HP 19.5v 4.62a 15-R r009nx r021ng r153nm r285tu r296nd Adapter Charger

    HP 19.5v 4.62a 15-R r009nx r021ng r153nm r285tu r296nd Adapter Charger

    4.5mm x 2.7/3.0mm 90W
    RM 79.00

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    Product ID : 220800600
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    HP 19.5v 4.62a 15-R r009nx r021ng r153nm r285tu r296nd Adapter Charger

    Product Description
    APower 19.5V 4.62A (4.5mm x 2.7/3.0mm)
    90W Adapter Charger
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    Brand HP
    Model 19.5v 4.62a (4.5mm x 2.7/3.0mm) 90W
    Compatible For
    HP 15-R Series:
    HP 15-r001  15-r001na  15-r001ne
    HP 15-r001si  15-r001sia
    HP 15-r001tu
    HP 15-r002  15-r002nc  15-r002ne
    HP 15-r002se  15-r002sx
    HP 15-r002tx
    HP 15-r003  15-r003ne  15-r003ns
    HP 15-r003sv
    HP 15-r003tu  15-r003tx
    HP 15-r004  15-r004na  15-r004ne  15-r004nx
    HP 15-r005  15-r005na  15-r005ne
    HP 15-r005si
    HP 15-r005tu  15-r005tx
    HP 15-r006  15-r006ne
    HP 15-r006tu  15-r006tx
    HP 15-r007  15-r007tu  15-r007tx
    HP 15-r008  15-r008na  15-r008ne  15-r008ns
    HP 15-r008tx
    HP 15-r009  15-r009nc  15-r009nx
    HP 15-r009st
    HP 15-r009tu  15-r009tx
    HP 15-r010  15-r010ns
    HP 15-r010si  15-r010st  15-r010sw
    HP 15-r010tx
    HP 15-r011  15-r011dx  15-r011nx
    HP 15-r012  15-r012na  15-r012ne
    HP 15-r012st  15-r012sv
    HP 15-r012tx
    HP 15-r013  15-r013ca
    HP 15-r013nx
    HP 15-r013st
    HP 15-r013  15-r013tu  15-r013tx
    HP 15-r014  15-r014tu  15-r014tx
    HP 15-r015  15-r015dx  15-r015tu
    HP 15-r016  15-r016ne  15-r016nx
    HP 15-r016sv
    HP 15-r016tu
    HP 15-r017  15-r017dx  15-r017tu
    HP 15-r018  15-r018dx  15-r018tu
    HP 15-r019  15-r019ne  15-r019nl  15-r019nx
    HP 15-r019tu
    HP 15-r020  15-r020na  15-r020nd  15-r020ne
    HP 15-r020sq  15-r020st
    HP 15-r020tu
    HP 15-r021  15-r021nd  15-r021ne  15-r021ng  15-r021ns  15-r021nx
    HP 15-r021st  15-r021sw
    HP 15-r021tu
    HP 15-r022  15-r022tu  15-r022tx
    HP 15-r023  15-r023na
    HP 15-r024  15-r024na  15-r024nk  15-r024ns
    HP 15-r025  15-r025na  15-r025ns  15-r025nx
    HP 15-r025sv
    HP 15-r026  15-r026na  15-r026nk
    HP 15-r026tx
    HP 15-r027  15-r027na  15-r027nx
    HP 15-r027tu  15-r027tx
    HP 15-r028  15-r028nx  15-r028tx
    HP 15-r029  15-r029wm
    HP 15-r030  15-r030na  15-r030nr
    HP 15-r030sq
    HP 15-r030wm
    HP 15-r031  15-r031ds
    HP 15-r031na  15-r031ne
    HP 15-r031si
    HP 15-r032  15-r032ds  15-r032tx
    HP 15-r033  15-r033ca  15-r033na  15-r033tx
    HP 15-r034  15-r034ca
    HP 15-r034ds
    HP 15-r034na  15-r034ng  15-r034nx
    HP 15-r034sv
    HP 15-r035  15-r035ds
    HP 15-r035tu  15-r035tx
    HP 15-r036  15-r036ds  15-r036tx
    HP 15-r038  15-r038ca
    HP 15-r038ng
    HP 15-r038tu  15-r038tx
    HP 15-r039ca  15-r039nf  15-r039tx
    HP 15-r040  15-r040na  15-r040nf  15-r040ng
    HP 15-r040sh  15-r040sq  15-r040sm
    HP 15-r040tu  15-r040tx
    HP 15-r041  15-r041er
    HP 15-r041ng
    HP 15-r041sr  15-r041sw
    HP 15-r041tx
    HP 15-r042  15-r042er
    HP 15-r042sh  15-r042sm
    HP 15-r042tu  15-r042tx 15-r043tu
    HP 15-r043  15-r043tu
    HP 15-r044  15-r044tx
    HP 15-r045  15-r045er  15-r045sr  15-r045tx
    HP 15-r046  15-r046nf  15-r046tu
    HP 15-r047  15-r047er  15-r047no  15-r047tu
    HP 15-r049  15-r049nf  15-r049sr
    HP 15-r050  15-r050nr
    HP 15-r050sr  15-r050su
    HP 15-r051  15-r051eu  15-r051nd
    HP 15-r052  15-r052nr
    HP 15-r053  15-r053cl  15-r053tu
    HP 15-r054  15-r054sr
    HP 15-r055  15-r055nf  15-r055sr  15-r055tu
    HP 15-r056  15-r056nf  15-r056sr
    HP 15-r057  15-r057sr
    HP 15-r058  15-r058nf  15-r058sr
    HP 15-r059  15-r059no
    HP 15-r060  15-r060tu
    HP 15-r061  15-r061ne  15-r061nf  15-r061no
    HP 15-r061sr  15-r061sw
    HP 15-r062  15-r062tu
    HP 15-r063  15-r063ne  15-r063nr
    HP 15-r063tu
    HP 15-r064  15-r064er  15-r064sr
    HP 15-r065  15-r065no  15-r065sr  15-r065tu
    HP 15-r066  15-r066nf
    HP 15-r067  15-r067no  15-r067sr
    HP 15-r068  15-r068no
    HP 15-r069  15-r069no  15-r069tu
    HP 15-r071  15-r071tu  15-r071sw
    HP 15-r072  15-r072nf
    HP 15-r073  15-r073nf
    HP 15-r074  15-r074tu
    HP 15-r075  15-r075er  15-r075tu
    HP 15-r076  15-r076ng  15-r076tu  15-r076sr
    HP 15-r077  15-r077nf  15-r077sr
    HP 15-r078  15-r078tu
    HP 15-r079  15-r079tu
    HP 15-r080  15-r080tu  15-r080sr
    HP 15-r081  15-r081nr  15-r081tu  15-r081sr
    HP 15-r082  15-r082nr  15-r082sr
    HP 15-r083  15-r083sr
    HP 15-r084  15-r084ng  15-r084no
    HP 15-r084tu
    HP 15-r085  15-r085nd  15-r085no
    HP 15-r085tu
    HP 15-r086  15-r086no  15-r086tu
    HP 15-r087  15-r087nf
    HP 15-r091  15-r091sw
    HP 15-r093  15-r093sw
    HP 15-r096  15-r096ng
    HP 15-r098  15-r098sr  15-r098su
    HP 15-r099  15-r099sh  15-r099sm
    HP 15-r101  15-r101na  15-r101nx
    HP 15-r102  15-r102ne  15-r102ng  15-r102nia
    HP 15-r102nl  15-r102no  15-r102ns
    HP 15-r103  15-r103ne  15-r103nt  15-r103nx
    HP 15-r104  15-r104ne  15-r104nf  15-r104no
    HP 15-r104nv  15-r104nw
    HP 15-r104tx
    HP 15-r105  15-r105ne  15-r105nia
    HP 15-r105nv  15-r105nx
    HP 15-r106  15-r106na  15-r106ne  15-r106nf
    HP 15-r106nia  15-r106nl  15-r106nw
    HP 15-r107  15-r107nf  15-r107nl  15-r107nx
    HP 15-r108  15-r108ne  15-r108nx
    HP 15-r109  15-r109ns  15-r109nx
    HP 15-r110  15-r110dx  15-r110la  15-r110na  15-r110tu
    HP 15-r111  15-r111na  15-r111ne  15-r111ns
    HP 15-r111tu
    HP 15-r112  15-r112na  15-r112ne  15-r112nf
    HP 15-r112nt  15-r112nx
    HP 15-r112tu
    HP 15-r113  15-r113ne  15-r113nl  15-r113nt  15-r113nx
    HP 15-r113tu
    HP 15-r114  15-r114ne  15-r114nx
    HP 15-r114tx
    HP 15-r115  15-r115ne  15-r115nk  15-r115nt
    HP 15-r115nv  15-r115nx
    HP 15-r115tx
    HP 15-r116  15-r116ni  15-r116nk
    HP 15-r116nt  15-r116nv  15-r116nx
    HP 15-r117  15-r117na  15-r117ni  15-r117nk
    HP 15-r117nl  15-r117nx
    HP 15-r117tx
    HP 15-r118  15-r118ne  15-r118nk  15-r118nv  15-r118nx
    HP 15-r119  15-r119tu
    HP 15-r120  15-r120ne  15-r120nk  15-r120nt
    HP 15-r120nx  15-r120nw
    HP 15-r121  15-r121ne  15-r121ng  15-r121nk
    HP 15-r121nt  15-r121nx
    HP 15-r122  15-r122ne  15-r122nl
    HP 15-r122ns  15-r122nx
    HP 15-r123  15-r123na  15-r123nx
    HP 15-r124  15-r124nv  15-r124nx
    HP 15-r125  15-r125na  15-r125ne  15-r125nf
    HP 15-r125ns  15-r125nx
    HP 15-r125tu
    HP 15-r126  15-r126na  15-r126ne  15-r126ns  15-r126nx
    HP 15-r127  15-r127nf  15-r127nl  15-r127nv
    HP 15-r128  15-r128ne  15-r128nf
    HP 15-r128tu
    HP 15-r129  15-r129ne  15-r129nl
    HP 15-r129tu
    HP 15-r130  15-r130nf  15-r130nl
    HP 15-r130nv  15-r130nx  15-r130nw
    HP 15-r131  15-r131nx  15-r131wm
    HP 15-r132  15-r132wm
    HP 15-r134  15-r134cl
    HP 15-r134nf  15-r134nl
    HP 15-r135  15-r135ne
    HP 15-r136  15-r136ne  15-r136wm
    HP 15-r137  15-r137ne  15-r137wm
    HP 15-r138  15-r138ca  15-r138ds 15-r138nl
    HP 15-r139  15-r139ne  15-r139nf  15-r139nl
    HP 15-r140  15-r140nw
    HP 15-r143  15-r143ds(TouchSmart)
    HP 15-r145  15-r145nf
    HP 15-r148  15-r148nf
    HP 15-r150  15-r150nq  15-r150nr
    HP 15-r150sa
    HP 15-r151  15-r151nh  15-r151nm  15-r151nq
    HP 15-r151nr  15-r151nu
    HP 15-r152  15-r152nf  15-r152nq
    HP 15-r152nr  15-r152nu
    HP 15-r153  15-r153nc  15-r153nq  15-r153nm
    HP 15-r154  15-r154nf  15-r154nr  15-r154nm
    HP 15-r155  15-r155nr
    HP 15-r157  15-r157in  15-r157nr
    HP 15-r160  15-r160sa
    HP 15-r161  15-r161nr
    HP 15-r162  15-r162nc  15-r162nr
    HP 15-r163  15-r163nc  15-r163nr
    HP 15-r164  15-r164nc
    HP 15-r174  15-r174ca
    HP 15-r175  15-r175nr
    HP 15-r176  15-r176nr
    HP 15-r178  15-r178nr  15-r178nm
    HP 15-r179  15-r179ng
    HP 15-r181  15-r181ng  15-r181nr
    HP 15-r182  15-r182nd
    HP 15-r184  15-r184nr
    HP 15-r185  15-r185nd
    HP 15-r187  15-r187ur
    HP 15-r189  15-r189nd  15-r189ng
    HP 15-r195  15-r195ur
    HP 15-r196  15-r196nr
    HP 15-r197  15-r197nr
    HP 15-r198  15-r198nr
    HP 15-r200  15-r200na  15-r200ng  15-r200nia
    HP 15-r200nq  15-r200nx  15-r200nw
    HP 15-r201  15-r201ne  15-r201tx
    HP 15-r202  15-r202na  15-r202ne
    HP 15-r202tu  15-r202tx
    HP 15-r203  15-r203tu  15-r203tx
    HP 15-r204  15-r204ne
    HP 15-r204tu  15-r204tx
    HP 15-r205  15-r205na  15-r205ne
    HP 15-r205tu
    HP 15-r206  15-r206ne
    HP 15-r206tu  15-r206tx
    HP 15-r207  15-r207na  15-r207nk  15-r207nl
    HP 15-r207nv  15-r207nx
    HP 15-r207tu  15-r207tx
    HP 15-r208  15-r208na  15-r208 nia
    HP 15-r208np  15-r208nt  15-r208nx
    HP 15-r208tu  15-r208tx
    HP 15-r209  15-r209ni  15-r209nl  15-r209nt  15-r209nx
    HP 15-r209tu
    HP 15-r210  15-r210dx  15-r210ne
    HP 15-r211  15-r211na  15-r211ns
    HP 15-r211nia
    HP 15-r211tu
    HP 15-r212  15-r212na  15-r212nk  15-r212nl
    HP 15-r212nt  15-r212nv
    HP 15-r213  15-r213na  15-r213nk  15-r213nl
    HP 15-r213ns  15-r213nt
    HP 15-r213nia
    HP 15-r214  15-r214ng  15-r214nk  15-r214nl  15-r214nt
    HP 15-r214tx
    HP 15-r215  15-r215na  15-r215ng  15-r215ni
    HP 15-r215nk  15-r215nt
    HP 15-r215tx
    HP 15-r216  15-r216nb  15-r216nt  15-r216nx
    HP 15-r216tx
    HP 15-r217  15-r217nl  15-r217ns  15-r217nx
    HP 15-r217tx
    HP 15-r218  15-r218na  15-r218nb  15-r218nt
    HP 15-r218nv  15-r218nx
    HP 15-r219  15-r219na  15-r219nv  15-r219nx
    HP 15-r220  15-r220cy
    HP 15-r220ng  15-r220ns  15-r220nw
    HP 15-r220tx
    HP 15-r221  15-r221ne  15-r221ns  15-r221nv  15-r221nw
    HP 15-r221tx
    HP 15-r222  15-r222ne  15-r222ng  15-r222nk
    HP 15-r222no  15-r222nw
    HP 15-r223  15-r223cy  15-r223no  15-r223ns
    HP 15-r224  15-r224ne  15-r224nl  15-r224tx
    HP 15-r225  15-r225cy
    HP 15-r225ne  15-r225nl
    HP 15-r225tu
    HP 15-r226  15-r226cy
    HP 15-r226ne  15-r226ng  15-r226nk
    HP 15-r226no  15-r226nl
    HP 15-r226tu
    HP 15-r227  15-r227cy
    HP 15-r227nf  15-r227ng  15-r227nk
    HP 15-r227tu
    HP 15-r228  15-r228cy
    HP 15-r228ng  15-r228nf  15-r228ni  15-r228nk
    HP 15-r228ns  15-r228nx
    HP 15-r228tu
    HP 15-r229  15-r229cy
    HP 15-r229ne  15-r229ni  15-r229ns  15-r229nx
    HP 15-r230  15-r230ca  15-r230cy
    HP 15-r230ne  15-r230nd  15-r230nl  15-r230nr  15-r230ns
    HP 15-r230la
    HP 15-r231  15-r231cy
    HP 15-r231ne  15-r231ni  15-r231nl  15-r231nw
    HP 15-r231nw
    HP 15-r232  15-r232ne  15-r232nk  15-r232ns
    HP 15-r233  15-r233ng  15-r233nk  15-r233nw
    HP 15-r233tx
    HP 15-r234  15-r234nk  15-r234ns
    HP 15-r235  15-r235na  15-r235ne
    HP 15-r235la
    HP 15-r236  15-r236ne
    HP 15-r236tu  15-r236tx
    HP 15-r237  15-r237ne  15-r237ni  15-r237nl
    HP 15-r237la
    HP 15-r237tu
    HP 15-r238  15-r238ne  15-r238tu
    HP 15-r239  15-r239ne  15-r239nl
    HP 15-r239tx
    HP 15-r240  15-r240nb  15-r240nl  15-r240ns
    HP 15-r240tx
    HP 15-r241  15-r241nf  15-r241nl
    HP 15-r242  15-r242tx
    HP 15-r243  15-r243ns  15-r243tx
    HP 15-r244  15-r244ne  15-r244tx
    HP 15-r244  15-r244ns  15-r244tx
    HP 15-r246  15-r246ne  15-r246nf
    HP 15-r246tu
    HP 15-r247  15-r247ns  15-r247tu
    HP 15-r248  15-r248tu
    HP 15-r249  15-r249tu
    HP 15-r250  15-r250tu
    HP 15-r251  15-r251nc  15-r251tu  15-r251ur
    HP 15-r252  15-r252ne  15-r252ur
    HP 15-r253  15-r253cl
    HP 15-r253nc  15-r253ne 15-r253nw
    HP 15-r254  15-r254ne  15-r254nu
    HP 15-r254ur
    HP 15-r255  15-r255ne  15-r255nu
    HP 15-r255ur
    HP 15-r256  15-r256ne  15-r256nu
    HP 15-r256ur
    HP 15-r257  15-r257nc  15-r257ne  15-r257nf  15-r257nm
    HP 15-r257ur
    HP 15-r258  15-r258ne  15-r258ur
    HP 15-r259  15-r259nc  15-r259ne
    HP 15-r259ur
    HP 15-r260  15-r260nc  15-r260ne
    HP 15-r260tu
    HP 15-r261  15-r261nc  15-r261ne  15-r261nm
    HP 15-r261tu
    HP 15-r262  15-r262nc  15-r262ne  15-r262nm
    HP 15-r262tu
    HP 15-r263  15-r263dx  15-r263ne  15-r263tu
    HP 15-r264  15-r264dx  15-r264tu
    HP 15-r265  15-r265nc  15-r265nm
    HP 15-r266  15-r266ne  15-r266nm
    HP 15-r266ur
    HP 15-r267  15-r267nc
    HP 15-r268  15-r267nm 15-r267ur
    HP 15-r269  15-r269tu  15-r269ur
    HP 15-r270  15-r270nm  15-r270tu  15-r270ur
    HP 15-r271  15-r271nm  15-r271nw
    HP 15-r271tu  15-r271ur
    HP 15-r272  15-r272ur  15-r272wm
    HP 15-r273  15-r273ng  15-r273nm
    HP 15-r274  15-r274nm  15-r274tu
    HP 15-r275  15-r275tu
    HP 15-r276  15-r276tu
    HP 15-r277  15-r277nz
    HP 15-r278  15-r278tu
    HP 15-r279  15-r279ng  15-r279tu
    HP 15-r290  15-r290la
    HP 15-r280  15-r280no   15-r280tu
    HP 15-r281  15-r281tu
    HP 15-r282  15-r282tu
    HP 15-r284  15-r284tu
    HP 15-r285  15-r285ng  15-r285tu
    HP 15-r286  15-r286tu
    HP 15-r287  15-r287tu
    HP 15-r290  15-r290la
    HP 15-r296  15-r296nd
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    f) Amount and Quantity
    Step 2 : Seller send goods to buyer upon receive payment
    Step 3 : Give ratings in https://goo.gl/l7xJM1 or www.facebook.com/allfixable/reviews/ to seller when transaction completed.
    All payment should be made payable to:

    Allfixable Lab Sdn Bhd

    Bank Details:
    Maybank : 5123 4364 6277
    Public Bank : 3189 1778 21

    Buyers are allowed make a call or whatapps regarding the payment process or products for speedy delivery.






    *After 2pm order will arrange on Next Day shipment. Which Friday after 2pm will arrange on Next Monday shipment.

    Once confirmed the payment will arrive promptly arrange shipment, the buyer can choose GDex or POS LAJU transport companies to allow buyers to receive soon. Both methods provide tracking number that allow our customers to track their packages to their doorstep.

    All items purchase at Allfixable Lelong Store will ship within 1 to 3 working days upon receipt of FULL PAYMENT. If payment made after 3pm the shipment will be arrange 2nd working day.

    All parcel shall be shipped by Allfixable (Allfixable Lab Sdn. Bhd.) fully sealed or wrapped with security band/sellotape. DO NOT accept the product from the courier representative if the seal is broken and call us immediately. If at anytime you feel the package has been lost, opened before it reaches your hand or if it arrives damaged do not accept the package and please call us immediately.

    Please note that we ask for 1 to 2 working days (depend on stock availability) to process and ship your item from Puchong, Selangor. Please allow 2 to 5 working days delivery time depends on the courier service. However, Buyers are allowed Self collect or Cash On Delivery at our shop Allfixable Lab Sdn. Bhd in Puchong, Selangor.


    Lost Damages
    Seller shall not held responsible for lost or damage of the item during delivery by courier service. However, buyer has the right to claim from the courier company.

    Back Orders
    If your item is not in stock, you will always be emailed with the option to cancel your order if you would rather not wait for the item to be ordered for you. You must therefore, provide us with your email address when ordering. If you decide to wait for an order, please be aware you may have to wait longer than the delivery schedule times stated above.

    Terms Conditions
    Prices, specifications and availability of products are subject to change without prior notice. Due to the dynamic nature of the computer industry, de and #115;cr and #105;ptions may not reflect current technical information. Any typographical or photographic errors in the product specifications or errors in the pricing or offers are subject to correction.

    Every effort is made to ensure your satisfaction. If you are not happy with a service or product, kindly contact us. We will do our very best to solve the problem.

    All images are for illustration purposes only. The actual color may vary depends on different screen resolution. Each figure or color is subject to change without prior noticed. All elements of Allfixable.lelong.com.my, including images with ALLFIXABLE watermark are owned and protected by ALLFIXABLE SDN BHD. Using the images with ALLFIXABLE watermark for commercial without noticing the owner is committed a crime.



    Please read and understand our store's returns and exchange policy before any purchase.

    *All goods sold are Non-Exchangeable and Non-Refundable
    *A refund will only be available if your returned item is out-of-stock. 
    *Shipping costs are non-refundable.
    *We strictly do not accept change-of-mind returns or exchanges - there are no exceptions to this. 


    Product Warranty Regulations

    * Warranty claim strictly for manufacturing defect only.
    * Warranty claim strictly with warranty sticker.
    * Human damaged not valid claim for any warranty from manufacturer and distributor.
    * Warranty period based on information from manufacturer and distributor.
    * Shipping Fee By Buyer.
    "Repair Services Warranty Regulations
    Allfixable (Under Allfixable Sdn. Bhd.) provides a 30-180days Manufacturer/Distributor/Supplier Warranty on major products unless otherwise stated on above. The warranty covers any hardware defects and excludes any software issues, act of god, power surge, neglect, or unauthorized repair/modification (Kindly refer product and manufacturer warranty policy for more specific details). Allfixable carry only Genuine Software.
    We honoring the warranty if the products went wrong. Customer may have option to inform us to check/test the products on behalf before we ship the products. All auction sales are final and under no circumstances will a refund be given. In the unlikely event a warranty issue does arrive we will fix or replace the product within 30 to 45 days of receiving the RMA item. returning and sending back transportation fees both ways at buyers own cost. Buyers also may send it back directly to our Showroom Service Center for the warranty process. Our service representatives will be glad to assist you.
    * Before repair or purchase must understand that all parts are Compatible (OEM) product compatibility, instead of Original Original products.
    * Before all product or repair items have not yet sent the test will be carefully tested, found to have problems after receipt of the day must contact us immediately to carry out appropriate solutions.
    * All warranty product or repair items are now counting from the day of service is good.
    * All warranty product or repair items repairs during the warranty send transportation costs borne by the buyer.
    Return and Refund Policy
    * You have 3 days working days to return an item from the date you received it.
    * After the return period, we have the right not process any refundable.
    * To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.
    * Your item must be in the original packaging.
    * Your item needs to have the receipt or proof of purchase.
    * Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item.
    * We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item.
    * If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment).
    * You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days.
    * Final refund decision made by Allfixable Management.
    * You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-­refundable.
    Contact Us:
    * If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us 03-8070 8128.

    Under these circumstances, the warranty will void automatically:
    * Product or repair items was faulty operation, negligence or due to force majeure use: damage (such as flood, fire, lightning, etc.) caused;
    * Product or repair items was non-technical personnel to repair or modification;
    * Product or repair product codes or warranty stickers have been replaced, altered or torn up;
    * Do not follow the installation instructions of goods, operation or maintenance;
    * Artificial appearance of serious damage, rupture.

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