i-Charge Fuel Saver allCAR+Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Virago Audi Mercedes Benz BM

    i-Charge Fuel Saver allCAR+Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Virago Audi Mercedes Benz BM

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    Product ID : 211143374 Weight : BUY if u agreed pos n Handling fee (kg or dimension) Brand : Hyper i-Charge Model / SKU : POWER Booster & Power FUEL Saver Conditions : New

    i-Charge Fuel Saver allCAR+Honda Yamaha Kawasaki Virago Audi Mercedes Benz BM


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    extra ironmanattack.gif picture by best4u99ironmanattack.gif picture by best4u99power  

    on accelerations

    pick up

    fuel saving

    pleasure driving

    !!! !!!

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    special.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my      2ewl4ar.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my
    BuyNow.gif Buy Now! image by ULT170 RM139 flashing-1.gif picture by tcl2008

    Hyper i-Charge -- ic139

    RM139 -- Agent / online price

    RM299 Retail Price


    are ideal for automotive electricity system stabilization,

    conditioning battery devices,

    uninterruptible power supplies,

    backup power and pulse,

    Save your Fuel up to 30 %

    increase your vehicle’s torque,

    horsepower and engine response

    make your driving experience  more pleasurable .

    all vehicle applications requiring a stable and uninterruptible energy for optimum performance

    that cannot be efficiently provided by a battery alone.

    The battery stores electricity at 12volt though the alternator produces 14.5volt while it is running.

    The ECU’s baseline voltage is said to be at 13.5v (optimum on 14.50 volt)

    in most cases and it stops momentarily

    when voltage falls below the setting.


    The alternator’s electrical supply fall short during heavy loading such as low revving,higher air-conditioner demand,high light, high power player & amplifier and when mass electrical devices are used simultaneously cause a gap fraction in power supply.

    The Hyper i-Charge instantly fills the gap in order for the ECU & Distributor to keep functioning as intended ,uninterruptible energy for optimum ECU & Plug Firing ( completed fuel combustion without wasted single drop), hence, the vehicle achieves optimal performance.

    Optimum ECU managing the best emissions ,fuel economy , best mileage for your vehicle.

    The Hyper i-Charge relieves batteries of peak power functions resulting in an extension of battery life and can allow a reduction of overall battery size and cost

    ( you can replace a small size battery on next replacement )

    The Hyper i-Charge ability to charge and discharge in a second hence

    higher availability due to charging or conditioning of batteries.

    This energy is subsequently used in acceleration,

    a lifting operation or to prevent an electrical dropout.

    These events are typically short duration (seconds) but very high power.

    Hyper i-Charge  can be rapidly charged and discharged over,

    and over again,making them one of the most energy efficient,

    Maximum / optimum performance on your automotive electricity system

    environmentally friendly,

    batteries have high energy density,

    but generally require hours to recharge,

    whereas Hyper i-Charge  have comparatively low energy density but can fully charge in seconds .

    hand-1.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my

    arrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-mytestimonials / feedback dari pembeli-pembeli lelong :-

    ID onelee Item ID : 66231509   Date: 26/2/2011 0:17 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Toyota Avanza 1.5(A) : - Jarak 120 KM Penggunaan Petrol RM20 purata kelajuan 120kmj (Sebelum) - Jarak 120 KM Penggunaan Petrol RM12 purata kelajuan 120kmj (Selepas)

    SAVE 66.66%

    ID afizizahar Item ID : 69019543  Date: 22/10/2010    8:42 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    it works..reduce my bill from 150 to 97...really save a lot............ SAVE 54.46%

    ID: fadhlislamicrew Item ID: 94152220 Date: 19/10/2011 21:40 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Good Very Excellent Product..i use ic159 n vs89 on my naza ria v6

    and i save 45.83% (city drive )

    ID   faza211778    Item ID : 72717342   Date: 29/11/2010 20:27 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    The are significant improvement of my car feul consumption..previous KM per tank is only 480 km and after using this product in increase to 580km per tank...

    ID cerincok Item ID : 70674350 Date: 23/10/2010 19:3 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good




    Buyer: cstanlykwong   Item ID: 90636353  Date: 27/8/2011   16:52    Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Much better compare to others brands i used before..I can feel the steering is very light and more Power .REALLY CAN SAVE PETROL.my car Gen 2

    Buyer: mdazmdar Item ID: 90091180   Date: 19/8/2011   11:57  Price: < RM 100 Rating:Good

    mercedes E260, saya dapati perjalanan menjadi semakin lancar, engin senyap ringan dan penggunaan petrol semakin berkurangan. Aircon pun sejuk giler.

    Buyer: nakanase  Item ID: 72769070   Date: 18/7/2011   19:41 Price: < RM 100 Rating:Good

    before i use icharge full tank can only go for 400km.. after use.. can go 460km.. amazing!! You all out there,,,

    Buy icharge.. Konpem Tak Rugi Punya WO!!

    Buyer: awexecko    Item ID: 87279925   Date: 8/7/20   11 21:18     Price: < RM 100 Rating:Good

    Good product.. Tested on Waja.. Make the auto transmission gear smooth... Also increase pickup.. Less price for good product...

    Buyer: jimmyliewkh   Item ID: 84699189   Date: 13/6/2011    22:14 Price: < RM 10    Rating: Good

    barang memang bagus! mcm di katakan! rugi tak beli, beli tak rugi. t.q.

    ID onelee Item ID : 66231509  Date:  26/2/2011 0:17  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    ID : ribuang Item ID: 28243448 Date: 22/2/200917:35 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Good. b4 installed  my van can go 240km on 1/2 tank petrol . After installed my van can go 300 to 320km for 1/2 tank petrol.

    buyer ID a17 Item ID : 38689563 Date: 16/7/2009 23:30 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    AAAAAA++++++++ seller. Deliver on time. Quality product. Money saving product.. satisfaction guaranteed

    buyer ID johannaffendy Item ID: 37977721 Date: 4/7/2009 21:45 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Good item! Enhance engine performance! Smoother engine! Fast delivery!! Best price!!

    Recommended to all !!! Perfect A++ seller

    ID soleha06 Item ID : 48000874 Date: 20/11/2009 23:15 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Very efficient..the i-Charge gives extra brightness to headlamp & stabilize engine...save fuel during long journey..recommend to all lelonger.

    ID ilabandit Item ID : 49406823 Date: 6/12/2009 18:1 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    good product , pickup more & efficient..gives extra brightness to headlamp, audio sound improve & stabilize engine recommend to all.

    ID shuzaimi Item ID : 49583986 Date: 7/12/2009 12:6 Price: < RM 250 Rating: Good

    Excellent seller. Excellent, Accurate, Express and positive response.Extra excellent performance.

    ID cml520i Item ID : 48765261 Date: 9/12/2009 9:11 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    morning start up better (Can start without off my player). Head lamp brighter.My battery already 2 year plus!!! Good productIDleonytham Item ID : 50746420Date: 23/12/2009 18:4 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    really improve my viva 660 power! last time naik bukit with air corn on very slow; but now, got power! when drive till 90km/h, vivasteering less vibrate. nice gadget!

    buyer ID CLL7833 Item ID : 52179645 Date: 14/1/2010 23:7 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    it's really powerful,can feel the different when up hill,car run more smooth & quite.

    buyer ID krrrajah Item ID : 53566273 Date: 4/2/2010 10:3 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Wonderful product. Engine's performance drastically increased and the fuel's consumption is best compared to previous.IDyochiew Item ID :61224375 Date: 7/6/2010 21:17 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    The steering wheel does become lighter, my car becomes smoother and powerful. Pls try this product.

    ID shungtatt Item ID : 60399669 Date: 19/5/2010 20:27 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    my car really feel powerfull. really good n honest seller... responsible.

    ID norsherry Item ID : 62830704 Date: 2/7/2010 17:7  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Marvelous & .-:¦:-•*Fabulous*•-:¦:-•:*'''''*:•-:¦:-•*A+++ seller.

    ID weiaun Item ID : 64093463 Date: 17/7/2010 21:53  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good


    ID lude72 Item ID : 65038674  Date: 9/8/2010 14:32  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    very satisfied with the improvement of my viva six six zero. Thanks


    ID norman86 Item ID : 65538898 Date: 14/8/2010 12:18  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    saya memandu Honda EX-1990 tp setelah menggunakan i-charger pemanduan kereta saya bertambah lancar, pick-up lg mantap. sistem audio lagi berkesan dan aircon lagi sejuk..cubalah i-charger

    ID techvb06 Item ID : 66375815  Date: 20/8/2010 23:47  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    smooth transaction... cheap product but good performance... recommended to all...

    ID scarybuzz Item ID : 72781767  Date: 26/11/2010 9:35  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    result is magnificent,my car improved a lot,better torque n the electronics(aircond,radio,lamp) function well

    ID lelouch5001 Item ID : 72976623  Date: 30/11/2010 23:51   Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Cool. u can feel the different after u plug in d i-charge!!! MORE pickup!! b4 going for pj- KL rm 10, now become rm 8.!!!

    ID kevin82 Item ID :80051754 Date: 25/3/2011 1:58 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    good product , cheap product but good performance...

    ID namoamitabha Item ID : 72654688 Date: 6/1/2011 11:45  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    provides me positive response with smoother & lighter (more power)

    ID mkgibran Item ID : 72760322  Date: 15/1/2011 19:30  Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    fantastic,you can instantly feel the "additional power" and the engine feel "lighter and lesser stressed"

    ID kamajali Item ID : 79468969  Date: 10/3/2011 12:20 Price: < RM 100 Rating: Good

    Selling quality item with low prise, ... Tumb up !!!

    plus much-much more .........................

    RM139 on below link...


    The Reasons why you should BUY .....!!!
    arrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myBenefits 269.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my

    100% New & Good Quality

    Increase Engine Horse Power & Torque

    Better Throttle Response

    give more extraironmanattack.gif picture by best4u99 ironmanattack.gif picture by best4u99 Feuer46.gif picture by tcl2008poweron accelerations / pick up

    Improve Audio Quality

    Lesser engine noise

    Longer Battery Life Time

    Brighter headlights

    Improve Ignition Flow. Strengthen Starting Power

    powerful sparking and provide better combustion in the chamber

    plugnengine.gif picture by tcl2008

    Improve engine and RPM response. Quicker Engine Start

    smoother engine performance & gear shiftment ( Auto & Manual )

    interference reducer, FASTER CPU reaction ( prolong CPU life )

    Stabilizes idling as well as increases air conditioning efficiency..( air-cond colder than before )

    Optimize electrical equipment performance to extend the lifetime of battery, engine ,CPU & electrical equipment

    Improve Petrol , Diesel , NGV , CNG ,LPG fuel efficiency.

    Save your fuel up to 30 % .

    Universal Fits to Any vehicle Models

    Reduce gas carbon monoxide (CO) dan hydrocarbon (HC)

    Help pass Puspakom emission test

    kontak.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myarrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myLive chat / enquiry kontak.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my

    Skype ID : tclee888

    msn ID: best4u99@hotmail.com ( main )

    yahoo ID: best4u99@yahoo.com ( live enquiry only )

    hp:+6 019-9910 997 Mr.Lee

    Easy Installation

    just plug in the ic139 to cigarette lighter socket and feel the different !!!.

    Free maintenance ( plug and forget it )

    Enjoy yourself and your vehicle well deserved

    “ Excitement ” and “ Overwhelming !!! ”

    ....drive with ic139 NOW !!!

    cars38.gif picture by tcl2008

    TURN your old car to new car performance !!!

    TURN your NEW car to HYPER performance NOW !!!

    BUY_NOW_07910.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-mypayment.gif payment image by skiclubofcongleton direct to my following Maybank , CIMB, Am Bank or Paypal account

    phone.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my hp no: +6 019-9910 997 for sms payment info --- we prefer thru email

    pay toarrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-mya/c name : Lee Tiam Chai

    Maybank 2u a/c no : 106052304766

    CIMB : 06140004822522

    Am Bank : 0560010003442

    EON Bank ( HLB ) : 0114200037330


    ( combine shipping allowed up to 10 items ,

    valid for BUY NOW items only )

    ( bid items can't enjoy combine shipping fee )

    ( transfer payment please arrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my key in my email as recipient email ( best4u99@hotmail.com ) ,
    h/phone & item code -- ic139 in order that I can verify your payment immediately )

    u will receive your items TOMORROW
    fast.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myXL9678.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myfast.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my

    arrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myDistributor / Agent wanted

    *** Hi my dear friends ***

    Mystery free Gifts will be given on your 1st purchase .

    free_3.gif picture by tcl2008GIFT.jpg picture by tcl2008

    Click here check out myarrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my >>> RM1.00 items ! / Promotion

    Click here >>> Penjimat Minyak / Car Fuel Saver !

    Click here >>> Penjimat Lektrik / Electricity Saver !

    Click here >>> other items!

    wellcome.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my to all items arrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my www.best4u99.lelong.com.my ! wellcome.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my

    bye......bye.......buy.......buy....... buy .......buy......

    Hyper i-Charge - ic139

    RM139 - Harga Ejen / Online

    RM299 -Harga Kedai

    Penstabil Sistem Elektrik  

    Pemantu / pelengkap / bateri

    pembekal elektrik berterusan tanpa ganguan

    backup power / kuasa sandaran

    penjimatan minyak sehingga 30 %

    penambahan tork enjin

    penambahan kuasa kuda, pick up

    enjin bertindak pantas

    menyeronokan pemanduan

    semua kenderaan memerlukan kestabilan elektrik yg mantap & berterusan utk menghasilkan pretasi yg optimum

    ia tidak dapat dicapai dgn bateri bersendirian tanpa HYPER i-Charge

    bateri menyimpan elektrik pada 12volt dan mengagihkan 14.5 volt dari alternator apabila enjin bergerak.

    Kejatuhan volt di bawah 13.5 secara tiba-tiba atau selalu akan menyebabkan ketidak sempurna fungsi peralatan elektrik

    seperti ECU,distributor,petikan api plug,penghawa dingin,kipas tangki ,kaset player dan alat-alat elektrik lain.

    kejatuhan volt ini menyebabkan minyak di kebuk enjin tidak sempat dibakar habis & sempurna akan ditolak oleh piston keluar sebagai asap( minyak kuat makan & membazir )

    kelemahan ini diatasi dgn sistem HYPER i-Charge mengecas dan discas kurang dari 1 saat dan berterusan mengelakan kejatuhan volt dibanding dgn bateri. ( bateri kerja kurang & panjang umur )


    Kebaikan HYPER i-Charge ic139

    enjin berkuasa,tork ,pick up bertambah

    sound sistem berkualiti

    enjin senyap

    bateri panjang umur

    lampu terang

    api plug kuat

    enjin senang start

    tukat gear lembut , ringan & smooth  ( auto & manual ) gear box tahan

    penapis interference / ganguan gelombang

    air-cond sejuk

    stering ringan

    penjimatan minyak sehingga 30 %

    Beli Sekarang RM139 klik link bawah .....( BUY NOW )

    Last Updated @ 5/1/2012 5:03:17 PM

    Last Updated @ 5/1/2012 7:25:45 PM

    Delivery by Pos Laju,Ekspres,abx-express or other

    same handling/ postage fee ( RM 10.00 ) for Semenanjung , Rabuan,Sabah Sarawak

    all items will be send by pos laju / ekspres on the same payment day ,

    ( if payment info receive before 3.00 pm )
    tracking no will be given once u paid .

    immediately arrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myfast.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myXL9678.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-myfast.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my
    you can check your items delivery status on ......

    ( or call 1-300-300-300 )


    u will receive your items TOMORROW

    ( next working day)

    ( or within 2 or 3 days for country side ) .


    BUY with confidence,

    we are lelong verified store member have more than 3.000 positive feedback ( 100% good rating ) from lelong buyers

    (u r not the 1st also not the last buyer)
    please refer our feedback ( ID : best4u99 ) on below link ......



    BUY if u agreed with our selling price , handling and postage fee on de and #115;cr and #105;ption / listing ad

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