Rooibos Tea (1 pack)

    • Pure and natural, contains no caffeine, additives, preservatives or artificial colors. Content taninnya less
    • Contains S.O.D. (Superoxide Dismutase). S.O.D. can neutralize free radical damage. Apart from preventing aging, it can also improve cell damage
    • Help reduce pigment melanotik and makes the skin more delicate
    • Helps reduce lipid peroxide
    • Denga rich anti-oxidant bioflavonoid that can increase the strength of capillaries, improve circulation, prevent bleeding and infection protection
    • Helps relieve insomnia, stomach cramps, constipation and for infants with bloated (colic)

    Origins of Rooibos Tea

    Rooibos tea is the original and genuine grown and harvested at the peak of the mountain Gifberg, which is part of the Cederberg range in South Africa. Rooibos tea from the district have been diagnosed as having the best quality in the world. How to practice planting and harvesting this has resulted in the tea at once produces amazing. Compared with tea exports other super grade, Rooibos Tea Health Builders is better because of the way their own production. Maintaining the traditions and unique way to ensure the same process used today. Now, it is available to be shared.

    5 Main Reasons Why Organic Rooibos Tea Health Benefits Builders Has Value

    1 Planted and grown organically to a better quality of freshness

    Organically grown and grown on top of the best areas in the District Maskam tea cultivation in South Africa to offer natural goodness, Organic Rooibos Tea Health Builders is a unique tea that produces quality herbal freshness unparalleled.

    2 Maskam District, geographically blessed with conditions for cultivation

    Geographically, District Maskam blessed with the best and most suitable conditions for the cultivation. A statement that the importance of 'vintage' and relevance to the look, color and feel of quality keharumaan cup of tea can not be questioned, Rooibos - a kind of live plants depends on environmental conditions, altitude (height), soil type, weather conditions such as rain , the mist at some stage in the day, the proximity to the sea and so on. Geographically, Maskam District is blessed with all the above mentioned yanag for rooibos tea cultivation.

    3 Focus on Rooibos

    The farmers in the district Maskam just focus on cultivating Rooibos. This focus ensures that the estate Rooibos win penghasilaan best quality in the industry. Rooibos plant concentration, aided by a unique micro-climate produce quality herbal Rooibos tea unparalleled. Unlike farmers who grow the District Sanveld other crops besides rooibos, the farmers in the district is more concerned Maskam intricacies rooibos cultivation.

    4 Altitude (elevation), the winning factor

    Although rooiboi can be grown in any altitude, microclimate very fundamental. The main condition is that the higher it is planted, the better the tea will be produced. The reason is simple: the cooler air speed to prevent the growth of crops, and forcing it to produce more foliage with quality soft feel better. At lower altitudes, the plants will grow keseluruhaan heavily, thus producing Ete rougher and less good taste / good. Height above sea level of the District Maskam is about 900m and the 450m for Sanveld District. Average summer temperatures and winter are respectively 25 degrees and 19 degrees. Low temperature micro-climate of high altitude has been successfully capturing seven gold awards for this area, over 10 years ago.

    The mountain is located in and above the fog line has the best soil suitable for cultivation and production of Rooibos best. Then and now, in this area there is a growing wild Rooibos naturally.

    5 Vision and mission

    The method used also contribute to the final production of Rooibos way. Pasteurization facility located in the heart of Maskam production, indicating that it is in a strategic location that facilitates the entire process Rooibos tea collected from the surrounding area.

    Our producer, Maskam Redbush Limited has a vision to produce high-quality rooibos tea the most consistent and give a stuff integrity to customers made through the natural process control from start to finish ... from crop to cup.

    Because the industry is constantly changing, Maskam Redbush Limited also intends to set a new level for the Rooibos industry and to develop and upgrade the whole industry for the benefit of all involved.

    That is why the combination of all of its unique selling (USP) -dari districts where crops are grown Rooibos tea, so to process real pengeluaraan, marketing methods, and finally up to the quality of tea in the cup, Rooibos Tea Organic Health Builders have been verified by Ecocert International of Germany as it meets the conditions of the European Economic Community (EEC) on the production of organic products.

    This means that Rooibos Tea Organic Health Builders are free from chemicals. Indeed, it is clean and pure. You can now enjoy the goodness of Rooibos Tea Organic Health Builders without worrying about chemicals.

    Health characteristics and data analytics

    Scientific research programs conducted by many recognized institutions show that Rooibos Tea Organic Health Builders have health benefits. among them are

    Rich in 'volatile', free from caffeine and has a low tannin content

    Help for the development of strong bones and teeth

    Contains elements that make healthy skin

    Containing manganese, important for a healthy nervous system

    Contains iron, potassium, koprum and minerals for metabolic functions

    Does not contain oxalic acid funds can therefore be enjoyed by those who are suffering from kidney

    Good for babies with problems like colic, flatulence and diaper rash

    Clinically, it is often prescribed for nervous tension, allergies and other gastrointestinal and digestive problems

    Containing more than 37 anti-oxidants

    Contains no additives, preservatives and colorings and it is clean. Generally, it is also contributing to the effort to extend the average life span of human

    Nutritional value

    One cup (3g / 200ml) Organic Rooibos Tea Health Builders contains the following ingredients:

    Nutrients Nutrient Content

    Iron (Fe) 0.07mg

    Potassium (K) 7.12mg

    Zinc (Zn) 0.04mg

    Manganese (Mn) 0.04mg

    Copper (Cu) 0.07mg

    Calcium (Ca) 1.09mg

    Sodium (Na) 6.16mg

    Magnesium (Mg) 1.57mg

    Fluoride (F) 0.22mg

    The initial

    Nearly 80% of consumers said that they could feel the impact / reaction after drinking charity. This is a positive sign of health problems. Typically, in the early stages, discomfort will happen for a while, maybe 3-4 days.

    Do not worry. This is the response from the body that are affected by the repair of natural compounds contained in Rooibos Tea. Herbal medicine practitioner named the effect of this reaction as a 'healing crisis'. This is normal for those who have health problems. Our bodies, at this stage, can remove accumulated toxins.


    Add 1 bag rooibos tea into a teapot containing 1.5 liters of hot water. Soak for 5 minutes. All family members can enjoy the feeling of freshness. For those who have health problems or want to control your weight, add one sachet into a cup, soak and then drink. Suitable for all ages.

    Rooibos tea can be drunk at any time, in accordance with the wishes and needs. It can be drunk with lemon juice, sugar, honey or milk, as you citaarasa.

    Rooibos tea is also suitable for those who have difficulty sleeping. Soak 1 bag and enjoy it one hour before bedtime.

    Rooibos Tea powder can be used to

    1 fertilizer flowering plants

    2 Face Cleansing

    HB Rooibos tea can help:

    Clean the blood from poisoning and subsequent blood circulation

    Cleanse the digestive system, especially the large intestine of waste stored impurities

    Remove excess fat and cholesterol

    Act as anti-oxidants that protect cells from damage

    Slow old process

    Help accelerate the process of nutrition

    Rooibos Tea privileges HB

    Pure and natural, contains no caffeine, additives, preservatives or artificial colors. Content taninnya less

    Contains S.O.D. (Superoxide Dismutase). S.O.D. can neutralize free radical damage. Apart from preventing aging, it can also improve cell damage

    Help reduce pigment melanotik and makes the skin more delicate

    Helps reduce lipid peroxide

    Denga rich anti-oxidant bioflavonoid that can increase the strength of capillaries, improve circulation, prevent bleeding and infection protection

    Helps relieve insomnia, stomach cramps, constipation and for infants with bloated (colic)

    Helps to relieve fever, asthma and anxiety and anger

    Relieving effect on the skin when applied topically, especially diaper rash and skin diseases such as eczema and acne

    It is calorie-free drink that can calm the situation, and ideal for those concerned with weight pengawalaan

    Good to quench thirst, especially for athletes

    Bertindaak in addition to calcium, manganese and fluoride are needed every day by children who are still growing and also for strong teeth and bones

    Help reduce the amount of uric acid in the body

    Help restore exercise-induced fatigue

    Help preserve and increase energy levels

    Help clean up the blood in the system and also regulates blood pressure

    Can help reduce cholesterol levels

    Can reduce bad breath

    Can help soothe discomfort caused by alcohol

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