Juicery Detox Botanical Beverage Mix  精选排毒..

    Juicery Detox Botanical Beverage Mix 精选排毒..

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    Juicery Detox Botanical Beverage Mix  精选排毒..

    Juicery Detox Botanical Beverage Mix 精选排毒果汁 (12 sachets/box)

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    Nowadays, the modern urbanite often eat outside foods, processed foods, too much meat and irregular lifestyle, which resulting in nutritional imbalance. This may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and affect the quality of life, or even worst to be regarded as nutritional disorders and cause a great impact on body function such as immune system, digestive system, skin, liver and etc. Therefore, to take care of the intestines and stomach, as well as detoxification have become one of the necessary parts of our health care.


    The shortcut for beginning a light and zero-toxins body

    Juicery has the function of maintaining the balance of bacteria in the intestine. It not only promote digestive health, improve diarrhea, prevent intestinal diseases, but also lower blood pressure and cholesterol concentration in serum. It consists of probiotics and a variety of enzymes that exert their effect to promote the intestine peristalsis, eliminate stubborn stool, detoxification effect and maintain the health of the digestive system. Juicery also has a body slimming effect, which could reduce the absorption of fat and eliminate excess body fat to maintain a perfect stature and the best body condition.

    A cup of Juicery a day makes you detox healthily, enjoying slim and young!

    The Featured of Juicery

    Sugar free No added sugar (Sweetness comes from natural fruit powder, inulin and isomalto oligosaccharides)


    High quality

    No additives

    10 Main Effect

    - Promote intestinal motility

    - Relieve constipation

    - Improve intestinal health

    - Promote fat burning

    - Promote weight loss

    - Purify the digestive system

    - Assist in the elimination of edema

    - Enhance immunity

    - Effective antioxidant

    - Improve skin texture

    Suitable for

    - Constipation

    - Obese

    - Bad breath or body odor

    - Dull skin tone

    - Fried-food lovers

    - Picky eaters

    The main natural ingredients of Juicery

    Peach Juice Powder

    - Peach fruit is a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

    - It is rich in vitamin C, which is well known for boosting the immune system, building in bones and inhibiting cancer and heart diseases.

    - The antioxidants content in peach help wounds recover faster and prevent signs of early ageing.

    - The fibre from peach is essential to smooth and healthy digestion, preventing constipation and ensuring colon health.

    Apple Juice Powder

    - Apple contains a natural soluble fibre called pectin.

    - Apple pectin helps maintain intestinal flora balance by cleansing the intestinal tract with its soluble and insoluble fibres.

    - Apple pectin is believed to have beneficial effects on the digestive tract as it may balance acidity in the large intestine and can promote relief from temporary discomforts of ulcers and colitis.

    - It also lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of gallstones.

    Inulin (prebiotics)

    - Inulin is a water-soluble dietary fiber, which is also a natural prebiotics.

    - By regulating the movement of gastrointestinal to promote detoxification, eliminate of stubborn stools and alleviate constipation, as well as the absorption of nutrients.

    - To promote the consumption of energy in the body in order to achieve weight loss.

    - Two-way regulation of blood glucose and blood lipid, as well as lower down the cholesterol level.


    - Aid in to the digestion of nutrients in the intestine, and promote the absorption of nutrients in the body.

    - To regulate the micro-ecological disorders and balance the intestinal bacteria in order to promote the normalization of intestinal bacteria and thus maintain the function of the intestinal.

    - Inhibit the growth of other harmful bacteria to enhance human immunity and prevent intestinal diseases.

    - Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in serum.

    Enzyme premix


    - Directly break down the fat in intestinal and abdominal while assist the fat break down into carbon dioxide, water and heat, as well as prevent the formation of fat.

    - Promote the decomposition of proteins and sugars, thereby promoting digestion, laxative and detoxification effect.

    - Cleavage of free radicals to promote skin whitening by removing dead skin and pigmentation.


    - Phytase is one of the necessary essential enzymes in the digestion process, it is also the key enzyme for bone health.

    - Help to reduce the need for calcium phosphate while increasing the health of the digestive system.

    - Prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


    - To promote the emissions of harmful heavy metals, chemicals and toxins in the stomach.

    - Absorb moisture in colon in order to stimulate the peristalsis of the colon and eliminate waste and toxins in the body, as well as relieve inertia constipation.

    - Increase satiety and control appetite

    - Help to break down fat, reduce excess nutrients absorbed by the intestinal tract in order to achieve the effect of weight loss.

    - To regulate the body's blood sugar levels and prevent the sudden decline in blood sugar.


    - Help to hydrolyze or break down the sugar and starch.

    - Digest the carbohydrate and convert it into glucose in order to obtain energy.

    - Break down the food particles in mouth to alleviate the burden of small intestine in the digestion process.

    IMO (Isomalto Oligosaccharides)

    - To promote food digestion and absorption to maintain normal intestinal function.

    - Improve diarrhea and constipation, inhibit pathogens and spoilage bacteria.

    - To improve the body immunity and play the role of an immunomodulatory.

    - Improve the quality of serum lipids and lower down the cholesterol levels.

    - Increase calcium, magnesium and other minerals absorption, which is conducive to the synthesis of B vitamins in body.

    Direction of Use

    - Mix 1 sachet into 150-200ml water. Shake well and drink immediately.

    - Take 1 sachet daily before sleep or after dinner.


    - It is recommended to drink at least 1.5L of water a day to maintain the best detox effect.


    - Store in a cool dry place below 30 ° C.

    - Avoid direct sunlight and moisture

    - Keep this product out of reach of children.












    - 促进肠胃蠕动

    - 舒缓便秘

    - 改善肠道健康

    - 促进脂肪燃烧

    - 促进减肥

    - 净化消化系统

    - 辅助消除水肿

    - 增强免疫力

    - 有效抗氧化

    - 改善肤质


    - 便秘

    - 肥胖

    - 口臭、体臭

    - 肤色黯淡

    - 煎炸食物爱好者

    - 偏食者



    - 桃子是维生素、矿物质和纤维的良好来源。

    - 富含维生素C的它以促进免疫系统、骨骼建设、抑制癌症和心脏疾病而闻名。

    - 桃子中的抗氧化剂含量可帮助伤口修复得更快,并防止早期衰老的迹象。

    - 源自于桃子的纤维素对于促进缓和及健康的消化是必不可少的,它也可以防止便秘和确保结肠的健康。


    - 苹果含有一种称为果胶的天然可溶性纤维。

    - 透过其可溶性和不溶性纤维的性质,苹果果胶能够帮助清洁肠道以维持肠道菌群的平衡。

    - 苹果果胶被认为对消化道具有有益作用是因为它可以平衡大肠中的酸度,并缓解溃疡和结肠炎的暂时不适。

    - 此外,它可降低胆固醇以及胆结石的风险。


    - 菊粉是一种水溶性膳食纤维,也是天然的益生元。

    - 通过调整肠胃的运动清肠毒、排宿便、通便秘,并促进对营养素的吸收。

    - 促进体内能量的消耗,达到减肥的目的。

    - 双向调节血糖血脂,降低胆固醇。


    - 有助于营养物质在肠道内的消化,促进机体营养吸收的作用。

    - 帮助调整微生态失调和平衡肠道菌种,使肠内细菌群正常化,进而保持肠道机能的正常。

    - 抑制其它有害菌的生长并增强人体免疫力以及预防肠道疾病。

    - 降血压与血清中的胆固醇浓度。



    - 可直接分解肠道和腹腔里面的脂肪,把脂肪分解为二氧化碳、水和热量,并阻止脂肪的形成。

    - 分解蛋白质和糖类,从而促进消化、润肠通便以及排素效果。

    - 通过清除自由基老化角质和色斑以美白肌肤。


    - 植酸酶是消化过程所必需的许多必需酶之一,也是骨骼健康的关键酶。

    - 帮助减少对磷酸钙的需求并增加消化系统的健康。

    - 帮助预防骨质流失并减少骨质疏松症。


    - 促进胃中有害重金属、化学物质及毒素的排放。

    - 在结肠内吸收水分以刺激结肠的蠕动并排清体内的废物与毒素,缓解惯性便秘。

    - 增加饱腹感并控制食欲。

    - 有助分解脂肪,减少过剩营养被肠道吸收,从而达到减肥的效果。

    - 調節機體血糖水平,預防血糖的驟升驟降。


    - 帮助水解或分解糖和淀粉。

    - 消化碳水化合物并将其转化为葡萄糖以获得能量。

    - 在口中分解食物颗粒来缓解小肠在消化过程中的负担。


    - 促进食物消化、吸收,维持肠道正常功能。

    - 改善腹泻与便秘,抑制病原菌和腐败菌。

    - 提高肌体免疫力,起到免疫调节剂的作用。

    - 改善血清脂质,降低胆固醇含量。

    - 增加钙、镁等矿物质的吸收,有利于肌体合成B族维生素。


    - 将1袋装入150-200mL水中,摇匀并立即饮用。

    - 每天在睡前或晚饭后服用1袋。


    - 建议每天喝至少1.5L的水以维持最佳的排毒效果。


    - 储存在30°C以下的阴凉干燥处。

    - 避免阳光直射和潮湿

    - 请将本品放在儿童不能接触的地方。

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